TabCat vs Loc8tor: Which is the Best for Finding Your Cat?

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Tabcat Vs Loc8tor

Are you looking for the best way to keep track of your curious cat? In your search for the ideal cat tracker, you may have come across TabCat and Loc8tor, two of the most popular radio frequency (RF) based trackers.

But with both offering lightweight devices and accurate tracking, how do you choose between them?

This in-depth comparison of TabCat and Loc8tor pet trackers will help you decide which device is right for your needs.

What to Look for in a Cat Tracker

When choosing a tracker for your cat, there are a few key features to consider:

Accuracy and Range

You need a tracker that can pinpoint your cat’s location precisely, both indoors and outdoors. Most RF trackers have a range of around 400 feet.

Size and Weight

It must be small and lightweight enough for your cat to wear comfortably. Bulkier trackers may irritate your cat or fall off.

Battery Life

Aim for trackers with at least 6 months of battery life to avoid frequent charging or replacements.

Ease of Use

The device and any app or receiver should be intuitive and easy to operate. Complicated controls can delay finding your cat.


Factor in upfront costs plus any subscription fees. Make sure it fits your budget long-term.

Keeping these factors in mind, let’s compare TabCat and Loc8tor for cats.

TabCat Overview

Tabcat Pet Tracker

Type: RF tracker

Range: 400 feet

Battery Life: 7-12 months

Weight: 0.2 ounces

Key Features:

  • Extremely lightweight and compact design
  • Proprietary directional technology guides you to cat
  • Tap training feature reinforces coming home
  • No monthly fees required

Price: $99.99

TabCat Pros

  • One of the smallest and lightest RF trackers available
  • Pinpoints cat’s location within 1 inch
  • Intuitive audio and visual cues get stronger as you near cat
  • Tap training feature helps cats learn to come when called
  • No subscription fees keeps costs down

TabCat Cons

  • Short 400 foot range limits usefulness for roaming cats
  • Pet tags are not very durable or water resistant
  • Annoying constant beeping can be hard to turn off
  • Does not track activity or provide virtual fences

Loc8tor Pet Overview

Loc8tor Pet

Type: RF tracker

Range: 400 feet

Battery Life: 7-12 months

Weight: 0.126 ounces

Key Features:

  • Extremely lightweight at just 0.126 ounces
  • Dual directional audio and visual cues
  • Tap training capability
  • No subscription fees

Price: $99.99

Loc8tor Pet Pros

  • Super lightweight and one of the smallest RF trackers
  • Provides audio beeps and light signals to guide you
  • Lets you tap train cats to come when called
  • 400 foot range works for most backyards
  • No extra costs after purchase

Loc8tor Pet Cons

  • Limited 400 foot range
  • Not very durable or waterproof
  • Battery life depends heavily on usage
  • Accuracy can suffer from interference
  • No virtual fences or activity tracking

TabCat vs. Loc8tor Pet: Key Differences

Weight: TabCat tags are 0.2 oz each while Loc8tor’s are 0.126 oz

Battery: Both last 7-12 months. TabCat’s is non-replaceable while Loc8tor’s is replaceable.

Training: Both have tap training features to reinforce coming when called.

Subscription: Neither requires a monthly subscription.

App: Loc8tor offers a basic app while TabCat does not have an app.

Durability: Both trackers have cases but aren’t highly durable or waterproof.

Accuracy: When within range, both can pinpoint to about 1 inch.

Tabcat Cat Tracker 2

Which is Better: TabCat or Loc8tor Pet?

For cat owners wanting an affordable, lightweight RF tracker, both TabCat and Loc8tor are excellent options. They have comparable accuracy, range, battery life, and ease of use.

However, Loc8tor Pet pulls slightly ahead for its replaceable battery, mobile app integration, and lower weight.

TabCat still performs well but lacks an app and has fixed batteries. And Loc8tor Pet’s minuscule 0.126 ounce tags outweigh TabCat’s 0.2 ounce tags.

Loc8tor Pet 1

Key Takeaways on TabCat and Loc8tor Pet Trackers

  • TabCat and Loc8tor Pet are both lightweight RF cat trackers with 400 foot range and 1 inch accuracy.
  • Neither requires monthly fees, but Loc8tor offers a basic mobile app.
  • Loc8tor Pet weighs slightly less than TabCat at 0.126 vs 0.2 ounces.
  • Both allow tap training cats to return home when called.
  • Loc8tor Pet is marginally better with a replaceable battery and app.
  • For most users, Loc8tor Pet makes a slightly better choice over TabCat.

FAQ About TabCat and Loc8tor Trackers

How do RF trackers work?

RF (radio frequency) trackers use radio signals to communicate between a transmitter on your cat’s collar and a handheld receiver device. They provide directional information to guide you right to your cat.

Are RF trackers better than GPS?

For cat owners, RF trackers often work better than GPS since they are smaller, lighter, and provide more precise locations. They also don’t require cellular data plans.

What is the tracking range?

Most RF trackers have a range of around 400 feet in optimal conditions. This covers most backyards but not large rural areas.

Do they work indoors and outdoors?

Yes, RF trackers can locate cats both indoors and outdoors as the radio signals penetrate walls and objects.

How long do the batteries last?

Battery life ranges from 6-12 months depending on the model and usage. Loc8tor Pet has a replaceable battery while TabCat’s is fixed.

Can they be used for dogs or other pets too?

RF trackers can work for smaller dogs, but larger GPS trackers are better for big energetic dogs who roam farther. Some people use them to track other pets like rabbits too.

Get Peace of Mind by Tracking Your Cat

Investing in a cat tracker like TabCat or Loc8tor Pet gives you extra assurance if your curious kitty is prone to wandering. While collars and microchips are still essential, a tracker provides an additional layer of protection.

TabCat and Loc8tor Pet both make it easy to pinpoint your cat’s location when out of sight. For most owners, Loc8tor Pet pulls slightly ahead as the best option based on its lower weight, replaceable battery, and app integration.

Whichever model you choose, an RF tracker empowers you to find your furry friend when they sneak off on impromptu adventures. With a locator antenna in hand, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you can quickly reunite with your clever escape artist.

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