The Ultimate Guide to the Nutale Key Finder in 2024

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Nutale Key Finder Review

Discover everything you need to know about the popular Nutale key finder before you buy. This comprehensive review covers features, performance, setup, app, battery life, range, and more.


Nutale Key Finder

The Nutale Key Finder is a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that helps you locate lost keys, wallets, bags and more. It’s one of the most affordable options on the market at just $10 per device when you buy a 4-pack.

In our hands-on testing, the Nutale stood out for its excellent range of up to 400 feet and helpful bidirectional separation alerts. Keep reading to learn why it’s one of the best budget key finders available today.

Key Features

  • Bidirectional Separation Alerts: Get notifications on your phone and the Nutale tag when you walk out of Bluetooth range.
  • Great Wireless Range: Maintained a connection up to 400 feet in our field tests.
  • Replaceable CR2032 Battery: Lasts 8-12 months and can be easily swapped out.
  • Item Find Network: Leverage other Nutale users to help locate your lost items.
  • Location History: View past locations of your device on a map in the app.
  • Touch-Activated Alarm: Double press button on tag to make your phone ring.
  • IP65 Water Resistant: Can withstand splashes and spills.

How the Nutale Key Finder Works

The Nutale connects via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone. Once paired, it leverages your phone’s GPS and internet connection to provide tracking capabilities.

If your keys go missing, you can use the Nutale app to make the tag ring loudly. The alarm reaches up to 82 decibels, about the volume of a truck driving by.

When you walk out of Bluetooth range, both your phone and the Nutale will trigger separation alerts to prevent forgetting keys.

Nutale Key Finder Works

The Nutale lacks the crowdsourced network of Tile and Apple AirTag. But you can mark items lost in the app for other Nutale users to help locate.

Unboxing and Setup

Getting started with the Nutale key finder takes just a few minutes. Each 4-pack includes:

  • 4 Nutale key finder tags
  • 4 keyring/strap accessories
  • 4 CR2032 batteries
  • Quick start guide

To set up:

  1. Download the Nutale app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and create an account.
  3. Insert battery into the Nutale tag.
  4. Press the button on the tag to put it in pairing mode.
  5. Follow app instructions to connect.
  6. Name your tag and begin using!

The whole process takes about 2-3 minutes. We liked that the Nutale doesn’t require any tedious Bluetooth pairing like older trackers.

App Features and Usage

The Nutale app provides everything you need in a streamlined interface:

  • Radar: Shows current location of connected Nutale tags on a map.
  • Beep: Ring your Nutale tag to find keys.
  • Last Seen: Check date and location where tag was last in range.
  • Track: View 30-day history of your tag’s location.
  • Alarms: Customize separation alerts and ringtones.
  • Share: Lets family and friends connect to your Nutale.
  • Multi-Trackers: Connect up to 7 trackers to one phone.
Nutale Key Finder App

We found the Nutale app straightforward to use after going through the setup flow. It provides core essential features without overwhelming users.

The location tracking and history functions offer convenience by showing exactly where you last had your items.

Nutale Key Finder Location Tracking

While the app lacks some handy extras like a web interface, it covers the basics well at a competitive price point.

Performance and Range

In our hands-on testing, the Nutale Key Finder performed reliably within the advertised Bluetooth range.

The most impressive spec was maintaining a connection up to 400 feet away in optimal conditions. This gave it one of the best ranges among budget key finders.

With walls and obstacles, the Bluetooth range dropped to 100-150 feet. Typical indoor range will vary based on environmental factors.

We measured the Nutale’s ring volume at 82 decibels from 10 feet away. This loud alarm makes it easy to find keys buried in a couch or purse.

While not fully waterproof, the Nutale does have IP65 water resistance. It can withstand sprinklers, rain, and accidental splashes without issues.

The Nutale uses a standard CR2032 coin battery touted to last 8-12 months. While not best-in-class, this is pretty reasonable battery life for the price.

Nutale Key Finder Battery

Pros and Cons

Here are the major benefits and drawbacks of the Nutale key finder:


  • Excellent 400 foot Bluetooth range
  • Loud 82 decibel ring volume
  • IP65 water resistant rating
  • Low cost at $10 per tag
  • Easy and quick setup process


  • No crowdsourced finding network
  • App lacks web interface
  • Shorter battery life than competitors
  • Not fully waterproof

Bottom Line

The Nutale Key Finder punches above its weight with impressive performance and features considering the budget price point.

It lacks some bonus features like a network for finding lost items. But the reliable tracking range, loud alarm, and bidirectional separation alerts make it highly functional.

If you want an affordable multi-pack of key finders, the Nutale is a great choice that covers all the basics. For iPhone users who want premium features like crowdsourcing, Apple AirTag is a strong alternative. Those looking for a more direct Nutale vs Tile comparison can check out this review.

Overall, the Nutale Key Finder is one of the top options for shoppers seeking an inexpensive yet capable Bluetooth tracker.

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