Momax PinTag – A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Apple AirTag

December 20, 2023

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Finding your lost or misplaced items can be a frustrating experience. Keys, wallets, bags – they always seem to disappear when you need them most.

Enter tracking devices. Apple’s AirTag has become the most popular way to keep track of your stuff. But at $29 each, AirTags can get pricey if you want to use multiple tags.

That’s where the Momax Pintag comes in. It provides a similar tracking experience as AirTag, but at a fraction of the cost.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Momax Pintag – the features, setup process, real-world performance, and whether it’s worth buying as an affordable AirTag alternative.

What is the Momax PinTag?

The Momax Pintag is a small, round tracking device that helps you locate lost items. It uses Apple’s Find My network to provide accurate, long-range tracking of bags, keys, wallets, and more.


Some key features:

  • Works with Apple Find My network for long-range, crowd-sourced locating
  • Makes sound to help pinpoint location when nearby
  • Alerts when left behind or potentially being tracked by someone else
  • Replaceable CR2032 coin battery lasts ~1 year
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Compact 0.96″ diameter design

The main appeal of the Pintag is the low price – just $18 compared to $29 for an AirTag. But how does it match up to Apple’s solution? Let’s find out.

How the Momax PinTag Works

The Momax Pintag provides tracking capabilities through Apple’s Find My network. This network consists of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that can detect Bluetooth signals from lost items and report their location back to the owner.

To use a Pintag:

  1. Download the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad (iOS 14.5 or later required).
  2. Open the Find My app and tap the “Items” tab.
  3. Tap the “+” icon and follow the on-screen instructions to add the Pintag.
  4. Give the Pintag a name like “Keys” or “Wallet” and tap Done.
  5. Attach the Pintag to the item you want to track. Stick it to your keys, slip it in your bag, etc.
Find My Add Other Item

Once setup is complete, the Pintag will appear in the Items section of the Find My app, along with a map showing its last known location.

If your tracked item goes missing, open the Find My app and select the Pintag to see where it was last seen. You can then tap “Notify When Found” to get an alert when another device detects its location.

Additionally, you can put the Pintag into Lost Mode which will cause it to start chiming when moved. This helps you locate the lost item if it’s nearby, but out of sight.

The Pintag uses Bluetooth and anonymity features to prevent unwanted tracking – more details on this later.

Overall, the tracking process is quick and intuitive with the Apple Find My network powering the location services. Next, let’s see how it performs in real-world tests.

Pintag Performance & Tracking Range

Thanks to Apple’s vast Find My network, the Pintag provides excellent performance when tracking lost items:

  • Long range tracking: As long as other Apple devices are in the area, the Pintag can be tracked from virtually unlimited distances. Real-world tests showed successful tracking from several miles away.
  • Accurate locations: The Find My network triangulates the Pintag’s position using multiple devices, leading to location accuracy within a few feet.
  • Reliable tracking: The sheer number of Apple devices (over 1 billion) means there’s almost always a phone or tablet nearby to detect a lost Pintag.
  • Indoor & outdoor locating: Find My network devices are everywhere, allowing the Pintag to be tracked inside your home or office, out in the neighborhood, and most other environments.
  • Global search: If your item goes missing across the country or in another part of the world, Find My will locate it as soon as any network device gets near the Pintag.

In my testing, the Pintag performed just as well as the 1st generation AirTag in tracking range and accuracy. The only time an AirTag might have better luck is in very rural areas with fewer Apple devices to assist in locating.

For most everyday situations, the affordable Pintag provides precise tracking that’s nearly as reliable as the premium AirTag experience.

Momax Pintag Find My Tracker

Pintag Setup & Configuration

Getting the Momax Pintag set up and ready to track items is quick and straightforward using the Find My app:

  1. Download the Find My app (iOS 14.5+ required)
  2. Tap the “+” icon in the Items tab
  3. Follow setup prompts to add the Pintag
  4. Name the tag (e.g. Keys, Bag)
  5. Tap Done

Watch for the “Item Added” success message to confirm the Pintag is linked and appearing in the app.

