Normest Wallet Review – Why This Store is a Complete Scam

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Normest Airtag Wallet Review

Normest wallet recently started popping up in ads and seemed like an appealing minimalist wallet with good features. However, further research revealed Normest operates through deceptive marketing and sells low quality products. I do not recommend purchasing from Normest – read this review to understand why it is an untrustworthy company and store to avoid.

Overview of Normest Wallet Brand

Normest wallet began advertising on social media in 2022 offering “innovative” slim wallets, phone cases and other accessories. The site sells a variety of men’s and women’s wallets with RFID blocking, pull tabs and AirTag holders. Prices range from $20 for a basic card holder up to $100+ for premium “carbon fiber” wallets.

Normest Wallet Brand

At first glance, the branding and photography appear well-designed and high end. However, looking closer it becomes clear Normest lacks authenticity and sells cheap quality products not worth the premium prices.

Normest is a Rebrand of the Nimalist Scam Store

Digging into Normest, it immediately seemed familiar – the products and branding looked identical to a shady company called Nimalist Store I previously exposed as a complete scam in this review last year.

Nimalist originally gained popularity through influencer promos on Instagram and TikTok. But customers soon realized the quality did not match the marketing and many felt ripped off.

It appears Normest is a complete rebrand by the same owners to distance themselves from Nimalist’s terrible reputation. Nearly everything has been copied over – the product lineup, site design, About Us page, and more are virtually identical just under a new name.

This type of bait and switch rebranding is a deceptive tactic used by shady companies once the truth about their scam gets out. The fact that Normest seems to be run by the same people makes it just as untrustworthy in my view.

Low Quality Products Sold at High Prices

The main complaint about Nimalist was receiving cheaply made products that did not justify the premium prices. Reviewers on YouTube and Reddit found the quality subpar and materials such as “carbon fiber” were fake.

For example, one YouTuber ordered a carbon fiber AirTag wallet from Normest but found it was simply plastic painted to look like carbon fiber.

Customers also report the overall construction feels flimsy and loose. The wallets often arrive bent or scratched right out of cheap packaging.

Based on the photos and videos, I do not believe Normest wallets warrant the high prices. $100+ for these materials and quality seems exaggerated, especially considering their shady background. There are much better quality minimalist wallets on the market, like the Bellroy Slim Wallet which is made of durable leather.

Non-Existent Customer Service

Another common complaint about Normest/Nimalist is extremely poor customer service. Many report emails and refund requests go ignored for weeks or never responded to at all.

Reviews on TrustPilot and other third party sites reinforce the lack of support after the sale. Customers describe horrible experiences trying to get defects fixed or exchanges made.

This seems to be a tactic to avoid taking responsibility for sending low quality products. With no customer service, unhappy buyers have no recourse to correct issues or recover their money. Companies like Tile have much better customer service reputation when issues with their trackers arise.

Deceptive Reviews and Marketing

Normest displays badges claiming 40,000+ 5-star reviews. However, third party review sites tell a very different story. The few independent reviews available are overwhelmingly negative.

This leads me to believe the positive reviews on Normest’s own site are fake or purchased to mislead customers. Displaying what seem to be false reviews is highly unethical. I advise looking at third-party review sites like TrustPilot to get authentic customer feedback.

Key Takeaways: Avoid Normest Wallet

  • Normest is a rebrand of scam wallet company Nimalist Store
  • Products are cheap quality with fake materials yet expensive prices
  • Customer service is non-existent according to owners’ tactics
  • Reviews on Normest site appear fake; independent reviews are negative
  • Marketing materials and content stolen from other brands

I cannot recommend ever purchasing from Normest wallet based on these deceptive business practices and scam warnings. You will very likely receive poor quality items and be stuck when problems arise.

Instead for a lost wallet finder, I suggest a reliable Bluetooth or GPS tracker wallet or wallet finder locator from a reputable brand. These make sure you can easily find a lost wallet.

Here are a few quality minimalist wallets I recommend over Normest:

Ekster offers better RFID blocking through its aluminum plating compared to Normest’s poor quality materials. I’ve tested Ekster wallets and found their RFID security works well based on my research into AirTags vs RFID blocking.

FAQ About Normest Wallet

Is Normest wallet really just Nimalist rebranded?

Yes, extensive evidence indicates Normest is run by the same people as known scam company Nimalist Store. They created a new brand name to distance themselves from negative reviews.

What payment methods does Normest accept?

Normest accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. I advise avoiding purchase altogether.

Does Normest offer free shipping?

They claim to offer free worldwide shipping. However, the hidden costs and hassles getting defunct products replaced make it not worthwhile.

Can I get a refund from Normest if I’m not satisfied?

It appears extremely difficult if not impossible to get refunds based on lack of customer service. Many report emails ignored and no returns accepted.

Are the carbon fiber Normest wallets real carbon fiber?

No, reviews reveal the “carbon fiber” is a plastic shell made to look like carbon fiber, not real composite material.


In summary, based on the available evidence, Normest appears to be an untrustworthy rebrand of previous scam company Nimalist. I advise avoiding purchase from them for low-quality, overpriced products and nonexistent customer service if issues arise.

Instead, go with well-reviewed minimalist wallet brands like Bellroy and Ekster. Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any experience with Normest wallet!

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