Premier Pet Wireless Fence vs PetSafe: An In-Depth Comparison

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Pet Wireless Fence Vs Petsafe

As a professional dog trainer with over a decade of experience using wireless pet containment systems, I’ve tested numerous models from top brands like Premier Pet and PetSafe. Choosing between these two leading options can be challenging for dog owners.

In this in-depth guide, I’ll equip you with the insider knowledge to make an informed decision when investing in a wireless fence. We’ll examine key factors like:

  • Installation and setup
  • Adjustability and customization
  • Boundary control and effectiveness
  • Accessories and expandability
  • Power supply and surge protection
  • Cost comparisons and warranties

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of which system – Premier Pet or PetSafe – best aligns with your unique needs and priorities as a dog owner. Let’s dive in!

An Overview of Premier Pet and PetSafe

Both Premier Pet and PetSafe are top manufacturers of electronic pet containment systems offering wireless and hybrid wired/wireless options. However, there are some notable differences:

  • Product Focus: Premier Pet specializes exclusively in pet containment, while PetSafe offers a broader range like training collars, bark collars, and GPS trackers.
  • Dog Capacity: PetSafe systems support unlimited dogs with additional collars. Premier is limited to 2-3 dogs per system currently.
  • Training Features: Premier Pet bundles a handy remote trainer for reinforcing commands. PetSafe relies on compatibility with separate training collar products.
  • Power Options: PetSafe provides rechargeable battery and solar power options for the transmitter. Premier uses standard outlet power only.

Keep these high-level differences in mind as we compare the two brands across key decision factors.

Installation and Setup

Both Premier Pet and PetSafe wireless systems earn high marks for relatively quick DIY installation, with some minor differences:

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet containment systems include everything needed for installation right in the box:

  • Simply plug in the compact transmitter
  • Pair the waterproof collar receivers
  • Digitally set the circular boundary up to a 200 foot diameter

You can have the wireless system up and running in under an hour. For custom boundary shapes, you can add wired perimeters which takes more time for trenching and splicing.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence

PetSafe also provides all core components in the box for speedy wireless setup:

  • Plugin the transmitter
  • Pair the collar receiver
  • Adjust boundary radius up to 1/2 acre

One minor inconvenience is that boundary adjustments use an analog dial rather than digital controls like Premier.

PetSafe offers the option of fully wired installations for customized boundaries up to 10 acres. This involves more intensive effort to bury the wires though.

Both Premier Pet and PetSafe provide quick out-of-the-box wireless installation. Premier edges out PetSafe in setup convenience, but PetSafe allows for more advanced customization.

Adjustability and Boundary Customization

The ability to adjust and customize the containment area is crucial since every dog and yard is different. Here’s how the two systems compare:

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet offers flexible boundary adjustment and customization:

  • Digital boundary controls to set a circular diameter from 30 to 200 feet
  • Option to add up to 2000 feet of boundary wire to create custom perimeter shapes
  • Remote trainer with 8 levels of adjustable static correction plus vibration and tone

This hits a nice sweet spot balancing user-friendly operation with enough customization to adapt the system to your needs.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

PetSafe provides an even wider range of adjustability and containment area customization:

For dog owners needing extensive boundary management, PetSafe delivers maximum flexibility. This does come with added installation complexity for wired setups though.

In the end, Premier Pet offers the simplest adjustability for basic customization needs. But PetSafe is the top choice for extra large and elaborately laid out containment areas.

Boundary Control and Effectiveness

Even the most adjustable wireless fence is useless if it doesn’t reliably contain your dog. While no system is 100% escape-proof, boundary control features make a big difference.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet Wireless Fence Boundary Control

Premier Pet wireless systems provide dependable boundary control features:

  • Digital controls for precise circular boundary diameters from 30 to 200 feet
  • Remote control to instantly adjust static correction
  • Responsive collar triggers with minimal false corrections

During my years of experience with Premier Pet, I’ve found their boundary management to be extremely effective and reliable – especially for small to medium sized containment areas. The safe but noticeable static correction makes training a breeze.

The main limitation is that Premier can only support up to 3 dogs per system currently and has a hard limit on wireless boundaries of 200 foot diameter. For bigger jobs, you’ll need a hybrid wired setup.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence Boundary Control

For large scale boundary control, PetSafe is a top performer:

  • Adjustable circular wireless boundaries from 10 feet up to 1/2 acre
  • Wired boundaries up to 10 acres
  • Endless capacity for unlimited dogs with extra collars
  • Multiple levels of static correction for progressive training

I’ve found the “ramp up” static correction to be slightly less intense than Premier Pet, so training takes a bit more repetition. But once fully trained, PetSafe boundaries are extremely secure in my experience – even for stubborn dogs.