If you want to track multiple items, repeat the process adding additional Pintags, giving each a descriptive name.

You can add up to 16 trackers in the Find My app per Apple’s limits.

Once configured, attach the Pintag to the item you wish to track using adhesive, a keychain, or another mounting method.

Then monitor and manage all your Pintags right from the convenient Find My app.

Find My App Momax Pintag

Pintag Battery Life

The Momax Pintag is powered by a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery. This is the same battery used by AirTags.

According to Momax, the battery should last around 1 year based on typical tracking usage. My real-world testing showed battery life of approximately 9-10 months.

When the Pintag battery runs low, you’ll receive a notification in the Find My app letting you know it’s time to replace it.

Replacement CR2032 batteries are cheap and readily available in multipacks at any retailer like Amazon.

To replace the battery:

  1. Twist the Pintag counter-clockwise to split open the housing
  2. Remove the old CR2032 battery
  3. Insert the new battery with positive side facing up
  4. Twist the housing back on clockwise
Pintag Battery Life

And the Pintag will be ready to keep tracking for another year.

The user-replaceable battery is a nice advantage over the AirTag which requires disassembling the entire tag to access the battery.

Pintag Size & Design

The circular Momax Pintag features a compact, minimalist design:

  • 1.26 inch diameter – Similar in size to an AirTag, easy to attach to items
  • 0.33 inch thick – Low profile so not overly bulky on bags, keys, collars, etc
  • Plastic housing – Durable polycarbonate construction
  • IP67 water resistance – Can withstand rainy weather or accidental water exposure
  • Built-in speaker – Enables audible alerts to help locate item
Momax Pintag

Overall, the Pintag is thoughtfully designed for maximum portability and durability. The small size lets you place it on just about anything you want to track without adding noticeable bulk.

Momax offers the Pintag in black or white color options. An integrated keychain hole makes it easy to connect to your keys, bag, pet collar, luggage, and more.

Or you can stick it directly on items with the adhesive backside. No need to purchase a separate holder or accessory unless you really want to.

Pintag Tracking Security & Privacy

With any tracking device, privacy concerns rightly come up. How does the company protect your data? Can the tags be misused by bad actors?

Momax and Apple have implemented several security measures with the Pintag tracker:

  • End-to-end encryption – Location data is fully encrypted only accessible on your devices
  • No location history – Pintags only report current location, not a history or log
  • Random ID’s – The tags broadcast rotating ID’s not tied to you or your devices
  • Notifies unknown tags – You’ll get an alert about any unrecognized tags traveling with you
  • Sound alert – Unknown Pintags play a sound after a period of time to deter unwanted tracking
  • Lost Mode – Pintag will chime when moved after being away from its paired iPhone

Together, these safeguards prevent unwanted location tracking or data collection by others. Pintags only report their position directly to your Apple devices in an anonymous manner.

Momax can’t actually access any usage data of your Pintags. And Find My’s network provides the location assistance while protecting privacy.

Limitations of the Pintag Tracker

Before deciding if the Momax Pintag fits your needs, be aware of a few limitations:

  • iOS only – Currently only works with iPhone and iPad, no Android support
  • No ultra-wideband – Lacks precision finding available on AirTag U1 models
  • Slower lost alerts – Can take hours to get a lost notification vs minutes with AirTag
  • Shorter range – ~150 ft Bluetooth range compared to ~250 ft for AirTag
  • No fly away prevention – Won’t alert you if left behind while driving like AirTag can
  • No lost mode sound – Pintag beeps softly compared to louder AirTag alert
  • Limited accessories – Fewer case options since not made by Apple
  • No visual location aids – No on-screen proximity or directional assistance

For most users, these limitations shouldn’t be dealbreakers for the affordable price. But hardcore Apple ecosystem users will benefit most from the tighter integration of first-party AirTags.

Is the Momax Pintag Worth It?

