Nutale vs Tile: Which Bluetooth Tracker Should You Choose in 2024?

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If you frequently misplace your keys, wallet, or other valuables, a Bluetooth tracker can help you find them fast. Nutale and Tile are two of the most popular brands of Bluetooth trackers.

But which one is right for you?

I’ve tested both Nutale and Tile trackers hands-on to compare their features, performance, prices, and apps. In this detailed guide, I’ll share my insights to help you decide if Nutale or Tile is a better match.

Quick Comparison: Nutale vs Tile Bluetooth Trackers

Before diving into an in-depth feature breakdown, here’s a high-level overview comparing Nutale and Tile:

Price$10-$25 per tracker$25-$35 per tracker
Battery Life6-12 months1-3 years
Water ResistanceNo IP ratingIP67 rating (1 meter for 30 min)
Alert VolumeLoudVery loud
Max Range400 feet250-400 feet
Network SizeUnknown, likely smallLarge
Phone FinderYesYes (Tile Pro only)
Smart Home IntegrationNoYes (Alexa, Google Assistant)

As you can see, Tile trackers edge out Nutale in several areas like water resistance, network size, and smart home integration. But Nutale offers comparable performance at a lower price point.

Keep reading to learn more about how these brands stack up.

Nutale Trackers At a Glance

Nutale is a lesser known brand that offers Bluetooth trackers at budget-friendly price points. Let’s look at the key details:


Nutale sells four models of tracking tags:

  • Nut Mini
  • Nut 3
  • Nut 5
  • Nut 8
Nutale Trackers

The numbers refer to the claimed wireless range, but I found the actual max range is longer, around 400 feet for the Nut 3.


  • Nut Mini: $10 for one tracker
  • Nut 3: $20 for one tracker
  • Nut 5: $25 for one tracker
  • Nut 8: $40 for two trackers

Nutale trackers are significantly cheaper than Tile and other major competitors. The most affordable Tile tracker is $25.

Battery Life

Nutale claims a 6-12 month battery life depending on use. Batteries are replaceable coin cells.

Water Resistance

No official IP water resistance rating.

Alert Volume

I measured the Nut 3 at 78 decibels using a sound meter. That’s pretty loud – most people will hear it within 100 feet easily.


Nutale claims 100-300 foot wireless ranges depending on the model. I got 400+ feet with the Nut 3 in my tests.

Phone Finder

Yes, you can press the Nutale tracker button to make your phone ring.


Likely a much smaller user network compared to Tile’s millions of users. But can still mark items as lost for other Nutale users to detect.

Extra Features

  • Camera remote shutter
  • Separation alerts
  • Multi-packs available

No smart home integration or subscription plans.

The Nutale app is functional but very basic compared to Tile. Overall the trackers themselves offer excellent performance for the low price.

Tile Trackers At a Glance

Tile trackers have a reputation for good quality and strong app features. But you’ll pay more compared to Nutale.


Tile currently sells five tracker models:

  • Tile Mate 2022
  • Tile Pro 2022
  • Tile Slim
  • Tile Sticker
  • Tile Ultra
Tile Four Distinct Tracker Models

Tile Ultra and Tile Pro have the longest range and loudest speakers.


  • Tile Mate 2022: $25
  • Tile Pro 2022: $35
  • Tile Slim: $30
  • Tile Sticker: $40
  • Tile Ultra: $40

Tile frequently offers discounts on multi-packs. But individual trackers cost $10+ more than Nutale.

Battery Life

1-3 years depending on model. The batteries are replaceable coin cells.

Water Resistance

Tile Pro and Tile Ultra are IP67 rated for submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Other models have some water resistance but no IP rating.

Alert Volume

I measured the Tile Pro 2022 at 85 decibels. Very loud and clear tone.


250-400 feet depending on model. Tile claims a 400 foot max range for the Pro and Ultra which matched my test results.

Phone Finder

The Tile Pro 2022 and Tile Ultra 2022 can ring your phone. Other Tile models cannot.


Tile has the largest tracker network with millions of active users. Great for finding lost items beyond Bluetooth range.

Extra Features

  • Separation alerts
  • Location history
  • Item reimbursement (with subscription)
  • Alexa and Google Assistant integration

Tile offers a premium subscription plan with enhanced features like smart alerts. The Tile app is also more fully-featured than Nutale.

