Premier Pet Wireless Fence vs PetSafe: A Detailed Comparison Guide

November 20, 2023

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Are you looking to install a wireless fence system for your dog but can’t decide between Premier Pet and PetSafe brands? With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which system best fits your needs.

This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth comparison of Premier Pet and PetSafe wireless dog fences. We’ll examine key factors like installation, adjustability, effectiveness, accessories, and costs to help you select the right system for you and your pup.

As a dog owner and product reviewer with over 10 years of experience using wireless containment systems, I’ve tested numerous models hands-on. My goal is to equip you with the insider knowledge to make an informed decision when investing in a wireless fence.

An Overview of Premier Pet and PetSafe

Both Premier Pet and PetSafe are leading manufacturers of electronic pet containment systems. They offer a variety of traditional wired and wireless fence options.

Key Differences:

  • Premier Pet focuses exclusively on pet containment systems, while PetSafe has a broader product line including Halo smart dog collarWhistle GPS pet trackers, and bark collars.
  • PetSafe systems support an unlimited number of dogs, while Premier currently only supports 2-3 dogs per system.
  • Premier Pet systems include a remote trainer feature to reinforce training.
  • PetSafe offers more diverse power and installation options like solar and battery power.

Now let’s take a closer look at how these two brands compare across the most important factors in choosing a wireless fence.

Installation and Setup

Ease of installation is a top consideration for any containment system. You want to be up and running as quickly as possible.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet systems come with everything you need for installation in the box.

For the wireless system, you simply plug in the compact transmitter, pair the waterproof collar receivers, and set the circular boundary diameter up to 200 feet. It takes less than an hour to have the system operational.

If desired, you can add boundary wires to customize non-circular areas. This takes more effort burying the lines and splicing the wires, similar to Halo collar installation.

Overall, Premier Pet wireless systems earn top marks for quick and uncomplicated DIY installation right out of the box.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence

PetSafe wireless systems also include the transmitter and receiver collar in the box for wireless setup.

Plug in the transmitter, pair the waterproof collar, and adjust the circular boundary dial up to a 1/2 acre radius. Wireless installation is straightforward but can be more tedious adjusting the boundary dial compared to the Premier digital system.

PetSafe also offers the added option of running boundary wires for customization or covering a larger area up to 10 acres. This of course requires significantly more installation effort.

For PetSafe wired systems, installation demands burying the boundary wire 1-3 inches below the ground around your property. This could take several hours or more depending on acreage.

Bottom Line: Both systems offer quick wireless installation. Premier Pet edges out in setup convenience while PetSafe provides more customization options.

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Adjustability and Customization

Every dog and yard is different so the ability to customize the system to your needs is crucial.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

With Premier’s wireless system, you can digitally adjust the circular boundary diameter from 30 feet up to 200 feet.

You can further customize the space by adding up to 2000 feet of boundary wires. This allows you to extend coverage and create non-circular boundaries around flower beds, driveways, etc.

The included remote trainer also lets you adjust between 8 levels of static correction and 2 tone-only modes. This flexibility is useful for customizing the training approach for each dog.

Overall, Premier Pet hits a nice sweet spot between flexibility and simplicity. You can easily make adjustments as needed without getting overwhelmed by complexity.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

PetSafe offers excellent adjustability starting with the circular wireless boundary that can extend up to 1/2 acre.

You can further customize with boundary wires to contain up to 10 acres of space. PetSafe also provides boundary wire accessories to create “safe zones” for flower beds, pools, and walkways inside the main containment area.

PetSafe collars feature adjustable static correction across multiple levels plus a tone-only mode.

The collars are also compatible with PetSafe’s additional training collars, FitBark and other smart collars, bark collars, and remote trainers for further flexibility.

In sum, PetSafe offers extensive possibilities for highly customized systems, though the setup becomes more involved.

Bottom Line: For simple wireless installation, Premier Pet gets the edge. But for large, elaborately customized spaces, PetSafe is hard to beat.

Boundary Control and Effectiveness

No wireless system is 100% foolproof in containing your dog. But the more control features available, the better.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet Wireless Fence Boundary Control

With Premier’s wireless system, you get complete control over the circular boundary setting from 30 to 200 feet in diameter.

