YIP Smart Tag vs AirTag: Which is Better for Tracking Your Pet?

December 14, 2023

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Are you looking for the best Bluetooth tracker to keep tabs on your furry friend? Deciding between YIP Smart Tag and AirTag for your cat or dog? This guide compares the key factors to consider when choosing a pet tracker.

What is a YIP Smart Tag?

Yip Smart Tag

A YIP Smart Tag is a Bluetooth-enabled tracker designed specifically for pets. It functions similarly to an AirTag, connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth to provide location services.

Key features:

  • Combines a dog ID tag with a Bluetooth tracker in one device. The tag can be engraved with your pet’s name and your contact info.
  • Works with Samsung Galaxy devices via SmartThings app.
  • Works with iPhone via Apple Find My app.
  • No GPS tracking. Relies on connection to nearby Galaxy devices to update location.
  • IPX7 water resistant and durable. Good for active pets.
  • User replaceable battery lasts ~1 year. Low battery alerts via app.
  • One-time cost of $34.99. No monthly fees required.

How Does YIP Smart Tag Tracking Work?

The YIP Smart Tag utilizes Bluetooth connectivity and a crowdsourced network to provide location tracking.

It connects via Bluetooth to any nearby Samsung Galaxy smartphone that has the SmartThings app installed. The app then updates the pet’s location on your synced smartphone.

This allows you to track your pet’s location whenever it is within Bluetooth range of a Galaxy device with SmartThings – about 30 feet.

Yip Smart Tag Smartthings App


  • Requires a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and SmartThings app
  • No built-in GPS, relies on nearby smartphones to update location
  • Short Bluetooth range limits remote tracking capability

What is an AirTag and How Does it Work?

Apple Airtag

AirTags are Apple’s own Bluetooth trackers. They work similarly to YIP Smart Tags by connecting to nearby iPhones via Bluetooth to provide location services.

Key features:

AirTags use Bluetooth connectivity and Apple’s Find My network to track. The Find My network includes hundreds of millions of Apple devices that can detect Bluetooth signals from an AirTag and update its location accordingly.

Airtag Ease Of Use

This gives AirTags a much wider network to connect to for more precise tracking compared to YIP Smart Tags limited Samsung network.

YIP Smart Tag vs. AirTag: Key Differences

FactorYIP Smart TagAirTag
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy/SmartThings/Apple Find MyApple iPhone/iPad/Mac
NetworkSmartThings appFind My network
Tracking rangeBluetooth only (~30ft)Bluetooth & Ultra Wideband
Water resistanceIPX7IP67
Battery life~1 year~1 year

The main differences boil down to:

  • Compatibility: YIP works on Samsung Galaxy devices and iPhone, while AirTag works with any Apple devices.
  • Network: YIP relies on SmartThings app and Apple Find My app while AirTag taps into the much wider Find My network.
  • Tracking range: AirTag has added Ultra Wideband for precise directional tracking when in Bluetooth range.
  • Water resistance: Both offer good water protection, with AirTag slightly ahead.
  • Price: AirTag is a bit cheaper at $29 vs $34.99 for YIP.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pet Tracker

Your Smartphone Ecosystem

  • If you have an iPhone, AirTag is likely the better choice
  • For Galaxy/Android phones, YIP Smart Tag is currently the only option
  • Consider which devices family/friends have to maximize network

Tracking Needs

  • AirTag offers more advanced tracking with UWB and wider network (AirTag Location Not Updating?)
  • YIP still provides basic tracking for pets within Bluetooth range


  • Both are water and dust resistant – good for outdoor pets
  • YIP plastic body seems more durable for very active pets


  • AirTag is slightly cheaper at $29
  • YIP Smart Tag $34.99 cost includes ID tag engraving


Ongoing Costs

  • No monthly fees or subscriptions required for either
  • Batteries last ~1 year then must be replaced

Pros of Using YIP Smart Tag

Yip Smart Tags 1

Works on Android devices

The only pet tracker currently compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Great option for Android users.

Durable design

Made from durable polymer that can withstand active pets and the elements.

Engravable ID tag

Built-in custom engraving allows you to add pet ID and your contact info.

