Pawfit vs Tractive: Which GPS Pet Tracker is Best for Your Dog?

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Pawfit Vs Tractive

Pet trackers allow owners to monitor their dog’s location and activity, providing peace of mind. As a pet owner and long-time user of GPS trackers, I’ve tested Pawfit and Tractive extensively.

This in-depth comparison of Pawfit and Tractive will help you decide which GPS pet tracker best fits your needs.

Introduction to GPS Pet Trackers

GPS pet trackers are devices attached to your dog’s collar to track their location via smartphone apps. They provide real-time monitoring, activity tracking, geofencing, and more.

Benefits of using a GPS pet tracker:

  • Peace of mind knowing your dog’s location
  • Find lost dogs faster
  • Ensure dogs don’t escape your property
  • Monitor daily activity and fitness
  • Use as a training aid

Key factors when choosing a GPS tracker:

  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Range and connectivity
  • Battery life
  • Activity monitoring features
  • Durability and waterproofing
  • Cost and required subscription plans

Both Pawfit and Tractive offer excellent pet trackers, but there are some key differences between these two brands.

Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker Overview


Pawfit GPS trackers are designed and marketed by Latsen Technology, a company focused on pet care technology.

The Pawfit pet tracker prioritizes real-time tracking, activity monitoring, safety features, and affordability.

Key Features

  • Real-time GPS tracking updates every 5 seconds
  • Activity and fitness monitoring
  • Temperature alerts if abnormal
  • Geofencing and escape alerts
  • Lost pet recovery tools like lights and audio
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The Pawfit 3 is the latest version, building on popular features of the Pawfit 2 with upgrades like:

  • 4G connectivity
  • Separate tracking light
  • Remote shutdown capability
  • IP68 waterproof rating

What Owners Like

  • Affordable price
  • Very accurate and reliable tracking
  • Long 6 day battery life
  • Easy to use app
  • Advanced safety features like temperature alerts


  • Requires paid subscription plan
  • Lacks some training features
  • Not as slimline as some trackers

Pawfit is ideal for owners prioritizing accurate real-time tracking and safety features. The affordable price point and long battery life make it accessible for most pet owners.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Overview


Tractive GPS trackers are designed by an Austria-based company focused on pet wearables and apps.

The Tractive pet tracker emphasizes real-time tracking, activity monitoring, training capabilities, and an attractive, slim design.

Key Features

  • Real-time GPS tracking updates every 2-3 seconds
  • Virtual fences with custom safe zones
  • Activity and health monitoring
  • Lightweight, slimline design
  • Works in 150+ countries

What Owners Like

  • Very fast real-time tracking
  • Accurate boundary alerts when leaving safe zones
  • Long 5 day battery life
  • Attractive, compact design
  • Detailed activity metrics and health monitoring


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Mobile app less user-friendly than some
  • Training features like vibration not available in some countries

Tractive GPS is ideal for owners wanting a slim, highly visible tracker with detailed activity metrics. The real-time tracking and virtual fences work excellently. But the higher pricing and app functionality are drawbacks for some owners.

Comparing Pawfit and Tractive GPS Trackers

Now let’s directly compare the key features and capabilities of the Pawfit and Tractive GPS pet trackers.

Tracking Accuracy and Reliability

Pawfit uses advanced GPS and GLONASS positioning for tracking up to 3m accuracy. I’ve found it provides very precise location tracking both indoors and outdoors. The app is very reliable.

Pawfit Gps

Tractive also uses GPS and GLONASS tracking for excellent 2-3m accuracy. The real-time updates every 2-3 seconds are extremely responsive. Overall very accurate and reliable.

Tractive Tracking Features

Safety Alerts and Smart Features

Pawfit has customizable geofencing with escape alerts, temperature alerts if abnormal, and lost pet audio tools. Useful safety features.

Pawfit Escape And Removal Alerts

Tractive allows creating virtual fences for customized safe zones. I like the alerts when my dog leaves the designated safe area. Lacks temperature alerts.

Tractive Geofencing
Tractive Notifications

Activity Tracking and Training Features

Pawfit tracks activity like steps, distance, calories. Simple and useful metrics but lacks training features.

Pawfit Activity

Tractive has the most detailed activity and health metrics. I like the achievements and ability to share progress. Some training features like vibration unavailable in the US.