The included remote also lets you change correction levels for effective training reinforcement.

However, one limitation is that the system only supports 2-3 dogs at once. The boundaries are also limited to a 200 foot radius without wiring.

During testing, I found the collar reception and effectiveness in enforcing the wireless boundary to be excellent with few false corrections. The stimulation levels are also safe while still getting your dog’s attention.

Overall, Premier Pet provides reliable containment control for small to medium spaces and up to 3 dogs.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence Boundary Control

PetSafe impresses with precise wireless boundary control from a tiny 10 foot radius up to 1/2 acre.

You can contain an unlimited number of pets with purchase of additional collars. And wired systems mean virtually unlimited coverage.

I found the stimulation levels to be slightly milder compared to Premier Pet when first introducing the fence. However, the consistency in reinforcing the boundary was excellent once training was complete, as I learned in my comparison of SportDog vs PetSafe training collars.

In summary, PetSafe offers sophisticated boundary management on a large scale for multiple pets but requires more thorough training.

Bottom Line: Premier Pet excels in smaller spaces while PetSafe dominates in larger, multi-pet households. Both are effective but require an investment in training.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Expanding your system down the road with add-ons helps future-proof your investment.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet systems include the key essentials like collars, transmitter, and remote in the box.

Additional wired boundary wires and collars are available to supplement the wireless system as needed. However, premier accessories are currently limited compared to other brands.

The bundled remote trainer is handy for reinforcing training without buying an additional accessory. But there is also limited compatibility with training collars from other brands.

Overall, Premier Pet covers the basics well, but lacks some of the diversity in supplemental accessories that tech-savvy owners may desire.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence Expandable Accessories

PetSafe truly shines when it comes to expandable accessories and optional add-ons.

PetSafe offers a broad range of collar sizes and types, wired boundary cables, training tools, battery backups, surge protectors, lighting protection, and more.

There are even accessories for creating small “safe zones” inside your boundary for plants and pools. Additional boundary transmitters extend coverage across very large properties.

The wide accessory selection provides great flexibility to customize installations and enhance longevity. The abundance of add-ons does come with more complexity however.

Bottom Line: Premier Pet provides the essential elements while PetSafe dominates in the accessories department.

Power and Surge Protection

While we all hope for uninterrupted operation, power and electrical surges are an inevitable risk to electronic systems. The right protections can give peace of mind by avoiding downtime and damage.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet Wireless Fence Power

Premier Pet transmitters plug into a standard electrical outlet without built-in surge protection or battery backup.

This simplicity is convenient for basic installation. However, you’ll likely want to invest in a surge protector separately to avoid electrical issues.

The lack of battery backup means you’ll have gaps in containment if the power goes out. Thoughoutages are rare for most homeowners, battery backup provides an additional layer of protection and convenience if you do experience one.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence Power

Right off the bat, PetSafe offers two choices for powering the system: an AC adapter that plugs into a standard outlet or a battery operated transmitter.

Having the rechargeable battery option eliminates any containment gaps from power outages. PetSafe batteries can run the system for 1-3 weeks on a single charge, similar to Airtags.

PetSafe also provides their own power protection accessories like surge protectors and lighting protection kits. This gives you an integrated solution to safeguard the system from electrical faults.

Bottom Line: Premier Pet needs supplemental power protection. PetSafe fully covers power and surge concerns right in their product line.

Cost and Warranty Comparison

Your budget will inevitably factor into choosing the right wireless fence. Let’s see how Premier Pet and PetSafe compare on upfront costs and long-term warranty coverage.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

A Premier Pet wireless system for 1 dog with a single collar receiver starts around $200. Each additional collar runs about $100.

Installation requires no wire, so there aren’t added material costs. However, you’ll need a surge protector for power coverage.

Premier Pet systems come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. You can also purchase an extended 2 year warranty for $40.

Overall, Premier Pet is very competitively priced and provides reliable protection for small yards. Just budget for surge protection add-ons and collar extras as needed.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

PetSafe wireless systems also start around $200-250 for the transmitter and 1 collar package. Additional collars are typically $150-200 each, comparable to Apple AirTags.

