The Ultimate Garmin Delta SE Dog Training Collar Review

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Garmin Delta Se Review

The Garmin Delta SE is a streamlined yet powerful dog training collar perfect for hunters, field trainers and pet owners alike. This hands-on review covers everything you need to know about the Delta SE’s features, performance and real world use for obedience training and correcting unwanted behaviors.


Garmin Delta Se

The Garmin Delta SE delivers sophisticated dog training technology in a simplified, easy to use package. Key highlights include:

  • Simple 3-button remote with ergonomic one-handed design
  • 10 stimulation levels with momentary and continuous options
  • Vibration and tone modes for non-stimulus training
  • 1/2 mile range expandable to control 2 dogs
  • Fully waterproof and submersible (IPX7 rated)
  • Rechargeable batteries last 60-70 hours per charge
  • Lightweight, compact and pocket-friendly

With its simplified controls, the Garmin Delta SE focuses on streamlining the training process rather than overwhelming users with complex options. Both pros and amateurs will appreciate the thoughtful design that keeps your eyes on your dog, not the remote.

Designed for versatility, the Delta SE provides the core essentials needed for obedience training, reinforcing commands, stopping unwanted behaviors and everything in between. The one-handed ergonomic transmitter offers the perfect balance of small yet tactile controls you can operate by feel.

Built with Garmin’s proven radio frequency dog training technology, the Delta SE gives pet owners and hunters a reliable tool for off-leash control in the field or at home. Read on for an in-depth look at how this compact training collar performs and stands out from the competition.

Garmin Delta SE Transmitter (Remote)

Garmin Delta Se Transmitter

The Delta SE handheld transmitter displays Garmin’s commitment to simplified design. At just 3 ounces and 2.1” x 1.1” x 4.9”, the remote control is about the size of a large smartwatch yet packs in all the essentials.

The remote features three prominent buttons along the front labeled “C”, “T” and “M” for delivering tone, continuous stimulation or momentary stimulation respectively. No confusing menus or multiple button presses needed – just click and hold to correct your dog.

A sliding collar selector lets you control up to 2 collars from the one remote. Easily switch between dogs with a quick flick of your thumb. An LED indicator light confirms your selection.

The intensity dial along the top provides 10 stimulation levels plus a vibration only mode, each with a satisfying click so you can adjust it by feel without taking your eyes off your dog. The remote is also fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating, so it can handle anything from drizzles to dunks in the duck pond.

Delta SE Transmitter Features:

  • 3 training mode buttons: Tone, Continuous, Momentary
  • 10 stimulation levels plus vibration mode
  • Collar selector for 2 dog operation
  • Waterproof IPX7 construction
  • LED status indicator
  • Lanyard attachment
  • 2 hour rapid charge via USB-C
  • 70 hour battery life per charge

With its pocketable size, tactile controls and robust IPX7 waterproofing, the Delta SE transmitter provides a wealth of training functionality in a simple, durable and convenient package.

Garmin Delta SE Collar/Receiver

Garmin Delta Se Collar

The Delta SE collar receiver demonstrates how thoughtful design improves functionality. A fully waterproof receiver lives inside a sturdy plastic shell that protects the collar strap attachment and charging points from dirt, debris and moisture.

Interchangeable contact points allow switching between short and long options to suit any dog coat length. The curved style offers a low profile that sits comfortably against your dog’s neck.

An LED light on the collar provides battery life indicators and also doubles as a test light so you can easily confirm consistent contact. The collar strap comes in a 3/4 inch width designed for comfort without pinching or chafing during extended wear.

For charging, the Delta SE utilizes a unique clip-on charging cradle. This avoids exposing sensitive charging ports to the elements. The lithium-ion battery lasts approximately 60 hours per 2 hour charge.

Delta SE Collar Features:

  • Interchangeable long and short contact points
  • 3/4″ collar strap fits up to 24″ neck
  • LED battery/contact indicator
  • Waterproof IPX7 construction
  • 60 hour battery life
  • Charging cradle avoids exposed ports
  • Fully submersible for swimming/retrieving

With its smart design, versatile stimulation probes and robust IPX7 waterproofing, the Garmin Delta SE collar provides maximum functionality for any training scenario.

