FitBark vs Whistle: Which Dog Activity Monitor Is Best in 2024?

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Whistle Vs Fitbark

Keeping your canine companion healthy and active is a top priority for pet parents. But with hectic schedules, it’s not always easy to track Fido’s fitness. That’s where dog activity monitors like the FitBark 2 and Whistle GO come in handy.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the FitBark vs Whistle across key features, pros, cons and user experiences. By the end, you’ll have the info needed to choose the best dog activity tracker for your furry friend. Let’s dig in!

FitBark 2 vs Whistle GO: At a Glance

Before we unleash the details, here’s a quick overview of how the FitBark 2 and Whistle GO stack up:

What is FitBark?


The FitBark 2 is a bone-shaped health and activity monitor designed just for dogs. Simply attach it to your pup’s collar and it tracks key metrics like:

  • Active minutes
  • Calories burned
  • Distance traveled
  • Sleep quality & duration
  • Overall health & behavior

Using a built-in accelerometer, the FitBark captures your dog’s movements and syncs the data to the FitBark app via Bluetooth. The latest model does not include GPS tracking. No monthly subscription required.

What is Whistle?


The Whistle GO combines activity tracking with real-time GPS location monitoring. It allows you to:

  • View your dog’s location 24/7
  • Monitor daily activity & rest
  • Set safe zones & get escape alerts
  • Track health & wellness insights

Whistle uses WiFi and cellular signals to transmit your dog’s location data, which requires a monthly subscription. The device attaches to most collars.

Now that you have the basics, let’s compare their standout features to help you decide between FitBark or Whistle.

FitBark 2 vs Whistle GO: Key Feature Comparison

GPS Location Tracking

The biggest difference between FitBark and Whistle is GPS capability. Here’s the lowdown:

Whistle Gps Location Tracking
  • Whistle GO: Offers live location tracking powered by cellular and WiFi signals. View your pup’s whereabouts on the app, see their walk routes, and get alerts if they leave the “safe zones” you set. Works anywhere with cell service.
  • FitBark 2: Does not have built-in GPS, focusing solely on health and fitness monitoring. The new FitBark GPS model adds real-time tracking, but only in the US.
Fitbark Location Updates & Mapping

Winner: Whistle GO, paws down. Global location tracking gives it the edge for wandering dogs. For more comparisons, check out this in-depth review of Whistle vs Tractive.

Activity & Health Monitoring

Both devices track daily doggie activities, but Whistle provides more advanced metrics:

Fitbark Health Tracking
  • FitBark 2: Monitors active minutes, distance, calories, sleep, and behavior, compiling it into a “BarkPoints” score. View trends to spot any changes in your dog’s patterns.
  • Whistle GO: Tracks distance, calories, minutes of rest vs activity, time spent at each intensity level, sleep, scratching frequency, and location. The app displays 24-hour data and allows custom fitness goals.
Whistle Tracking Capabilities

Winner: Whistle GO wins for its detailed health insights and goal-setting options.

App Connectivity

FitBark and Whistle offer user-friendly apps to view your pup’s data. A few key differences:

Fitbark Fitness And Health Tracking
  • FitBark: Works with iOS/Android via Bluetooth. Share access with your vet or dog walker. Standout feature is syncing human fitness tracker data to motivate each other!
  • Whistle: iOS/Android compatible. Uses Bluetooth, cellular & WiFi. Set safe zones, get health alerts, share access. Cellular signal enables live GPS tracking.
Whistle Health Monitoring

Winner: Slight edge to FitBark for motivation with human activity sync, but Whistle’s GPS requires cell connectivity.

Battery Life

When it comes to going the distance between charges, FitBark has the clear advantage:

Fitbark App Interface
  • FitBark 2: Lasts up to 6 months on a single 1-hour charge thanks to Bluetooth-only connection.
  • Whistle GO: Built-in GPS drains the battery faster, lasting about 7 days. More activity tracking also shortens battery life. Plan to charge weekly.
Whistle Smartphone App

Winner: FitBark 2, no contest. 6-month battery life offers unbeatable convenience.

Weight & Size

For comfort, the lightweight FitBark is tops for petite pooches:

Fitbark Size & Weight Limits
  • FitBark 2: Ultra-light at just 0.35 oz and a slim 1.6″ x 1.1″ x 0.5″.
  • Whistle GO: Slightly beefier at 0.92 oz and 1.82″ x 1.45″ x 0.61″.
Whistle Go

Winner: FitBark 2 is the lightest and smallest, ideal for little dogs. Owners of smaller breeds may also want to look at this PitPat vs FitBark comparison for the right fit.

FitBark vs Whistle: Pros & Cons

To recap, here are the key advantages and drawbacks of Whistle GO vs FitBark 2:

FitBark 2 Pros

  • 6-month battery life
  • No monthly fees
  • Lightweight & small
  • Syncs with human trackers
  • Durable waterproof design

FitBark 2 Cons

  • No GPS tracking
  • Only connects via Bluetooth
  • Fewer activity details vs Whistle
  • Can’t set goals & safe zones

See how FitBark stacks up to another top competitor in this in-depth FitBark vs Fi dog tracker analysis.

Whistle GO Pros

  • Live GPS location tracking
  • Tracks activity, health & behavior
  • Custom goals & geofences
  • Links with vet telehealth
  • IP67 waterproof rated

Whistle GO Cons

  • Short 7-day battery
  • Requires monthly subscription
  • Heavier & bulkier than FitBark
  • Occasional GPS inaccuracies

What Do Users Think?

Verified dog parents weigh in on the FitBark 2 and Whistle GO pet trackers:

“The FitBark is sturdy, detailed and user-friendly. No monthly plans is a huge plus! It’s so lightweight my pup doesn’t even notice it.” – @RavenHuskyDad77

“Worth every penny! Whistle’s GPS tracking and health alerts help me monitor my adventurous golden and spot her allergies. So glad I can keep her safe.” -@RetreiverMama


Get answers to common questions about FitBark vs Whistle:

Is FitBark or Whistle better?

It depends on your needs. Whistle GO is best for GPS tracking, while FitBark 2 wins for budget-friendliness and extended battery life.

Does Whistle require a monthly fee?

Yes, a monthly subscription starting at $7.95 is required to use the GPS feature and access 24/7 monitoring.

Which is more accurate, FitBark or Whistle?

Both provide similar accuracy for activity tracking. Whistle is prone to occasional GPS lapses.

Can FitBark or Whistle be used for cats?

No, these monitors are sized and designed for use on dogs only. Check out our guide to the best smart collars for dogs for more options.

Do these work with a harness?

Yes, you can attach the FitBark 2 or Whistle GO to any collar or harness that’s at least 1 inch wide.

Key Takeaways: FitBark vs Whistle

Before we call it a walk, let’s review when FitBark 2 or Whistle GO is the top dog:

  • For GPS Tracking: Whistle GO
  • For 6-Month Battery Life: FitBark 2
  • For Roaming Rovers: Whistle GO
  • For Detailed Health Data: Whistle GO
  • For Anxious/Reactive Dogs: FitBark 2
  • For Small Breeds: FitBark 2
  • For Set-It-&-Forget-It Ease: FitBark 2

Ultimately, both monitor activity to give you insights for improving your dog’s wellbeing. FitBark 2 is lightest and simplest with no subscription fees. Whistle GO is worth the cost for live GPS tracking and robust health metrics.

Consider your lifestyle, budget and must-have features to choose the best fit. Your pup will thank you! If you think Whistle GO is ideal, also check out this Fi vs Whistle comparison to finalize your decision. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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