The Complete Guide to AirTag Drone Mounts

March 6, 2024

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Track and protect your drone investment with a custom AirTag drone mount.

Losing a drone can be heartbreaking, not to mention expensive! Equipping your drone with an Apple AirTag and a secure, custom-fit mount gives you the best possible chance of recovering it if anything goes wrong during flight.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, from choosing the right mount and installing it properly to using the AirTag system effectively so you can find a lost drone in minutes, even when it’s miles away.

AirTag Drone Mount Benefits

Adding an AirTag mount and tracker to your drone provides essential protection in case of crashes, fly-aways, or post-flight theft. Benefits include:

  • Recovery assistance – If your drone ends up stuck in a tree, dropped in water, or flown out of range, finding it again can be extremely difficult without tracking. AirTags enable accurate location monitoring through Apple’s global network of hundreds of millions of devices.
  • Theft deterrence – Outfitting your drone with a tracking device can discourage theft if someone knows it’s traceable. AirTags even have a built-in speaker to emit sounds for help locating it.
  • Crash analysis – Retracing the flight path and final location after a drone crash can provide helpful clues to diagnose issues.
  • Insurance proof – Some drone insurance providers may require or encourage tracking devices. Documenting loss with an AirTag’s location history provides verification.
  • Drone security – Knowing precisely where your drone is at all times reduces opportunities for unauthorized use or flight in unsafe areas.

Installing a reliable AirTag mount suited for your specific drone model keeps your tracker securely attached even in rough crashes or weather conditions.

Choosing the Right AirTag Mount

Choosing an improperly designed or low quality AirTag drone mount can lead to losing both your tracker and drone if it fails mid-flight. Consider these key factors:

  • Mounting method – Adhesive mounts provide quick installation but may not handle rigorous use over time. Durable screwed or strapped mounts better withstand vibration and crashes.
  • Weight – A heavier mount adds unnecessary payload bulk and flight performance reductions. Light, micro-sized mounts under 5 grams are ideal.
  • Drone compatibility – Many mounts are made specifically for popular models like the DJI Mini 3, Mavic Air 2, or FIMI X8 to ensure perfect fit and positioning.
  • Material – Sturdy mounts are precision-made from durable plastics like ABS, silicone, or carbon fiber instead of cheaper materials prone to breaking.
Airtag Drone Mounts

Reputable brands designing mounts exclusively for drones typically offer better reliability than universal holders. Measure carefully or ask the manufacturer if unsure whether a mount will properly fit your quadcopter.

Best AirTag Drone Mounts

With drones varying so widely in size, shape, and design, choosing the right mount for your model ensures secure AirTag installation and positioning. Here are top recommendations:

DJI Mavic Mounts

  • Skystick Mini – Precision CNC aluminum alloy mount for Mavic line with sturdy adhesive.
  • KUUQA – For the Mavic Mini, this stick-on lightweight plastic mount has anti-drop tether.

FIMI Mounts

  • GUEYE – Screw-based polycarbonate bracket tailored for the FIMI X8 and A3 drones.

Autel Robotics Mounts

  • Aerb – 3D printed nano drone tag holder perfectly suited for the EVO Nano series.

General Mounts

  • Geyue – Universal silicone AirTag holder works for mini quads under 250g like Snaptain, Potensic.

Installing Your AirTag Mount

Once you select an appropriate AirTag drone mount for your model, install it by following the included directions closely. Key tips:

  • Clean drone surfaces thoroughly before applying adhesive mounts for maximum bonding strength.
  • Ensure screws are tightened securely but not overtightened on screw-based mounts.
  • Check that straps threaded through slots hold the mount firmly in alignment without slipping.
  • Attach any included tethers as a secondary safeguard against dislodgement.

Be sure to pressure test the integrity by gently tugging on the mount from multiple angles after installation.

Mounting Locations

Common drone mounting areas for AirTag holders include:

  • Landing gear legs
  • Inner top frame
  • Upper shell indentations
  • Undercarriage bays
  • Front accessory bay

Avoid positioning the mount where it could contact spinning propellers, obstruct sensors or cameras, interfere with moving components, or significantly offset balance when loaded with the AirTag.

Test fly for any impacts to handling before relying on your tracker setup for recovery assistance.

Pairing With Your AirTag

Before the initial drone flight with your AirTag, you’ll need to pair it with your Apple device for location services connectivity.

  • Ensure you’re running iOS 14.5 or higher on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Power on the AirTag and hold it close to your phone.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to name your AirTag and register it to your iCloud account.
Move Closer To Your Airtag

Once paired, your AirTag will leverage ultra-wideband, Bluetooth, GPS, and cellular to relay its position through the vast Apple device network whenever separated from your phone.

Using AirTag to Find Your Drone

If your drone goes missing either during flight or after landing, having it equipped with an AirTag enables attempting recovery:

  • Open the Find My app immediately after realizing your drone is lost. Recent location info is shown if still in Bluetooth range.
  • Enable Lost Mode to be notified of any detected location updates. The AirTag will play a sound if anyone locates the drone.
  • For longer-range tracing, use the Precision Finding feature with directional arrows and distance estimates as you physically search.
Airtag Find My

An AirTag’s maximum potential tracking distance is hundreds of miles as long as other active Apple devices come within Bluetooth range of it as network relay points. Monitor activity reports in Find My for clues pointing to its recovery prospects.

Tips for Effective AirTag Tracking

Follow these tips for the best chances of tracing and retrieving a lost drone with your mounted AirTag:

  • Maintain an active iCloud account for location syncing and remote lost mode abilities.
  • Install a rugged, vibration-proof AirTag mount to prevent dislodgement.
  • Attach an AirTag tether to the mount as a secondary safeguard.
  • Enable Find My notifications and lost item alerts.
  • Frequently update your paired device’s OS for AirTag functionality improvements.
  • Place an owner contact info sticker on your drone.
  • Register the AirTag with Apple to discourage unwanted tampering.

AirTag Accessories and Mounts

To unlock the full potential of AirTags for winter sports, accessorize with gear-specific mounts and holders:


Do I need an Apple device to use AirTag?

Yes, only Apple iPhone and iPad devices running current iOS versions allow detecting, configuring and tracking paired AirTags. Android phones currently have very limited accessibility.

Can an AirTag be used to actively track in real time?

Not directly. Updates only show after the AirTag comes within Bluetooth range of other networked Apple devices that relay the signals. But location updates typically occur frequently as long as the AirTag remains in circulation.

How is AirTag better than a basic GPS tracker for drones?

Its global crowd-sourced network expands beyond standalone GPS alone for more expansive indoor and outdoor tracing aided by hundreds of millions of foundational relay points.

What happens if someone else finds my lost drone with the AirTag?

If you enable Lost Mode on the AirTag, your registered contact info will display on the finder’s iPhone to arrange returning it. The built-in speaker can also help them pinpoint its location.

Knowing exactly where your drone is located at all times through Apple’s robust AirTag tracking network provides invaluable peace of mind and asset protection for hobbyists and professionals.

Choose a specialized mount for your model and follow these guide’s best practices for keeping tabs on your drone. Then enjoy your flights even more confidently!