The Ultimate Guide to Passport Holders with AirTag

October 27, 2023

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Traveling internationally can be stressful enough without having to worry about misplacing your passport. That’s why more and more travelers are investing in passport holders with built-in AirTag slots.

AirTag are Apple‘s tracking devices that leverage the Find My network. When synced with your iPhone, AirTag allow you to locate lost items using Precision Finding and also display the item’s last known location on a map.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about passport holders with AirTag slots, including:

Benefits of Using a Passport Holder with AirTag

Benefits Of Using A Passport Holder With Airtag

There are several key benefits to using a passport holder with a built-in AirTag slot:

  • Locate Your Passport Quickly if Lost – If your passport holder gets misplaced or stolen, having an AirTag makes it easy to find using your iPhone. Instead of panicking or having to replace your passport at the last minute, you can locate it in seconds.
  • Track Your Passport’s Location – AirTag allow you to view your passport’s last known location on a map. This is useful if you accidentally leave it behind and need to retrace your steps.
  • Get Notified When Separated – Your iPhone can alert you if you become separated from your passport holder/AirTag so you don’t accidentally leave it behind.
  • Use Precision Finding – AirTag have a Precision Finding feature that uses visual, haptic, and audible cues to lead you directly to your passport’s exact location.
  • Global Finding Network – Even if your passport holder gets lost halfway around the world, Apple’s vast Find My network with millions of devices can help pinpoint its location.
  • Peace of Mind When Traveling – Knowing you can easily find your passport anytime gives you much greater peace of mind when traveling abroad. It’s one less thing to stress over!

Features to Look for in an AirTag Passport Holder

When selecting an AirTag passport holder, here are some key features that it should have:

  • RFID-Blocking Material– Your passport holder should be made of material that blocks RFID signals to protect your personal information stored on passport RFID chips from skimming. This prevents identity theft and fraud.
  • Tighter AirTag Fit – The AirTag slot/pocket should hold the AirTag snugly to keep it securely in place. Some loose slots allow the AirTag to fall out and get lost.
  • Durable Exterior – Look for passport holders constructed out of leather, hard plastic, aluminum, or other durable materials that can withstand the rigors of frequent travel.
  • Storage for Documents, Cards, and Cash – A good passport holder will have space to store your passport, boarding passes, multiple credit cards, cash, vaccine cards, and other travel documents neatly organized.
  • Quality Zippers – Zippers should glide smoothly and feel sturdy. Poor quality zippers can break easily.
  • Passport Strap – An elastic strap helps keep your passport in place so it doesn’t fall out accidentally.
  • TSA Compliant – It should be able to lie flat during airport security screening without items falling out.

Based on design, quality, features, and real-world testing, here are my top recommended AirTag passport holders:

1. Xiron Leather Passport Holder with AirTag

The Xiron leather passport holder is my top overall pick. It’s made of premium leather that’s soft yet durable and has RFID-blocking to protect your identity.

I like the integrated AirTag pocket which keeps the tag flush. The high-quality zippers are rust-proof and glide smoothly. It has pockets, slots, and compartments for everything you need when traveling.

The organizer layout allows easy access through airport security. The included strap also keeps your passport locked securely in place so it doesn’t slide out. For an elegant leather passport holder with AirTag tracking, Xiron is my #1 recommendation.


  • Classy full-grain leather
  • Integrated AirTag pocket
  • RFID blocking material
  • Multiple storage slots and pockets


  • Only available in black

2. CASEKOO Aluminum Passport Holder with AirTag

For ultra durability, the CASEKOO aluminum passport holder is a top choice. It’s made of lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy that protects your documents from water damage and the elements.

The AirTag slot is discreetly integrated into the back and keeps the tag in place securely. It features smooth operating zippers and a leather strap to hold your passport in place.

With metal construction being X-ray friendly, it’s ideal for speeding through airport security too. If you want an indestructible passport holder that will last for years, CASEKOO is an outstanding option.


  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Discreet AirTag slot
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • TSA compliant design


  • Only available in silver

3. Buffway Slim Minimalist AirTag Leather Passport Holder

For travelers who want a slim, front-pocket friendly passport holder, this Buffway option is fantastic. Despite its compact and slimline design, it has space for your passport, cards, cash, and boarding passes.

The AirTag slots in seamlessly into the back and is held securely. The full-grain leather exterior develops a unique patina over time. It blocks RFID and has durable stitching built to last. If you need a slim leather passport holder with AirTag, Buffway delivers exceptional quality.


  • Ultra slim design
  • Discreet AirTag slot
  • Full-grain leather exterior
  • Multiple card slots


  • Only comes in black and brown

4. Zero Grid RFID Blocking Neoprene Passport Holder with AirTag

For an affordable yet high-quality AirTag passport holder, the Zero Grid neoprene option is a great choice. The soft neoprene fabric is durable and waterproof. The AirTag pocket is discreetly hidden in the back cover.