Tractive Activity

Battery Life

Pawfit battery lasts up to 6 days with average use. The battery saver mode can extend it to 15 days making it excellent for multi-day hikes and camping trips.

Pawfit Battery Life

Tractive battery lasts up to 5 days with average use and 2 days with heavy real-time tracking usage. Respectable but can’t match Pawfit’s battery optimization.

Durability and Waterproofing

Pawfit has the highest IP68 waterproof rating making it fully submersible and durable. I’ve found it withstands all weather and rough play.

Pawfit Waterproofing

Tractive is IPX7 waterproof, not quite fully submersible but can resist heavy rain and splashes with no problem. Impact resistant shell.

Tractive Waterproof

Size and Design

Pawfit design is modeled after a paw print and comes in 3 color options. It’s relatively lightweight but slightly bulkier than some slimline trackers.

Tractive has a rounded square design and comes in more stylish colors including a Swarovski crystal embellished option. Very lightweight and slimline.

Cost and Subscription Plans

Pawfit device starts at $54.99. Subscription plans start at $3.59/month paid annually. There’s also a basic plan with fewer features for $2.99/month.

Tractive device starts at $79.99. Subscription plans start at $4.58/month paid annually for basic and go up to $5.42/month for premium.

Pawfit offers better value especially for the longer battery life and robust features. But Tractive offers more design options and premium features if you want the Cadillac plan.

Key Takeaways: Pawfit vs Tractive

  • Both Pawfit and Tractive offer accurate real-time GPS tracking with excellent smartphone apps.
  • Pawfit battery lasts 1-2 days longer than Tractive thanks to battery saving modes.
  • Pawfit has more useful safety alerts like temperature monitoring and lost pet audio tools.
  • Tractive offers more detailed activity metrics and premium training options in some countries.
  • Pawfit costs less upfront and offers more affordable subscription plans.
  • Tractive GPS has a more stylish, slimline lightweight design.

Which Is the Right GPS Tracker for Your Dog?

Choose Pawfit If:

  • You want maximum battery life for multi-day adventures
  • Safety features like temperature alerts are important
  • You prefer affordable upfront and subscription costs
  • An IP68 fully waterproof design is needed
Pawfit App

Choose Tractive If:

  • Stylish design and ultra-slim tracker is preferred
  • You want premium activity metrics and training features
  • Fast 2-3 second real-time tracking is crucial
  • Your dog spends time in multiple countries
Tractive's App

Both Pawfit and Tractive offer excellent real-time GPS pet trackers. For most owners, the extended battery life, safety alerts, affordable pricing, and waterproofing of the Pawfit GPS pet tracker make it the best overall choice.

But Tractive is ideal for owners wanting premium training capabilities and the most stylish design. Assess your needs and priorities to determine the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Pawfit tracker work without the phone app?

No, the Pawfit tracker needs to connect to the smartphone app to provide location updates, activity tracking, and safety alerts. It does not work as a standalone device.

Can the Tractive tracker be used on cats?

The Tractive tracker can technically be used on cats but is designed for dogs over 9.9 lbs. Very small cats may find the tracker too large and heavy. There are better cat GPS trackers.

How long does the Pawfit battery last on average?

With average daily use not constantly pinging it, the Pawfit battery lasts 5-6 days typically. Heavy real-time tracking usage reduces it to 2-3 days. The battery saver can extend to 15 days idle.

What size dogs can use Tractive and Pawfit?

Tractive recommends dogs over 9.9 lbs. Pawfit can accommodate dogs of any size but may look bulky on teacup and toy breeds. Very large dogs require an extra large collar size.

Do these trackers work worldwide?

Both trackers work in most countries worldwide when connected to cellular data or WiFi. Remote areas without data connectivity may be limited. Tractive supports slightly more international mobile bands.

The Bottom Line

Investing in a GPS pet tracker like Pawfit or Tractive gives dog owners peace of mind and provides insights into their dog’s activity and health.

For most owners, I recommend the Pawfit GPS pet tracker as the best overall choice thanks to its long battery life, safety alerts, waterproof design, and affordability.

But Tractive is also an excellent option for owners wanting premium activity metrics and training features or a slimline, stylish tracker.

Whichever model you choose, a high-quality GPS pet tracker should be an essential tool to keep your dog happy, healthy and safe during all of life’s adventures.

Looking for a GPS tracker with no monthly fees? The AirTag is a popular lower-cost alternative.

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