Garmin Delta SE Training System

With both the transmitter and receiver offering robust feature sets optimized for simplicity and real world use, the Delta SE system delivers premium training capabilities in a streamlined package. Let’s look at some key advantages of the Delta SE.

Simple and Ergonomic

Garmin Delta Se 1

The Delta SE stands out for its simplified one-handed control scheme. The transmitter layout enables “no look” operation perfect for keeping your eyes on your dog during training.

Large prominent buttons can be differentiated by touch. The clicking intensity dial allows adjusting stimulation levels by feel. Overall, the transmitter design minimizes distractions to keep you focused on your dog’s behavior and responses.

Foolproof and Durable

From the protected charging contacts to the robust waterproofing, the Delta SE withstands regular training use and extreme conditions. The tactile controls work even with gloves on or when wet. With an IPX7 rating, both transmitter and collar can be fully submerged if your training regimen includes water retrieving drills or duck hunting.

Versatile Training Modes

Garmin Delta Se Versatile Training Modes

Beyond standard continuous and momentary stimulation the Delta SE system provides alternative training modes for positive reinforcement. The tone function rewards and reinforces desired behaviors. Vibration offers a gentle alert that precedes or replaces stimulation. With 10 levels, you can fine tune intensity based on your dog’s temperament and response.

Reliable Technology and Range

Building off Garmin’s expertise with GPS dog collars and tracking systems, the Delta SE leverages proven radio frequency technology in a simplified package. The collar and transmitter deliver a highly responsive 1/2 mile range to maintain control and correct unwanted behaviors. Expandable to 2 dogs, the versatility matches the needs of different training scenarios.

Compact and Convenient

Weighing just 3 ounces, the Delta SE transmitter tucks easily into a pocket or clips onto a lanyard or vest via the integrated slot. The streamlined profile won’t weigh you down or get tangled during field use. The transmitter’s USB-C charging port connects to any common power adapter.

Garmin Delta Se Usb C Charging Port

Between the pocketable remote and flexible intensity levels, the Delta SE provides sophisticated training functionality in the most convenient package.

Affordable Price Point

With premium features and proven performance, the Garmin Delta SE delivers outstanding value at under $250. For budget-focused hunters and pet owners, the Delta SE packs professional-level training capabilities into an affordable, easy to use system. Expandability to 2 dogs further improves the value proposition.

Garmin Delta SE for Hunting Dogs

For hunters training retrievers, pointers or spaniels, the Delta SE provides an ideal combination of advanced yet easy to use capabilities. The 1/2 mile range gives ample control for maintaining steady points, stopping unwanted flushing or chasing, and enforcing obedience.

The waterproofing withstands heavy rain, marshes and water retrieving drills. Interchangeable contact points adapt the collar for any coat type. The Delta SE delivers the core features needed for hunt training without the cost of advanced tracking and GPS features found in higher end Garmin models like the Garmin Alpha 10.

  • Stop chasing, aggression and undesired behaviors
  • Reinforce steady, whoa and other commands
  • Maintain control throughout the hunting field
  • Fully waterproof for waterfowl and upland hunting
  • Stimulation levels fine-tuned for your dog’s temperament
  • Tone training establishes positive associations

For upland bird and waterfowl hunters alike, the Garmin Delta SE provides a rugged, reliable system focused on the essentials of training and controlling your dog in the field.

Garmin Delta SE for Obedience Training

Garmin Delta Se For Obedience Training

The Delta SE provides ample stimulation options for enforcing obedience commands and eliminating unwanted behaviors like leash pulling, furniture chewing, counter surfing and more.

With 10 precise levels, you can start with lighter stimulation and increase intensity for stubborn behaviors. Tone mode establishes positive reinforcement for good behavior before needing to correct unwanted behavior.

The Delta SE gives you control both at home and on the go to maintain consistent expectations. Going on walks, the vibration mode delivers a gentle reminder not to pull which gradually replaces stimulation.

Around the house, the Delta SE provides constant communication to redirect attention seeking behaviors and reinforce obedience. The compact yet rugged transmitter won’t take up much space on a shelf or side table when kept handy for quick corrections.