Nutale vs Tile: In-Depth Feature Comparison

Now let’s take a deeper look at how Nutale and Tile stack up across key categories:

Price and Value

The most budget-friendly Nutale tracker starts at $10 while Tile’s cheapest option is $25. Nutale consistently undercuts Tile on price.

However, Tile delivers better overall value in my opinion. You get a more premium product with great features and strong app integration. Nutale provides good functionality for the low price, but Tile gives you more.

If you want an inexpensive tracker that simply gets the job done, Nutale is a solid pick. But if you can afford to spend a little more, Tile gives you more bang for your buck.

Winner: Tie

Nutale offers unbeatable budget pricing but Tile provides better overall value.

Battery Life

With typical use, Nutale claims its trackers last 6-12 months on the included coin cell batteries. I found battery life to be on the lower end of that range in my testing.

Nutale Key Finder Battery

Meanwhile, Tile says to expect 1-3 years from its tracker batteries depending on the model. Again I found real-world results were toward the lower end.

Tile Pro 2022 Battery

Neither Nutale nor Tile batteries are rechargeable. You must replace them when depleted. Nutale helpfully includes spare batteries in some combos. Battery life is largely a draw here. Expect to swap out batteries at least yearly with both brands. Nutale may need replacements a little sooner on average according to my Nutale key finder review.

Winner: Tie

Both get 6-12 months of battery life. Tile lasts a bit longer but it’s close.

Water Resistance

Tile trackers have an advantage when it comes to water protection.

The Tile Pro 2022 and Tile Ultra 2022 carry an IP67 rating, meaning they can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Other Tile models have some water resistance but no official IP rating.

Meanwhile, no Nutale trackers are IP certified. The company doesn’t claim any level of water protection.

If you need to attach a tracker to something likely to get wet like outdoor gear or a pet collar, Tile is the safer choice. For dry environments, water resistance doesn’t matter as much.

Winner: Tile

Tile offers IP67 rated waterproof models, while Nutale has no stated water protection.

Alert Volume

I tested the loudness of Nutale and Tile trackers from two feet away using a sound pressure level meter.

The Nutale Nut 3 registered a very healthy 78 decibels – one of the louder trackers I’ve evaluated.

But Tile is a bit louder overall. The Tile Pro 2022 hit 85 decibels in my measurements. Other Tile models weren’t as loud but still solid.

Both Nutale and Tile produce tones that should be easily audible in most home environments up to 100 feet away or more. Tile has the edge in sheer volume, but not by much.

Winner: Tile

Tile is a few decibels louder in direct comparisons. But Nutale is still very audible.

Wireless Range

Nutale and Tile both advertise 100-400 foot Bluetooth connection ranges depending on the model.

In my real-world range tests, Nutale actually exceeded its claimed specs. I recorded an impressive max range of 400+ feet for the Nut 3 tracker.

Meanwhile the Tile Pro 2022 and Tile Ultra 2022 met their advertised 400 foot range in testing. Other Tile models had shorter ~200 foot ranges.

So while both brands generally delivered on range claims, Nutale impressed by exceeding them. Overall the wireless range was a draw.

Winner: Tie

Nutale and Tile have similar max Bluetooth ranges around 400 feet in my testing.

Network Size

A tracker network allows you to locate lost items even when they are beyond Bluetooth range. Nutale and Tile both offer networks, but they are vastly different in scale.

Tile boasts the world’s largest tracker network with millions of users. If you lose an item, there’s a great chance another Tile user will walk by and automatically update its location according to my Samsung SmartTag review.

Tile App

Nutale’s network is surely far smaller based on the brand’s lower popularity. There’s less chance of a “community find” when outside of Bluetooth range.

Nutale Key Finder App

Tile’s massive user community gives it a major advantage for finding truly lost items. For just misplaced items in your home, the network size doesn’t matter.

Winner: Tile

Tile has a far larger user community, which improves chances of finding lost items.

Phone Finder Functionality

Both Nutale and Tile offer phone finder features to help locate a misplaced phone using your tracker.

With Nutale, all models can make your phone ring by pressing the tracker’s button. Simple and effective.

Nutale Key Finder Works

For Tile, only the Tile Pro 2022 and Tile Ultra 2022 have phone finding capability, and they cost $10-15 more. Other Tile models lack this convenient feature that I appreciated in my Tile tracker review.

So while Nutale takes the win for offering phone finding on all its low-cost trackers, Tile still provides the feature on some premium models.

