Why Is My Yip Smart Tag Randomly Beeping? Troubleshooting Guide

December 27, 2023

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Having your Yip smart tag suddenly start beeping randomly can be annoying and concerning. But in most cases, it’s an easy fix—and this guide will walk you through exactly how to troubleshoot and resolve random beeping from your Yip tag quickly.

What Causes Random Beeping in Yip Tags?

Before jumping into the step-by-step troubleshooting instructions, it helps to understand what typically causes a Yip tag to start beeping randomly in the first place.

The most common culprits include:

  • Loose or misaligned internal battery springs
  • A worn or faulty battery
  • Signal interference from other devices
  • Outdated device firmware

Fortunately, the problem is usually caused by loose battery springs inside the tag. With a few quick adjustments, you can stop the beeping and get your tag working properly again.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Random Beeping

Follow these steps to troubleshoot random beeping from your Yip tag:

1. Remove the Back Cover and Battery

  • Use a quarter to unscrew and remove the round back cover
  • Gently remove the battery—you may need a pen to pop it out

2. Locate and Adjust the Battery Springs

  • Inside the battery compartment, you’ll see two small metal springs
  • Gently pull up on the springs using your fingers—do not pull straight up or they may break
  • The springs should look aligned as shown in the photo below after adjusting
Yip Tags Battery Springs

Properly aligned Yip smart tag battery springs. Source: Yip

3. Reinsert the Battery and Back Cover

  • Place the battery back in with the + sign facing up
  • Snap the back cover back on securely
Yip Tags Battery

After completing these steps, your Yip tag should stop beeping randomly. The battery springs provide power to the tag, so adjusting them ensures a proper connection.

When to Contact Yip Support

If you still hear random beeping after adjusting the battery springs, there could be another underlying issue. Some other potential causes include:

  • Faulty or worn out battery
  • Firmware needing updated
  • Environmental interference

In these cases, reach out to Yip’s customer support team for further troubleshooting:

Yip’s support specialists can walk through additional debugging and provide replacement parts if needed.

Preventing Future Beeping Issues

While occasional beeping can happen to any smart tag, you can take proactive steps to minimize random beeping issues:

  • Replace batteries every 6 months as recommended in this Yip battery life guide
  • Keep the Yip app updated
  • Avoid storing tags near potential interference (other electronics, magnets, etc)
  • Check battery springs during each battery swap

Key Takeaways on Fixing Yip Tag Beeping

To recap, follow this troubleshooting guide if your Yip tag starts randomly beeping:

  • Remove battery and locate internal springs
  • Gently adjust springs to realign the contacts
  • Reinsert battery and replace cover
  • Contact support if issues persist after adjusting
  • Replace battery routinely and update firmware to prevent issues
  • Check out this Yip vs AirTag comparison for more smart tag tips

With a few quick adjustments, you can get your Yip tag back to working order quickly. Contact the knowledgeable support team for any persisting beeping or other issues.