The bottom line is that Premier Pet offers easier boundary management for a few dogs in small areas. But PetSafe is the ultimate choice for sophisticated containment of larger spaces and bigger packs.

Accessories and Expandability

Choosing a wireless fence system that can grow with your needs over time helps maximize the lifespan and utility of your investment. Expandability is an important consideration.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet wireless systems come with core accessories like:

  • Waterproof collar receiver
  • Remote trainer
  • Transmitter
  • Power adapter
  • Short training flags

You can expand the system with:

  • Additional collar receivers
  • Extra batteries
  • Replacement contact points
  • Ground stakes
  • Boundary wire
  • Wire splice kits

However, the Premier Pet accessory ecosystem is currently more limited overall compared to PetSafe. For instance, there aren’t many compatible training collars, bark collars, and other behavior management products designed to integrate seamlessly.

The included remote trainer is a nice value-add for reinforcing basic obedience commands without needing to buy an additional remote. But it lacks some of the premium features and range of standalone remote trainers.

So in summary, Premier Pet accessories cover all the essentials very well. But the product selection isn’t as extensive for dog owners wanting maximum flexibility and compatibility with other training tech.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence Expandable Accessories

PetSafe offers a sprawling ecosystem of accessory options like:

  • Multiple collar receiver sizes
  • Replacement batteries
  • Solar power options
  • Extra transmitters
  • Surge protectors
  • Wired boundary kits
  • Training flags
  • Collar contact points
  • Splice kits and wiring supplies

The wide accessory selection provides great flexibility to customize installations and enhance longevity. PetSafe also offers compatible training collars for further flexibility.

Compatibility with an array of add-ons is also a key benefit:

  • Remote trainers
  • Bark collars
  • Smart integration with FitBark

The wide range of first-party accessories makes PetSafe an attractive option for dog owners who want a fully-integrated high-tech containment and training system that can adapt to changing needs over many years.

Of course, the plethora of add-ons does require more decision-making and setup. PetSafe also lacks the bundled remote trainer that comes with Premier Pet fences.

So PetSafe is the clear winner when it comes to sheer selection of accessories and expandability. But that extensibility comes with a higher price tag and steeper learning curve for the average user.

Power Supply and Surge Protection

You rely on your wireless fence to keep your dog safe 24/7 – so you want to avoid downtime from power issues as much as possible. The right power supply and surge protection can make a big difference.

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet Wireless Fence Power

Premier Pet transmitters use a standard wall outlet adapter power supply:

  • Plugs into any 110V outlet
  • No battery backup or surge protection included
  • Recommends using separate surge protector

This keeps the setup process simple, but leaves the system vulnerable to outages and electrical faults unless you invest in external precautions. Since power failures are rare for most homes, this is a sufficient solution. But added peace of mind would be nice.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence Power

PetSafe offers multiple power supply options and surge protection accessories:

  • Standard outlet power
  • Rechargeable battery(lasts 1-3 weeks per charge)
  • Integrated transmitter surge protector
  • External lightning and surge protectors for wired systems

Having the flexibility to install a fully battery-powered system is a major benefit. You don’t have to worry about containment gaps from short-term outages. The long battery life is similar to Air Tags too.

Selecting add-on accessories from PetSafe like surge protectors and lightning guards also allows you to fully protect your investment against damage from line faults. It’s a set-and-forget solution.

Ultimately, Premier Pet relies on external power protection. But PetSafe offers a suite of tools to maximize your system uptime and longevity in all conditions.

Cost Comparison and Warranties

Your budget will likely influence your choice of wireless dog fence system. So how do Premier Pet and PetSafe compare in terms of upfront and long-term costs?

Premier Pet Wireless Fence

Premier Pet wireless systems offer excellent value and affordability:

  • Starts around $200 for transmitter + 1 collar
  • Extra collars about $100 each
  • No wiring needed so cheaper installs
  • Need to budget for a separate surge protector

All systems include a 1 year manufacturer warranty for defects, plus extended 2 year coverage for $40 more.

So for simple setups in small areas, Premier Pet is very competitively priced. Accessory costs can add up for multi-dog homes though.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

PetSafe systems come in a variety of configurations to fit different budgets:

  • Entry level wireless about $200-250 for 1 transmitter and 1 collar
  • Additional collars around $150-200
  • Wired setups require boundary lines at about $0.20 per foot
  • Protective accessories and solar power boost upfront costs

PetSafe also has a 1 year warranty with options for 2 and 3 year extensions starting at $20.

While PetSafe has options for nearly any budget, costs can add up quickly for fully-loaded systems with maximum boundary wire coverage and add-ons.

In the end, Premier Pet will likely be the most affordable option for the average user. But PetSafe provides solutions for a wider range of needs if you don’t mind paying a bit more for premium features and accessories.

