How to Fix “AirTag Not Reachable, Move Around to Connect” Error

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Airtag Not Reachable

What Does “AirTag Not Reachable” Mean?

When your iPhone displays the “AirTag not reachable, move around to connect” notification, it indicates that the Find My app is unable to establish a Bluetooth connection with your AirTag tracker. As a result, the app can’t update the AirTag’s location or allow you to interact with it.

Airtag Not Reachable Move Around To Connect 1

AirTags rely on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to pair with the Find My app. This enables you to:

  • View the AirTag’s current or last known location on a map
  • Trigger the AirTag to play a sound
  • Use Precision Finding for turn-by-turn directions to the AirTag

If the “not reachable” error appears, it means this Bluetooth connection has been disrupted, making the above functions temporarily unavailable. Prompt troubleshooting is key to restoring connectivity.

Common Causes of “AirTag Not Reachable” Errors

There are several potential reasons why your iPhone may be unable to connect to an AirTag:

Why You See The Not Reachable Error Message
  1. Out of range – AirTags have a Bluetooth range of roughly 30 feet. The “not reachable” error often appears when the AirTag is too far from the iPhone.
  2. Low battery – Each AirTag has a CR2032 battery that lasts about a year. When the battery is critically low, the AirTag may fail to connect.
  3. Signal interference – Obstructions between the iPhone and AirTag can block the Bluetooth signal. This includes walls, furniture, and other electronic devices.
  4. Software glitches – Temporary bugs in the Find My app or iOS operating system can sometimes prevent a stable connection.
  5. Incorrect setup – If the AirTag was not properly paired and set up with the Find My app initially, intermittent connection problems may occur.
  6. Hardware damage – Although rare, physical damage to the AirTag from drops, water exposure, or defects could impair functionality.

By identifying the underlying cause, you can apply the appropriate fix to get your AirTag reconnected and updating its location in Find My.

Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve AirTag Connectivity Issues

Follow these steps in order until your iPhone is able to reconnect to the unreachable AirTag:

1. Move Closer to the AirTag

Since the “not reachable” status usually indicates the AirTag is out of Bluetooth range, moving closer is the first solution to try. With your iPhone in hand, walk around the last known location of the AirTag. Once you’re within 30 feet, the tracker should reconnect.

2. Remove Obstructions Between iPhone and AirTag

Objects positioned between the two devices can interfere with the Bluetooth signal and cause disconnects. If possible, remove any visible obstructions and ensure a clear line-of-sight. You may need to move the AirTag or change your own position.

3. Check AirTag Battery Level

A dead or dying battery will prevent an AirTag from communicating. You can view the battery status in the Find My app:

  1. Open Find My and go to the Items tab
  2. Tap on the offline AirTag
  3. Look for the battery icon and percentage

If the battery is low, replace it by twisting counterclockwise on the AirTag’s back panel. Swap in a new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. Most users report this fixes “not reachable” issues caused by low power. Remember, AirTags don’t need to be recharged, only have their battery replaced.

Airtag Battery Icon

4. Restart Bluetooth on iPhone

Turning your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection off and back on can resolve minor software glitches:

Ensure Bluetooth Is Enabled
  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to Bluetooth
  3. Toggle the switch off, wait 10 seconds, then toggle it back on
  4. Return to the Find My app to see if the AirTag reconnects

This simple refresh of the Bluetooth connection often clears up one-off bugs without any further troubleshooting.

5. Reboot iPhone

If toggling Bluetooth alone doesn’t help, restart your iPhone:

Restart Your Iphone
  • iPhone 8 or earlier: Press and hold the side or top button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to shut down.
  • iPhone X and later: Press and hold the side button and either volume button. When the slider appears, drag it to power off.

After your iPhone fully shuts down, wait 30 seconds. Then press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo. Launch Find My and check the AirTag’s connectivity.

Rebooting clears your iPhone’s temporary memory and gives the Find My app a fresh start to establish a Bluetooth connection.

6. Update iOS and Find My App

Using an outdated version of iOS or the Find My app can lead to performance issues like dropped connections. To check for available updates:

Iphone Software Update
  1. Plug your iPhone into power and connect to Wi-Fi
  2. Go to Settings > General > Software Update
  3. If an iOS update is available, tap Download and Install
  4. Navigate to the App Store, search for Find My, and tap Update if shown

Keeping your iPhone and apps up-to-date ensures access to the latest AirTag bug fixes and compatibility optimizations.

7. Reset iPhone’s Network Settings

As a last resort for stubborn connectivity failures, reset your iPhone’s network settings. This will erase all saved Bluetooth pairings, Wi-Fi networks, and VPN settings:

Reset Network Settings
  1. Open Settings and go to General > Reset
  2. Tap Reset Network Settings
  3. Enter your iPhone passcode to confirm
  4. Your iPhone will reboot. Afterward, go to the Find My app

You’ll need to re-pair your AirTag, but this often resolves lingering connection bugs. Only reset network settings if other steps haven’t worked, as you’ll need to reconnect to previously saved Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices.

