YIP Smart Tag vs AirTag: Which is Better for Tracking Your Pet?

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Yip Smart Tag Vs Airtag

If you’re a pet parent looking for the best Bluetooth tracker to keep tabs on your furry friend, you may be considering YIP Smart Tag or AirTag. Both devices offer affordability and easy tracking via smartphone. But which one is the better choice for monitoring your pet’s location? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features, pros, and cons of YIP Smart Tag vs AirTag to help you decide.

What is a YIP Smart Tag?

A YIP Smart Tag is a Bluetooth-enabled tracker designed specifically for pets. It functions similarly to an AirTag, connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth to provide location services.

Yip Smart Tag

Key features of YIP Smart Tag include:

  • Combines a dog ID tag with a Bluetooth tracker in one device
  • Works with Samsung Galaxy devices via SmartThings app
  • Also works with iPhone via Apple Find My app
  • IPX7 water resistant and durable
  • User replaceable battery lasts ~1 year
  • One-time cost of $34.99 with no monthly fees

How YIP Smart Tag Tracking Works

The YIP Smart Tag utilizes Bluetooth connectivity and a crowdsourced network to provide location tracking. It connects via Bluetooth to any nearby Samsung Galaxy smartphone that has the SmartThings app installed. The app then updates the pet’s location on your synced smartphone. This allows you to track your pet whenever it is within Bluetooth range of a Galaxy device – about 30 feet.

However, there are some limitations to YIP Smart Tag tracking:

Yip Smart Tag Smartthings App

What is an AirTag?

AirTags are Apple’s own Bluetooth trackers that work similarly to YIP Smart Tags. They connect to nearby iPhones via Bluetooth to provide location services through the Find My network.

Apple Airtag

Key features of AirTags include:

How AirTag Tracking Works

Airtag Ease Of Use

AirTags use Bluetooth connectivity and Apple’s Find My network, which includes hundreds of millions of Apple devices that can detect Bluetooth signals from an AirTag and update its location accordingly. This gives AirTags a much wider network to connect to for more precise tracking compared to YIP Smart Tag’s limited Samsung network. However, AirTag location may not update in some cases.

YIP Smart Tag vs. AirTag: Key Differences

FactorYIP Smart TagAirTag
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy/SmartThings/Apple Find MyApple iPhone/iPad/Mac
NetworkSmartThings appFind My network
Tracking rangeBluetooth only (~30ft)Bluetooth & Ultra Wideband
Water resistanceIPX7IP67
Battery life~1 year~1 year

The main differences between YIP Smart Tag and AirTag boil down to:

  • Compatibility: YIP works on Samsung Galaxy and iPhone devices, while AirTag only works with Apple devices.
  • Network: YIP relies on SmartThings and Find My apps, while AirTag taps into the much wider Find My network.
  • Tracking Range: AirTag offers added precision with Ultra Wideband directional tracking when in Bluetooth range.
  • Water Resistance: Both provide good protection, with AirTag slightly ahead at IP67 vs IPX7.
  • Price: AirTag is a bit cheaper at $29 compared to $34.99 for YIP Smart Tag.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pet Tracker

Your Smartphone Ecosystem

  • If you have an iPhone, AirTag is likely the better choice
  • For Galaxy/Android phones, YIP Smart Tag is currently the main option
  • Consider which devices family/friends use to maximize the crowdsourced tracking network

Tracking Needs

  • AirTag offers more advanced tracking with Ultra Wideband and the wider Find My network
  • YIP Smart Tag still provides basic Bluetooth tracking for pets within close range


  • Both trackers are water and dust resistant, making them suitable for outdoor pets
  • YIP Smart Tag’s plastic body seems more durable for very active pets


  • AirTag is slightly cheaper at $29
  • YIP Smart Tag’s $34.99 cost includes custom ID tag engraving


  • AirTag’s smooth design requires a holder or case for secure pet collar attachment
  • YIP Smart Tag has a built-in ring and functions as an engraved ID tag

Ongoing Costs

Pros and Cons of YIP Smart Tag

Yip Smart Tags 1


  • Works on Android devices – the only pet tracker currently compatible with Samsung Galaxy
  • Durable design made from polymer that can withstand active pets and the elements
  • Built-in custom engraving for adding pet ID info and your contact details
  • No monthly fees, just a one-time cost around $35
  • IPX7 water resistance keeps it working even if your pet gets wet