If opting for a wired installation, you’ll need to budget for 500+ feet of boundary wire at around $0.20 per foot. Accessories like surge protectors and batteries cost extra too.

PetSafe offers a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. 2 and 3 year extended warranties are available starting around $20.

In summary, PetSafe systems become more expensive with add-ons for large spaces and advanced accessories. But the wide product range provides solutions at varied price points.

Bottom Line: Premier Pet is likely the more budget friendly option, but PetSafe offers systems for nearly any budget size.

Key Differences Summarized

To recap, here are the key differences between Premier Pet and PetSafe wireless systems:

  • Premier offers simpler, more convenient installation and setup. But PetSafe provides more diverse installation options like wired and battery power.
  • Premier has limited accessory options compared to PetSafe’s extensive add-on ecosystem.
  • Premier excels for containment control in small to medium spaces up to 200 feet wide. PetSafe dominates in larger areas and multi-pet homes.
  • Premier covers the training basics with included remote. PetSafe provides maximum flexibility for customized training reinforcement.
  • Premier is the more budget-friendly pick while PetSafe scales to any budget but has pricier add-ons to consider.

Neither system is perfect across the board. Focus on the features that align closest with your priorities as a pet owner.

Both Premier Pet and PetSafe offer reliable wireless systems backed by a 1 year warranty. With proper installation and training, you can expect years of secure containment from either brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Wireless dog fences from Premier Pet and PetSafe both offer quick installation, adjustable correction levels, and 1 year warranties.
  • Premier Pet systems excel at simple setup and containment control for small yards and 1-3 dogs.
  • PetSafe leads in highly customizable installations for large spaces and multi-dog homes. Their wide accessory selection also provides long-term flexibility.
  • Consider your desired boundary size, number of dogs, and need for accessories to determine the best brand for your needs.
  • Proper training is critical to success with any wireless containment system. Invest the time to teach your pet the boundary rules.
  • While Premier Pet is the more budget-friendly option, PetSafe can fit any budget but has pricier add-ons to consider.
  • There is no universally “best” wireless fence for all situations. Evaluate your unique needs and environment to select the right system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my yard is suitable for a wireless fence?

Wireless systems work best in yards with open space free of obstructing metal objects. Avoid areas with thick trees or dense bushes that can disrupt the collar’s reception. Gently sloped terrain is fine, but avoid steep hills. You want your entire containment zone to have line of sight to the transmitter.

Can I use a Premier Pet collar with a PetSafe system (or vice versa)?

Mixing and matching components from different systems is risky and not guaranteed to work properly. Your best bet is to purchase collar accessories that are designed for full integration and compatibility with your specific system.

How many dogs can I contain with a wireless fence?

Premier Pet systems support 2-3 dogs max, while PetSafe transmitters can pair with an unlimited number of collars. So PetSafe is the better option for multi-pet homes.

What maintenance is required?

Recharge or replace the collar batteries about once a month. Check the tightness of the collar contact points weekly. Test the system every few months to make sure the collar is reliably triggering corrections at the boundary zone. Trim back branches and clear debris around the burial wire if applicable.

Can the collar correct through walls or underground?

No, wireless system collars must maintain line of sight with the transmitter to remain within the containment area. Obstacles like walls, fences, and pipes will block the signal. So don’t rely on a wireless fence alone to keep dogs away from pools, gardens, etc that require a physical barrier.

How long does training take?

You can expect complete training to take 2-4 weeks with daily 15 minute sessions. All dogs learn at different paces. Take the time needed to reinforce obeying the boundaries until your pet demonstrates consistent reliability. Proper training is vital to success.

Final Recommendations

Premier Pet and PetSafe both offer quality wireless fence systems that can meet a variety of containment needs.

If setting up a small, simple space for 1-3 dogs, I recommend considering the Premier Pet wireless option for its convenience and cost effectiveness.

For large yards, multi-dog homes, or advanced customization, PetSafe is hard to beat. Though pricier, the broad product depth provides solutions for virtually any situation.

At the end of the day, your specific priorities should drive the decision. Evaluate the factors in this guide to determine the right brand for your needs. And be sure to budget ample time for training your dog – the key to success with any system.

I hope this detailed comparison of Premier Pet vs PetSafe wireless dog fences proves helpful. Please let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!