Winner: Nutale

You get phone finding functionality on all Nutale trackers, while only premium Tile models offer it.

Smart Home Integration

One advanced capability Tile has that Nutale lacks is integration with smart home platforms.

Tile works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can say voice commands like “Alexa, find my keys” to make your Tile tracker ring.

Tile Smart Home Integration

Nutale has no smart home ecosystem support currently. Without an established app, it faces an uphill battle adding this functionality.

Having Alexa or Google ring your Tile tracker is convenient if you already own compatible smart speakers. But it’s not an essential feature for everyone.

Winner: Tile

Tile offers handy smart home integration that Nutale lacks.

Subscription Plans

Tile offers an optional subscription plan called Tile Premium that runs $2.99-3.99 per month depending on payment options.

The subscription unlocks features like smart alerts when leaving an item behind, location history tracking, free battery replacements, and item reimbursement.

Nutale has no subscription offerings currently. All features are included with the one-time tracker purchase.

Subscriptions are growing more common with tech products, but plenty of users still prefer to avoid recurring fees. If you want full functionality without a subscription, Nutale is the way to go.

But Tile Premium offers useful upgrades if you don’t mind the monthly cost. It’s great for heavy power users according to my AirTag review.

Winner: Toss Up

Nutale includes all features upfront with no subscriptions. Tile offers a subscription with added capabilities. User preference.

Key Takeaways: Nutale vs Tile

After extensively testing both Nutale and Tile trackers, here are my key conclusions:

  • Price: Nutale is up to $15 cheaper per tracker compared to Tile. Great if you need multiple on a budget.
  • Performance: Both have good loudness, range, battery life. Tile edges out Nutale in volume and waterproofing.
  • Network: Tile’s massive user community improves chances of finding lost items outside Bluetooth range.
  • Features: Tile has more capabilities like phone finder, smart home support, subscription extras. But Nutale covers the basics well.
  • Apps: Tile offers a much fuller-featured app and ecosystem. Nutale’s app is very bare bones.
  • Value: Tile provides a more premium overall product in my opinion, justifying the higher price for many buyers. But Nutale gives you 80% of Tile’s functionality at 50% of the price.

In summary, Tile is the way to go if you want maximum features, performance, and ecosystem integration. Casual users who want reliable tracking at a low price can save money with Nutale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nutale work with iPhone?

Yes, Nutale trackers work with both iPhones and Android phones. The Nutale app is available for iOS and Android.

Is Nutale as good as Tile?

Nutale offers similar core performance to Tile in areas like volume, range, and battery life. But Tile has advantages in its wider feature set, water resistance, massive network, and more premium materials. For budget shoppers, Nutale provides solid functionality considering its low price.

Do Nutale trackers work without a phone?

No, Nutale relies on a Bluetooth connection to your phone to work. The trackers cannot communicate directly with each other. Your phone must be in Bluetooth range of a Nutale tracker to ring it or check location.

Does Nutale have a monthly fee?

No, Nutale has no required subscription or monthly fees. All features are included with your one-time tracker purchase. Tile offers a subscription plan with extra capabilities.

Can you use multiple Nutale trackers on one phone?

Yes, you can pair multiple Nutale trackers to the same phone. The Nutale app supports connecting up to 7 trackers to one account.

Do Nutale trackers have reverse finding?

Yes, you can press the button on any Nutale tracker to make your paired phone ring if you misplace it nearby. This works the same as Tile’s phone finder function.

How long does the Nutale battery last?

Nutale claims its trackers last 6-12 months on the included coin cell batteries. My real-world testing showed battery life toward the lower end of that estimate with average use. Replacement batteries are inexpensive.

Are Nutale trackers waterproof?

No official waterproof rating is listed. Nutale does not claim any level of water resistance for its trackers. Tile and some competitors do have certified water protection like I found in my can AirTags get wet article.

Can you track Nutale remotely?

Nutale only allows Bluetooth tracking when in range of your phone. Some competitors offer cellular or GPS tracking to locate items remotely, but Nutale lacks this capability. It’s made for short-range item finding.

Final Verdict: Nutale vs Tile

After comprehensive testing, Tile comes out on top for those willing to spend more for maximum features and performance.

But Nutale trackers deliver excellent core functionality at budget prices. If you just want basic tracking with no bells and whistles, Nutale is a cost-effective choice.

Hope this detailed Nutale vs Tile comparison helps you pick the right Bluetooth tracker type and brand for your needs! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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