The Ultimate Guide to Milwaukee TICK vs Tile Trackers

April 16, 2024

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Whether you’re a contractor or DIYer, keeping track of your tools is critical. Losing equipment can cost thousands in replacements and lost productivity. That’s why Bluetooth trackers like Milwaukee TICK and Tile have become so popular.

How Bluetooth Trackers Help You Find Lost Tools

Bluetooth trackers attach to your gear and connect to a smartphone app. If anything goes missing, you use the app to ring the tracker or check its last known location. Leading options include:

  • Milwaukee TICK – Rugged, long-lasting tracker made for professional job site use. Syncs to Milwaukee’s One-Key app.
  • Tile Trackers – Consumer-oriented tags focused more on small valuables than tools. Widely compatible app.

Keep reading to learn how Milwaukee TICK and Tile tracking tags stack up across critical categories like durability, battery life, range and more.

Milwaukee TICK vs Tile Comparison Chart

FeatureMilwaukee TICKTile Mate
Battery Life1 year1 year
Waterproof RatingIP67IP67
Tracking Range100ft150ft-260ft
Alert Volume90+ dB SPL @ 10 cm89 dB SPL @ 10 cm
Size1.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 in1.4 x 1.4 x 0.24 in
AttachmentScrew lockAdhesive
Subscription FeeNoNo

Durability and Construction

Most critical factor for contractors is durability. TICK built to survive repeated drops on concrete, submersion in water, vibration from heavy machinery.

  • Screw-lock backing adheres firmly compared to adhesive tiles
  • Withstands extreme hot & cold temps
  • Job site tough housing and waterproofing (IP67 rating)
Milwaukee Tick Durability

Tile more focused on portability than hardcore resilience. Fine for DIYers but won’t take continual abuse.

Tracking Range

Longer Bluetooth range allows tracking missing tools from farther away:

  • TICK: ~100 foot range
  • Tile: 60ft for Mate, 150ft for Pro, 260ft for Ultra

Tile Ultra has advantage for large range. But need subscription for enhanced finding features.

Battery Life

Both TICK and Tile claim 1 year average battery span. But Tile offers replaceable CR1632 batteries, while TICK sealed internal battery.

Milwaukee Tick Battery
Milwaukee TICK
Tile Mate Battery
Tile Mate

Replacement Tile batteries ~$5 for a 4 pack. Can be swapped in a few seconds. More economical long term.

Alert Volume

Onboard speakers allow ringing missing devices. Volume can impact audibility:

  • TICK: 90+ dB SPL @ 10 cm
  • Tile: 89 dB SPL @ 10 cm

Very minor volume advantage to TICK. Should be loud enough to hear in most environments either way.


Diminutive size important for portability and discreet attachment.

  • TICK: 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 in
Milwaukee Tick
Milwaukee TICK
  • Tile Mate: 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.24 in
Tile Trackers
Tile Mate

Tile Mate slightly more compact. TICK still small enough for most applications.

Attachment Methods

  • TICK secured by stainless screw lock – won’t budge even if dropped from heights
Milwaukee Tick Attachment Methods
  • Tile uses strong 3M adhesive backing for semi-permanent adhesion

Screw lock prevents accidental detachments better for highly vibrating outdoor gear. Adhesive simpler for occasional indoor use.

Subscription Plans

  • No subscription needed for basic TICK or Tile tracking features
  • Tile offers premium plan with enhanced finding tools for $30-100 per year
  • TICK includes full capabilities in free Milwaukee One-Key app

Milwaukee TICK provides core utility without ongoing fees. Tile subscriptions add convenience for power users.

Bluetooth Network Range

Wider network allows for tracking beyond your phone’s Bluetooth range.

  • TICK: Tap into Milwaukee’s large contractor user base
  • Tile: Connects with millions of Tiles and Android/iOS devices globally
Tile App

Larger Tile crowd-sourced network has advantage for lost tools away from your main workplace.

Where Milwaukee TICK Excels

Ideal for contractors who want maximum physical resilience to survive job site punishment. Simple Bluetooth connectivity to other Milwaukee One-Key tools is a plus.

Economical long term since no subscription or battery replacement fees. Reliable performance.

Where Tile Trackers Excel

Wider crowd-sourced network increases chances of tracking down tools left on distant job sites where few Milwaukee users may travel.

Replacable batteries avoid need to replace whole device when power runs low.

Premium plan extra features like smart alerts when separated from tools and unlimited sharing make Tile better for power users.

If you’re considering Apple AirTags, compare AirTag vs Milwaukee TICK across critical areas like durability, battery life and tracking range before deciding.

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Key Takeaways

  • For contractors, Milwaukee TICK the more rugged, long-lasting choice
  • For DIYers/home users, Tile provides greater style and extra features
  • Both provide adequate tracking utility for basic Bluetooth item finding
  • TICK optimized for attaching securely to gear that takes heavy abuse
  • Tile better for small electronics, bags, etc. that stay indoors

Milwaukee TICK vs Tile FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about Milwaukee and Tile trackers below:

What are the main differences between Tile vs Milwaukee TICK?

The core differences are Milwaukee TICK was purpose-built for rugged job site use with reinforced housing, while Tile focuses more on flexible home/office tracking. TICK relies on Milwaukee’s user network to locate tags out of Bluetooth range, while Tile taps into a wider global network.

Which Bluetooth tracker has the longest range?

The Tile Ultra has the longest maximum Bluetooth range at 260 feet, while the Milwaukee TICK maintains connectivity up to 100 feet. Standard Tile Mate range is 150 feet. Long range helps track down lost items that wander farther away.

Can you replace the battery in a TICK tracker?

No, the TICK has an internal, non-removable battery sealed inside. By contrast, all Tile models use replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries that retail for around $5 per 4-pack. Replacing batteries allows Tiles to keep working longer term.

Is there a subscription fee for using Milwaukee TICK or Tile item trackers?

The basic functionality of both devices work without any subscription. However, Tile does offer premium subscription plans that add more features like smart alerts, unlimited sharing of devices, and proactive location tracking for $30-100 per year. TICK features included.

Which is more durable and waterproof?

The TICK is engineered to withstand excessive drops, vibration, moisture and extreme temperatures. It achieves an IP67 rating for water/dust protection and the housing is puncture/solvent-resistant. Tiles are splash-proof but not made for continual outdoor exposure and abuse.

Can Milwaukee TICK and Tile both connect to Androids?

Yes, TICK, Tile Mate, Tile Pro and Tile Ultra all work with compatible Android smartphones running OS 8.1 or later. You simply install either the Tile app or Milwaukee One-Key app to activate and use the Bluetooth trackers.

The Bottom Line

Tile and Milwaukee tick trackers both serve well for basic Bluetooth tracking needs. TICK excels for continually harsh job site conditions. Tile better styled for indoor home and office use.

Make your choice based on the degree of durability required and intended operating environments. For contractors needing maximum ruggedness and job site tracking, TICK is the leader.