No monthly fees

One-time cost around $35. No need for monthly GPS subscription.

Water resistant

IPX7 water resistance keeps it working even if your pet gets wet.

Cons of Using YIP Smart Tag

Limited network

Relies only on nearby Samsung Galaxy devices to update location. Large gaps in network coverage.

No built-in GPS

Cannot provide tracking outside of Bluetooth range. No remote location tracking.

Limited Bluetooth range

Only connects within 30 feet – easy to lose connection.

Collar attachment

Some complaints that collar attachment method is not very secure.

Pros of Using AirTag

Airtag Additional Features

Works on any Apple device

Seamlessly pairs with iPhone, iPad, MacBook. Great for multi-Apple households.

Leverages Find My network

Tap into hundreds of millions of Apple devices worldwide for improved tracking.

Ultra Wideband tracking

UWB enables directional tracking when in Bluetooth range for pinpoint accuracy.

Precise tracking

Combination of UWB and Find My network provides the most precise pet tracking.

Small and lightweight

Less noticeable and easier for smaller pets compared to some trackers.


At $29, AirTag is very competitively priced vs. other pet trackers.

Cons of Using AirTag

Apple ecosystem only

Does not work with any non-Apple devices. Not compatible with Android.

No ID tag function

Does not allow engraving name/contact info like some pet trackers.

Collar attachment

AirTag is smooth/slippery. Attachment accessories recommended for pets.

Can be detected by others

May receive location alerts from unknown AirTags from Find My network.

Short Bluetooth range

AirTag limited to ~30ft Bluetooth range for precise tracking.

Expert Recommendation

For pet tracking, AirTag is the best option if you have an iPhone. The Find My network and Ultra Wideband tracking give it unmatched location accuracy. This makes it the top choice if precise tracking is your main priority.

However, the YIP Smart Tag is a good alternative for Samsung/Android users. Though the network is more limited, it still provides basic Bluetooth tracking functionality to keep tabs on pets that tend to wander. The engravable ID tag is also a handy feature.

Ultimately, pet tracking is most effective if integrated with GPS. For advanced tracking and location history, a dedicated GPS pet tracker like Dynotag or Fi collar provide more comprehensive monitoring. But for basic tracking via Bluetooth, AirTag and YIP Smart Tag are affordable options.

FAQ About YIP Smart Tag and AirTag Pet Trackers

Can you put an AirTag on your pet?

Yes, AirTags can be attached to a pet collar or harness to track their location via Find My network. Be sure to use a secure attachment accessory.

Do YIP Smart Tags have GPS?

No. YIP Smart Tags rely solely on Bluetooth connection to nearby smartphones and do not have built-in GPS.

Do AirTags have GPS?

No, AirTags also do not have onboard GPS. They use Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband technology for tracking.

What’s the best pet tracker with GPS?

For true GPS tracking, a dedicated pet GPS tracker like Fitbark or Tractive provide the best GPS functionality and location history.

Can an AirTag tracker be hacked?

AirTag has encryption and other security measures to prevent data being intercepted. However, no connected device is completely hack proof.

How long does a YIP Smart Tag battery last?

The replaceable coin cell battery in the YIP Smart Tag lasts approximately 1 year before needing replacement.

Do YIP Smart Tags work with iPhone?

Yes, YIP Smart Tags works with Apple Find My.

What Bluetooth trackers work with iPhone?

Currently only Apple’s own AirTags work seamlessly with iPhone. Some other Bluetooth trackers like Tile also offer mobile apps.

Key Takeaways

  • YIP Smart Tag and AirTag both provide Bluetooth tracking by connecting to nearby smartphones.
  • AirTag leverages Apple’s Find My network for wider, more accurate tracking.
  • YIP works on Samsung Galaxy devices and Apple devices, AirTag only works with Apple ecosystem.
  • Consider your smartphone when choosing a Bluetooth pet tracker.
  • Neither device has built-in GPS – combine with GPS collar for better tracking.
  • AirTag is best for iPhone users wanting precise tracking via Find My network.
  • YIP is a decent budget-friendly alternative for Samsung/Android users.