  • Limited network relies only on nearby Samsung Galaxy devices to update location
  • No built-in GPS, so it cannot provide tracking outside of Bluetooth range
  • Bluetooth range only extends about 30 feet, making it easy to lose connection
  • Some complaints that the included collar attachment is not very secure
  • YIP Smart Tag may beep unexpectedly

Pros and Cons of AirTag

Airtag Additional Features


  • Works seamlessly with any Apple devices – ideal for iPhone, iPad, MacBook households
  • Leverages the vast Find My network of Apple products worldwide for improved tracking
  • Ultra Wideband technology enables directional tracking when in Bluetooth range
  • Combination of Ultra Wideband and Find My network provides the most precise pet tracking
  • Small, lightweight design is less noticeable for pets to wear
  • Very affordable at just $29 per AirTag


  • Only works within the Apple ecosystem, not compatible with Android devices
  • Does not allow engraving pet name/contact info like some dedicated pet trackers
  • Smooth surface requires an attachment accessory to securely fasten to pet collars
  • Other people may receive location alerts for your pet’s AirTag
  • Still limited to about a 30-foot Bluetooth range for precise tracking
  • AirTag location may not update in some situations
  • AirTag may start beeping without explanation

Expert Recommendation

As a pet tech expert, I believe AirTag is the best Bluetooth pet tracker for iPhone users. Apple’s extensive Find My network and the addition of Ultra Wideband enable unmatched location accuracy. If precise tracking is your top priority, AirTag is the clear choice.

However, the YIP Smart Tag is a good alternative for Samsung Galaxy and Android users. While the network is more limited, it still provides helpful Bluetooth tracking to monitor pets that tend to wander. The option to engrave pet ID info right on the tracker is also quite convenient.

That said, for the most comprehensive pet tracking, I recommend using a dedicated GPS pet tracker like Whistle or Fi Smart Collar. GPS provides much wider coverage and real-time location history that Bluetooth trackers can’t match. But if you’re looking for an affordable, easy way to add some basic tracking to your pet’s collar, YIP Smart Tag and AirTag are both solid choices depending on your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an AirTag on your pet? Yes, AirTags can be attached to a pet collar or harness to track their location via Apple’s Find My network. Just be sure to use a secure holder or attachment accessory to keep the AirTag in place.

Do YIP Smart Tags have GPS? No, YIP Smart Tags rely solely on Bluetooth connection to nearby smartphones. They do not have built-in GPS capabilities.

Do AirTags have GPS? No, like YIP Smart Tags, AirTags also do not have onboard GPS. Instead, they use Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband technology to communicate with nearby devices on the Find My network.

Can an AirTag be hacked? While AirTags have encryption and security measures to safeguard your data, no connected device is 100% hack-proof. Always use caution when placing trackers on pets or items.

How long do YIP Smart Tag batteries last? The replaceable coin cell battery in YIP Smart Tags lasts around 1 year with normal use before it needs to be changed.

What is the best GPS pet tracker? For advanced GPS tracking and location history, I recommend Tractive or Whistle GO Explore. These GPS pet trackers provide the most reliable and comprehensive monitoring.

Are there any Bluetooth trackers besides AirTag that work with iPhone? Currently, AirTag is the only Bluetooth tracker that integrates seamlessly with iPhone and the Find My app. Other general-purpose trackers like Tile and Chipolo offer their own iPhone apps but lack native iOS integration.

Key Takeaways

  • YIP Smart Tag and AirTag provide affordable Bluetooth tracking by connecting to nearby smartphones
  • AirTag has an advantage with more precise Ultra Wideband tech and the larger Find My network
  • YIP Smart Tag works with both Samsung Galaxy and Apple devices, while AirTag is Apple-only
  • For the best compatibility, choose a pet tracker based on your current smartphone
  • Bluetooth has limited range, so consider adding a GPS pet tracker for more thorough monitoring
  • iPhone users will get the best experience with AirTag and the Find My network
  • YIP Smart Tag is a worthwhile budget option for Samsung Galaxy and Android users

Choosing the right pet tracker is an important decision to ensure your furry friend’s safety. Whether you go with YIP Smart Tag, AirTag, or a GPS device, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind knowing you can quickly locate your pet if they ever wander too far from home. Consider your specific needs and smartphone, then select the Bluetooth or GPS tracker that will help you keep your pet safe.

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