What To Do When an AirTag Is Still Not Reachable

If your AirTag remains offline after exhausting the troubleshooting steps above, you still have options to locate it:

Enable Lost Mode

Enabling Lost Mode for the missing AirTag is recommended if you believe it’s simply out of range and not permanently lost. Lost Mode will:

  • Notify you once the AirTag comes back online
  • Allow you to provide a contact number and custom “lost” message
  • Cause the AirTag to emit a sound when moved to draw attention to it

To enable Lost Mode:

Airtag Lost Mode
  1. Open the Find My app and go to the Items tab
  2. Select the offline AirTag from the list
  3. Scroll down and tap Enable under Lost Mode
  4. Follow the prompts to enter a contact number and message

Lost Mode crowdsources finding lost AirTags by allowing any iPhone user who comes across it to get in touch with you.

Mark As Lost

For AirTags you suspect may be permanently lost or stolen, you can mark them as lost in the Find My app. This will:

  • Lock the AirTag to your Apple ID to prevent re-pairing
  • Trigger Lost Mode automatically if the AirTag comes back online
  • Show you AirTag’s current or last known location

To mark an AirTag as lost:

  1. In the Find My app, go to the Me tab
  2. Under Help Return Lost Items, turn on Notify When Found
  3. Go to the Items tab and tap the offline AirTag
  4. Select Activate under Mark As Lost

Marking an AirTag as lost is the best way to protect it and stay informed of any location updates in case it’s found.

Contact Apple Support

For AirTags experiencing persistent connectivity issues even after troubleshooting or with potential hardware damage, contact Apple Support.

Methods to reach Apple Support for AirTag help include:

  • Phone: Call 1-800-APL-CARE and ask for AirTag support
  • Chat: Go to the AirTag support page and click Chat now
  • Twitter: Tweet @AppleSupport and DM your issue
  • In-person: Make an appointment at a local Apple Store Genius Bar

An Apple advisor can provide further diagnostics and if needed, arrange an AirTag repair or replacement.

Tips to Avoid Future “AirTag Not Reachable” Problems

Airtag's Battery

Once you’ve got your AirTag reconnected and updating in Find My, follow these best practices to minimize future connectivity disruptions:

  • Replace battery proactively – Set a reminder to swap in a fresh battery every 10-12 months before the AirTag dies and drops offline.
  • Keep iOS and apps updated – Enable automatic updates for iOS and the Find My app to ensure the latest performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Pair AirTag with a family member’s device – If your own iPhone has recurring issues, try sharing the AirTag with a partner or family member for tracking redundancy.
  • Avoid signal interference – Don’t place the AirTag near other electronics that could jam the Bluetooth signal. Minimize obstructions when possible.
  • Stay within Bluetooth range – The “not reachable” error is often simply due to the AirTag being too far. Be mindful of the AirTag’s location and its accuracy and keep within 30 feet.

While the occasional connection failure may be inevitable, proactive battery replacement, software updates, and proper placement can greatly reduce “AirTag not reachable” errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Find My say my AirTag is not reachable?

The Find My app will show “not reachable” when your iPhone is unable to connect to the AirTag via Bluetooth. This is most often because the AirTag is out of the 30 foot Bluetooth range, but can also be due to a dead battery, signal interference, or software bugs.

How do I get my AirTag to reconnect?

To get an unreachable AirTag to reconnect, first move closer to its last known location. If still not connecting, toggle Bluetooth off and on, restart your iPhone, check for updates, and as a last resort reset network settings. Replacing the AirTag battery can also help.

Can you track an AirTag that is not reachable?

You cannot actively track an AirTag while it is not reachable, as no location updates will occur until it reconnects to an iPhone. However, enabling Lost Mode or marking the AirTag as lost will alert you if it comes back online and allow others who find it to contact you.

Do AirTags work when out of Bluetooth range?

AirTags do not update their location or allow interactions like playing a sound when outside of Bluetooth range (about 30 feet). But they can still be found by other nearby iPhone users in Lost Mode, or will update their location in the Find My app once back in range.

Why can’t my iPhone connect to my AirTag?

Common reasons why an iPhone can’t connect to an AirTag include the AirTag being too far away, a drained AirTag battery, objects blocking the Bluetooth signal, and temporary software bugs. Walking closer, replacing the battery, and restarting the iPhone typically resolve this.

Key Takeaways

  • The “AirTag not reachable” error appears when an iPhone can’t establish a Bluetooth connection with an AirTag, usually because it’s out of the 30 foot range.
  • Other causes include low AirTag battery, signal interference, software glitches, improper setup, and hardware damage.
  • To troubleshoot, move closer to the AirTag, remove obstructions, check battery level, restart iPhone, update iOS and Find My, and if needed reset network settings.
  • If an AirTag remains unreachable, use Lost Mode, mark it as lost, and contact Apple Support for additional help.
  • Avoid future “not reachable” errors by replacing the battery annually, keeping iOS updated, limiting interference, and staying in Bluetooth range.

With these tips and techniques, you’re well-equipped to understand, troubleshoot, and prevent the “AirTag not reachable, move around to connect” error. So you can keep your AirTags online, up-to-date, and ready to locate your valuables whenever needed.

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