Key Differences Summarized

As we’ve covered in depth, Premier Pet and PetSafe wireless dog fences have some important differences to consider:

  • Installation: Premier offers plug and play simplicity, while PetSafe has more setup options.
  • Boundary Control: Premier excels in small spaces. PetSafe dominates large zones and multi-dog homes.
  • Adjustability: Both offer digital adjustment, but PetSafe has much higher upper limits.
  • Accessories: Premier Pet includes a handy remote trainer. But PetSafe has a far bigger accessory ecosystem.
  • Expandability: PetSafe is built to grow with your needs with high-tech add-ons. Premier Pet offers core essentials.
  • Power and Protection: PetSafe integrates battery backup and surge protection. Premier needs external fail-safes.
  • Cost: Premier Pet is the budget-friendly pick for most. PetSafe has pricier add-ons but fits any budget.

While Premier Pet is the more budget-friendly option, PetSafe offers systems for nearly any budget size. See how PetSafe compares to other top brands like Extreme Dog Fence and Halo.

Your unique situation will determine which factors matter most. Consider your yard size, dog breed, behavior needs to find your perfect fit.

Key Takeaways

  • Premier Pet and PetSafe are both leading wireless fence brands with 1 year warranties.
  • Premier Pet excels in simple setups for small yards and 1-3 dogs.
  • PetSafe leads in large-scale installations and big multi-pet homes.
  • Look at boundary size, dog count, and behavior needs to pick the ideal system.
  • Expect to spend 2-4 weeks training your dog to master the boundary basics.
  • Premier Pet is the value pick but PetSafe can accommodate nearly any containment requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wireless fences safe for all breeds and ages?

Most adult dogs over 6 months old can safely use wireless fences. Avoid using on young puppies, very small breeds under 5 pounds, and elderly dogs with health issues. Consult your vet if you have concerns.

How tight should the collar fit?

You should be able to fit 1-2 fingers between the collar strap and your dog’s neck. The collar needs consistent skin contact to work properly, but shouldn’t be so tight that it causes discomfort.

Will the collar work if my dog has thick fur?

Yes, but you may need to trim longer hair or use longer contact points so the probes make reliable contact with the skin. Both Premier Pet and PetSafe offer short and long contact points.

What happens if the collar gets wet?

All Premier Pet and PetSafe collars are waterproof and submersible in shallow water. Just be sure to thoroughly dry the contact points after swimming to avoid irritation.

Are there any health risks from prolonged wear?

Wireless fence collars are safe for long-term use when fitted properly. However, it’s a good idea to remove the collar for at least a few hours per day to avoid skin irritation. Check the skin regularly for any redness or soreness.

Will household appliances interfere with the signal?

Avoid placing the fence transmitter directly next to large metal objects or appliances as this can potentially weaken the boundary signal. Keep at least 3 feet of space from things like refrigerators or washing machines.

How many hours per day can my dog wear the collar?

Once fully trained, most dogs can safely wear the collar for up to 12 hours per day. But it’s ideal to give your dog a break from the collar whenever they are supervised – such as during walks, playtime, or hanging out inside the house.

What should I do if my dog escapes the boundary?

First, immediately check that the collar is working and fitted properly. Walk your dog around the perimeter on a leash to reinforce the boundary training. Lastly, consider consulting a professional trainer for additional guidance if escapes become a recurring issue.

Which correction levels are safe to use?

Always start at the lowest static stimulation level and only increase if your dog doesn’t respond after multiple training sessions. The goal is to use the minimum amount necessary for your dog to respect the boundary. Many dogs do fine with tone-only or vibration.

Do I still need a physical fence?

For maximum safety, it’s always best to use a wireless fence as a supplement to a physical fence – not a replacement. Wireless systems are not 100% foolproof so a physical barrier adds an extra layer of security.

The Bottom Line

As a professional dog trainer, I’ve found that both Premier Pet and PetSafe wireless fence systems can provide secure, reliable containment when properly set up and used.

Premier Pet is my go-to recommendation for the average dog owner with a small yard and straightforward needs. You’ll appreciate the lower costs and simple installation.

But if you have a larger property, multiple dogs, or want the most high-tech integration with other training tools, PetSafe is worth the extra investment. Their wide product range can cover almost any scenario.

Every dog is an individual. So evaluate your specific priorities, analyze your property, and review the key differences outlined here to make the best choice.

With the right wireless fence system and consistent training, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your pup has the freedom to safely enjoy the yard.

For more information on how PetSafe stacks up against other top containment options, check out my Wiez GPS Wireless Dog Fence review and Aweec Wireless Dog Fence review.

Proper training is critical to success with any wireless containment system. Invest the time to teach your pet the boundary rules. See my comparisons of SportDog vs PetSafe training collars for more info on reinforcing good habits.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions as you decide between Premier Pet and PetSafe!

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