The Ultimate Guide to the YIP Smart Dog Tag

Discover everything you need to know about the YIP smart tag - the innovative dog tag that helps you track…

Jason Lin

Jason Lin

Updated: 03 May 2024

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Yip Smart Tag Review

Discover everything you need to know about the YIP smart tag – the innovative dog tag that helps you track your pup and provides peace of mind.

What is the YIP Smart Dog Tag?

Yip Smart Tag

The YIP Smart Dog Tag is a Bluetooth-enabled dog tag that pairs with your smartphone to help track your dog’s location in real time. It serves as both a personalized ID tag and a finder device to help locate lost or missing dogs.

The lightweight, water-resistant tag attaches to your dog’s collar and can be customized with your dog’s name, photo, and your contact information.

How Does the YIP Smart Dog Tag Work?

The YIP tag connects via Bluetooth to the YIP app on your smartphone (available for both iOS and Android). When your dog is within Bluetooth range of your phone, the app tracks your dog’s location.

You can also set up designated “safe zones” within the app and get alerts on your phone if your dog wanders outside of the safe zone boundaries.

Yip Smart Dog Tag Work 1

Key Benefits of the YIP Smart Dog Tag

  • Real-time tracking – Monitor your dog’s location via Bluetooth when they are in range of your smartphone.
  • Customizable ID tag – Add your dog’s name, photo, and your contact info to reunite lost dogs.
  • Water-resistant – Durable tag resists water damage from rain, baths, etc.
  • Rechargeable battery – Tag lasts up to 1 year before needing a recharge.
  • Safe zone alerts – Get notifications if your dog leaves a designated safe zone.
  • Community tracking – If your dog is lost, other YIP users can help anonymously track your dog’s location.

Is the YIP Tag Right for You?

The YIP Smart Dog Tag offers useful tracking capabilities through Bluetooth and community tracking. However, there are some limitations to consider:

The YIP tag provides helpful tracking that essentially turns your and other’s smartphones into proximity detectors to monitor your dog’s location. Just keep Bluetooth limitations in mind.

Getting Started with the YIP Smart Dog Tag

Ready to give the YIP Smart Dog Tag a try for your pup? Here is a handy step-by-step guide to get set up:

1. Download the YIP App

Download the free YIP app for iOS or Android. You’ll use this app to pair with the tag and track your dog.

2. Customize the Tag

Use the engraving area to add your dog’s name, your phone number, address, or other essential ID info in case your dog gets lost.

3. Pair the Tag with Your Smartphone

Turn on the tag and pair it with your phone through the YIP app following the on-screen setup instructions.

4. Attach the Tag to Your Dog’s Collar

Once paired and customized, securely attach the tag to your dog’s collar. Make sure your dog is wearing their collar to enable tracking.

5. Track Away!

You’re all set! Monitor your dog through the app when they are within Bluetooth range or get notified if they leave a designated safe zone.

Yip Smart Dog Tag Work

YIP Smart Dog Tag FAQs

Still have some questions about the ins and outs of the YIP Smart Dog Tag? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How far can you track your dog with the YIP tag?

The max Bluetooth range is around 30 feet. But through the community network, you may be able to track farther when your dog is near other smartphones.

Does the YIP tag have GPS?

No, the YIP tag relies on Bluetooth and community tracking instead of built-in GPS. For true GPS tracking, a GPS dog collar is recommended.

How long does the battery last?

The replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery lasts around 1 year before needing replacement.

Can the tag get wet?

The tag has an IPX7 water resistant rating, meaning it can withstand rain, splashes, etc. But it should not be fully submerged.

How much does the YIP Smart Tag cost?

The tag retails for around $35 on Amazon and comes with free custom engraving. There are no recurring fees.

Is there monthly fee?

Nope! No monthly fee since it uses Bluetooth instead of cellular data.

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Final Thoughts

The YIP Smart Dog Tag presents an affordable and user-friendly option for keeping tabs on your pup through Bluetooth and community tracking. While it lacks full GPS, it can provide helpful insights into your dog’s location and lets you customize the tag with all your dog’s essential ID info.

Just be aware of its limitations compared to dedicated GPS collars. But for many dog owners, the YIP tag may offer the ideal blend of utility and budget-friendly peace of mind.

To learn more and see the latest prices, visit YIP’s website or your local PetSmart store. Most importantly, stay safe on your adventures with your furry friend!