Despite the slim design, it has plenty of space for documents and pockets for cards and cash. The zipper opens wide for TSA scanning ease. With built-in RFID blocking and 4 colors to choose from, it’s fantastic value.


  • Inexpensive price
  • Soft, waterproof neoprene
  • Multiple color options
  • Discreet AirTag pocket


  • Less luxurious than leather holders

5. Auggies AirTag Leather Passport Holder

If you want a wide range of stylish colors, Auggies makes a quality leather AirTag passport holder available in 10 + colors including reds, blues, and more.

The highly integrated AirTag slot keeps the tracker securely positioned. The inclusion of a luggage strap allows you to attach it your luggage handle too. With soft premium leather construction and a slim design, it’s great for frequent flyers seeking a colorful passport holder.


  • Made of soft premium leather
  • Integrated AirTag slot
  • Can be attached to luggage
  • Extensive color/style options


  • Less storage than some holders

Tips for Using Your AirTag Passport Holder

To get the most out of your AirTag passport holder, keep these tips in mind:

  • Pair it with an iPhone 11 model or newer for Precision Finding – The directional finding experience works best with iPhone 11, 12, and 13 models.
  • Update your AirTag’s software – Make sure your AirTag is running the latest firmware for new features.
  • Add your contact info – Engrave your phone number or email on your AirTag in case someone finds it.
  • Use a key ring or lanyard as a backup – Put your AirTag on a key ring or lanyard as a backup in case the holder gets lost or damaged.
  • Bring an extra AirTag – Consider packing an extra AirTag in your checked luggage or carry-on in case your passport holder gets lost or stolen.
  • Set up notifications – Configure your iPhone to notify you immediately if you become separated from the AirTag passport holder.
  • Monitor the battery – Check the Find My app periodically to monitor your AirTag’s battery so you can replace it when needed.
  • Keep your AirTag updated on your location – Mark your passport holder as “left behind” or disable alerts when storing it somewhere to avoid false notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of passport holders have AirTag slots?

You can find passport holders with AirTag slots across a variety of materials including leather, aluminum, plastic, silicone, fabric like neoprene, and more. Leather and aluminum tend to be the most popular and durable options.

Does the AirTag slot need to be visible?

No, many of the best passport holders have AirTag slots subtly integrated into a rear pocket or back panel. This results in a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic. Visible AirTag slots can make the holder’s design appear clunkier.

How secure are the AirTag slots?

Most quality holders have tight-fitting AirTag slots that hold the tracker securely in place. However, an added lanyard or key ring can serve as a backup to prevent the tag from falling out if the holder itself is damaged or destroyed.

Do I need to buy the AirTag separately?

Yes, the AirTag itself is sold separately by Apple. So you’ll need to purchase the tracker in addition to the passport holder.

Can an AirTag get wet or go through the washing machine?

AirTag have an IP67 water and dust resistance rating meaning they can withstand being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. However, it’s not recommended to purposely wash them.

Is there a monthly or yearly fee for AirTag?

No, there are no monthly fees or subscription costs to use an AirTag. The only recurring cost would be to replace the user-replaceable CR2032 battery every 12-24 months.

Do AirTag only work with iPhones?

Yes, AirTag leverage Apple’s proprietary UWB technology so they currently only work with iPhone models – not Android devices. iPhones running iOS 14.5 or higher are compatible.

What is UWB and why does it matter for AirTag?

UWB stands for ultra-wideband technology. It allows precision location tracking down to the centimeter level, enabling the directional Precision Finding feature unique to AirTags and iPhones.

What is the maximum AirTag tracking range?

AirTag have a Bluetooth range of roughly 30-50 ft. However, the vast Find My network expands the effective range far beyond that, as any nearby Apple device can detect your AirTag’s location.

Can an AirTag be used to track people?

Using AirTags to track people without their consent is illegal. Apple has added features like alert tones and notifications specifically to deter unwanted tracking of humans.

Key Takeaways

  • AirTag provide a powerful tracking and finding solution for passport holders to avoid lost passports.
  • Benefits include locating your passport on a map, getting notified if separated, and Precision Finding.
  • Look for passport holders with integrated AirTag slots, durable materials like leather/aluminum, RFID-blocking, storage for documents, and smooth zippers.
  • Top recommendations include Xiron, CASEKOO, Buffway, Zero Grid, and Auggies passport holders with AirTag.
  • Pair your AirTag passport holder with an iPhone, keep the AirTag battery fresh, and set up notifications for best performance.
  • There are no recurring fees to use an AirTag – only periodic battery replacement costs.


A passport holder equipped with an AirTag is a great investment for international travelers who want additional peace of mind and security. Knowing you can easily locate your passport if accidentally left behind or stolen is invaluable.

Use the tips and recommendations in this guide to choose a quality passport holder with an integrated, secure AirTag slot. Then leverage the power of Apple’s robust Find My network whenever your travels take you around the globe.

With your passport holder and AirTag keeping your documents secure, you can focus on enjoying your adventures and creating amazing trip memories instead of constantly worrying about lost passports and paperwork. Safe travels!