Do AirTags Need to Be Charged Regularly?

February 25, 2024

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Do you have to charge AirTag every now and then? If not, how are they powered? I have never used an AirTag before so I am expecting a kind answer from you all. Thanks in advance!” 

The above is a question asked by a random individual in a help forum. For an AirTag user, the question may sound like a no-brainer.

However, for a novice, it may not. In the below article, we intend to answer this question in detail.



AirTags can be considered an incredible asset for anyone who frequently misplaces their belongings. The vast majority of people opt to attach them to either their wallets or their car keys.

Once you have done that, you could use “Find My” on your iPhone to locate the missing device. You may even be curious as to whether or not the AirTags should be charged. And if yes, how frequently must this be done, given their versatility and user-friendliness?

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So, Do AirTags Need to Be Charged?

It is not possible to charge an Air Tag. Instead of a port for charging, they came equipped with non-rechargeable CR2032 batteries when they were manufactured.

Therefore, when those batteries in Air Tag run out, you would need to go out and get new ones. Then, you can replace the dead ones.

In the following section, we discuss how you’ll be able to determine when it’s time to change the battery. We also explain how to replace AirTag’s battery and where you can find batteries that are compatible with AirTags.

So, do you have to charge AirTag? No! Instead, you should replace the batteries when they die.

Also, if you wonder, does AirTag have GPS technology? If not, what is the technology it uses to transmit its location accurately to the linked iOS device? Let’s find out the truth.

How Far Does AirTags Work without Replacing the Battery?

The battery inside their Air Tag should remain functional for approximately one year before it needs to be replaced. That is what Apple says, at the least. In fact, if you only use the device occasionally, you will be able to experience one-year battery life.

This means that you don’t have to shop for AirTag batteries for a period of one year. So, do AirTags die? Yes, but they have a lifespan of around one year.

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Is It Possible to Recharge an AirTag Battery?

Now that you know how far do AirTags work, you may wonder if their batteries are rechargeable. Well, the truth is that AirTags are not rechargeable.

However, the AirTag’s cell should still be good for approximately a year before it starts to drain. 

When you purchase an AirTag, it comes equipped with a CR2032 3V coin-type lithium battery. The good news is that it can be replaced easily. However, it must be activated before it can be used to keep track of your keys, luggage, and wallets.

Even though the AirTag’s included battery is non-rechargeable, a rechargeable coin-type lithium cell battery is a viable alternative. All in all, we are happy with the battery life of AirTags.

Is It Possible to Check the Battery Level of Your AirTags?

You may wonder when do AirTags die after purchasing one. In other words, you may want to know if it is possible to check the current battery life.

The good news is that you can learn how far do AirTags work with a simple process.

Below are the steps to follow if you want to check the battery life of your AirTags.

  • First, you should open the “Find My” option.
  • After that, select the option called “Items.”
  • Then, tap on the AirTag name on which you expect to check the battery life.
  • Click on the icon that represents the battery. You can see it under your AirTag’s name.
  • If it displays the message “Low Battery,” you should understand that the battery is low.
Airtags Low Battery

So, do AirTags need to be charged if they are low? No! Just buy a new battery and replace the old one.

What Types of Batteries Are Used in AirTags?

Air Tags from Apple just require a single CR2032 battery. These cell-type batteries are standard in wristwatches and other compact electronics. You may find them at any retail shop that sells batteries or even online.

Buying them once every year won’t put a huge dent in your finances because of how cheap they are. Here are a few well-known manufacturers of CR2032 cells:

There are different brands that offer smaller quantities; however, Panasonic offers the highest quantity per package.

If you already own multiple Air Tags, it is recommended that you purchase a bulk pack of additional batteries. As a result, you will always have a spare on hand in the event that you require a replacement.

It is important to remember that Apple just stated that CR2032 cell-type batteries with bitterant coatings would discontinue. Bitterant is given to batteries so that youngsters will be less likely to contact them and get electrocuted.

However, you should take precautions to avoid invalidating the warranty on any Apple product. A careful approach will also guarantee that the cells continue to function in the correct manner.

The most important precaution is to use the correct type of battery in any Apple product you own. Simply put, use the correct battery type to prevent potential issues.

Keep It Away from Children All the Time

The package for the battery ought to make it clear whether or not the battery contains bitterness. It is imperative that you make sure that your little ones do not have access to Apple Air Tags.

This is given that you will be utilizing batteries that do not emit harmful chemicals. Even though the Air Tag is closed, you should not let children play with it. This is because it is possible that they can access the buttons that control the battery.

If there are young children, you should seriously consider purchasing Duracell batteries instead of others. That’s because they are a rare battery company that comes in child-resistant packaging, even with non-bitterant coating.

Changing the Batteries of Apple AirTag

Dry Your AirTags

So far, we have provided a comprehensive answer to the question, “do AirTags need to be charged.” You are clear that AirTags shouldn’t be charged. Instead, you should replace their batteries whenever they drain out.

In most cases, you may have to do this once a year. So, let’s go ahead and learn how to change the batteries of your AirTag once they are drained out.

  • First, you should open your AirTag. At this time, the AirTag should have its white base downwards.
  • Now, let the Apple logo face down and press it down with two fingers. Make sure that you press it using the two points located next to the logo.
  • You should turn the cap in CCW (counterclockwise) rotation.
  • Once you have done that, the cap will turn off completely. You can take the cap off. After that, you can change its battery.
  • You can replace your old battery with a new one.
  • Once the battery is replaced, you should put the cap once again to proceed.
  • Turn your cap clockwise so you can seal it.

That’s basically it. Once you have done that, your AirTag will start to perform as it would normally.


Here are some frequently asked questions about AirTags and their power supply.

Should You Charge AirTags?

No. AirTags are not designed as rechargeable products. They have powered with CR2032 cell-type batteries.

What Should I Do Once the AirTag Batteries Are Drained Out?

All you need is to replace the batteries once the batteries are drained out.

How often do I need to replace the battery in an AirTag?

You do not need to replace the battery in an AirTag. Instead, when the battery is depleted, you should replace the entire AirTag with a new one.

Is It Difficult to Change Airtag Batteries?

No. AirTags come with an easy mechanism to swap batteries (we explained it in our article). Just follow those guidelines and replace the old battery with a new AirTag battery.


Apple Air Tags can’t be charged and don’t have any kind of charging connector. The device uses CR2032 batteries.

So, you’ll need to stock up on those when they run out, or the respective device stops working altogether. All you need is to make sure to choose ones without any bitter coating.

AirTag battery life can be monitored in “Find My,” allowing you to change the batteries before draining. And that’s it about how far do AirTags work.

If you need to know anything more about AirTags and their functionality, please let us know.