  • Teach and enforce sit, stay, down, heel, come commands
  • Stop leash pulling during walks
  • Eliminate jumping up, nipping, furniture chewing
  • Deter barking, chasing and aggression triggers
  • Use vibration to preempt undesired behaviors
  • Reinforce training consistency at home and on the go

For pet owners seeking better obedience, the Garmin Delta SE training system provides flexible stimulation options and portable convenience for effective behavior correction.

What Comes with the Garmin Delta SE Training Bundle?

The Garmin Delta SE training kit contains everything needed to get started training one dog in the standard bundle:

  • Delta SE Transmitter
  • Delta SE Collar Receiver
  • Charging Cradle & Clip
  • Short and Long Contact Points
  • Contact Probe Tool
  • 3/4″ Collar Strap
  • Lanyard
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Extra Collar – To control a second dog
  • Basic Obedience Training DVD – Garmin partnership with pro trainer Robin MacFarlane
  • Long Line/Check Cord – For training recalls

The optional DVD provides an introduction to using the Delta SE for basic obedience commands. For under a dollar, it makes a worthwhile addition – especially for first time e-collar users.

Garmin Delta SE: Training Guide and Tips

While every dog has unique sensitivities and responses, some best practices apply broadly when using stimulation for training:

  • Always start at the lowest level needed to get a response
  • Reward desired behaviors with praise, play and treats
  • Use continuous sparingly, focus on momentary stimulation
  • Condition non-stimulation tones as a positive reinforcement
  • Increase intensity gradually as needed; don’t make drastic jumps
  • End each session on a positive note with lots of praise
  • Keep sessions short, consistent and structured

The Delta SE system gives you flexibility to tailor training approaches to your dog’s unique personality and behaviors. Follow protocols established by accredited trainers to ensure safe, stress-free and effective training for you and your dog.

Delta SE Collar Customer Reviews

With a 4 star average rating across major retailers, the Delta SE consistently earns praise for its simplified design and versatility for basic training needs. Users report the straight-forward 3 button remote provides effective control while staying focused on their dog.

Many reviewers upgraded to the Delta SE from cheaper collars and appreciate the improved usability and reliability. Hunters training retrievers in the field relish the waterproofing that keeps the collar working even after repeated pond plunges. The inclusion of tone mode proves useful for positively reinforcing obedience commands.

The most common requests are for increased battery life and greater range. But for typical use cases, the 60-70 hour capacity and 1/2 mile range adequately meet expectations. Overall, customers find the Delta SE hits the sweet spot of providing premium features tailored for simplicity.

Garmin Delta SE vs SportDog 425/425S

Sportdog 425
SportDog 425

The SportDog 425 series models represent the closest competitor to the Delta SE in the same price range. Both the 425 and 425S similarly emphasize simplified design for pet owners and hunters. However, the Delta SE earns praise for more polished construction and usability.

The separate intensity and mode dials on the SportDog remotes prove slightly more confusing than the Delta SE’s streamlined 3-button layout. The interchangeable contact points and protected charging cradle also demonstrate Garmin’s attention to practical details.

While the 425 models do provide expanded 100 level intensity options, the Delta SE’s 10 levels should suffice for most basic training needs. Garmin also includes tone mode for positive reinforcement whereas the SportDog focuses solely on stimulation.

For those seeking maximum simplicity without sacrificing core performance, the Garmin Delta SE holds a slight edge as a more refined execution of purpose-built training technology. But both models cover the basics well at an entry level price point.


The Garmin Delta SE lives up to its goal of simplifying sophisticated dog training technology for real world usability. The thoughtful design keeps your focus on your dog’s behaviors instead of fiddling with controls. Waterproof durability holds up to extended field use and abuse.

While sophisticated GPS tracking features remain exclusive to Garmin’s higher end PRO Series models, the Delta SE provides the core essentials for training both hunting dogs and household pets.

Hunters will appreciate the reliable 1/2 mile range and stimulation options purpose-built for field conditions. Meanwhile pet owners get portable yet powerful correction tools for reinforcing obedience and eliminating problem behaviors at home or on the go.

In a training collar market flooded with both overly complex and dubious quality options, the Garmin Delta SE hits the sweet spot – combining proven performance with intuitive simplicity. This lightweight yet rugged collar provides a premium training experience accessible for amateur and professional trainers alike.

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