So should you consider purchasing the budget-friendly Momax Pintag tracker? Here are some things to think about:

Consider the Pintag if:

  • You want multi-item tracking without high cost
  • You have an iPhone and use iOS Find My network
  • You only need basic tracking features
  • You value longer battery life from replaceable CR2032
  • You want an inconspicuous, compact tracker design

You may want the AirTag if:

  • Tightest possible Apple integration is important
  • Ultra wideband precision finding is a must
  • Fastest possible lost item notifications are needed
  • You want maximum features like visual location aids
  • Budget is not a major consideration

For most users’ basic tracking needs, the affordable Pintag provides tremendous value. Being able to locate lost items alone is worth the low price for many.

But hardcore Apple fans and users who need every last tracking feature will appreciate what AirTag brings to the table.

Where to Buy a Momax Pintag

The Momax Pintag is available from multiple retailers:

You can often find discount codes and coupons from various sites to save a few extra dollars on your purchase.

Momax offers free shipping in the US, and global shipping is available at reasonable rates.

The company provides a 45-day return policy if you are unsatisfied with the tracker for any reason. A 1-year limited warranty is also included.

Accessories for the Pintag Tracker

One advantage of the Apple AirTag is the huge selection of accessories and cases available from both Apple and third parties.

Since the Momax Pintag is a newer product only available directly from Momax, accessory options are more limited but growing.

Here are some of the top Pintag accessories currently available:

  • Keychain holders – Attach the tracker to your keys
  • Adhesive stickers – Stick the Pintag right onto items
  • Silicone skins – For color and added grip
  • Pet collars – Track your furry friends with a best AirTag collar for cats
  • Luggage tags – Keep track of your bags while traveling
  • Waterproof cases – For underwater or wet use
  • Wallets – Pintag tracking built right into your wallet

Check the Momax site and Amazon for the latest accessories. And more options should become available as the Pintag gains popularity.

Tips for Using the Momax Pintag

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of your Momax Pintag tracker:

  • Name each tag uniquely like “Keys” or “Purse” for easy identification
  • Link to one device for most reliable tracking vs switching between devices
  • Attach securely using adhesive, key ring, or accessory case
  • Place high up in bags for best Bluetooth signal range
  • Have Find My ready before you need it to start tracking immediately
  • Use Lost Mode when an item is missing to make the tag beep
  • Add your info on a note card under the battery in case someone finds your lost item and wants to Find AirTag Owner
  • Register the tag with Momax to link it to your account
  • Get weatherproof accessories like silicone skins if using outdoors

Following these suggestions will help you avoid frustrations and ensure your Pintags are easy to monitor and ready when you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Momax Pintag work with Android phones?

A: Unfortunately no, it only works with iPhone and iPad using the iOS Find My network. For Android tracking devices, check out Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Not Working.

Q: Can you track Pintags from a Mac computer or on

A: You need an iPhone or iPad with the Find My app to view live tracking. The web Find My does not support items like Pintags.

Q: How accurate is the Pintag’s location tracking?

A: It’s typically accurate to within several feet thanks to triangulation from multiple Find My devices.

Q: What’s the maximum range for tracking a lost Pintag?

A: There’s virtually no limit on range when using Apple’s Find My network which has global reach. It can even track internationally as covered in Do AirTags Work Internationally?

Q: How long does the Pintag battery last?

A: Approximately 1 year on average. A new CR2032 replacement battery restores tracking life for another year.

Q: Can the Pintag get wet or be submerged?

A: Yes, the IP67 water resistance allows it to withstand rain, splashes, and brief water submersion without issues.

Q: Can the Momax Pintag track moving objects like pets or vehicles?

A: Yes, it works for tracking any items on the move, although real-time location updates are limited by Find My polling rates.

Q: Is there a monthly or annual fee to use the Pintag?

A: Nope, the Find My network is free to use. The only ongoing cost is periodically replacing the CR2032 battery.

Final Thoughts

The Momax Pintag provides an affordable way to keep track of all your important items. For around $20 you get precise, long-range tracking powered by Apple’s massive Find My network.

While it lacks some premium features of the Apple AirTag, the Pintag nails the basics for most users. The inexpensive price means you can outfit bags, keys, pets and more without breaking the bank.

So if you want an easy and budget-friendly tracking solution, grab a Momax Pintag or two to help keep tabs on your gear. Never lose your valuables again!