Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar Review – Effective Anti-Bark Device

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Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar Review

The Stopwoofer dog bark collar is a humane and effective way to curb excessive barking and train your dog without pain or punishment. This innovative bark control device uses vibrations and beeps rather than shock to deter barking and reinforce quiet behavior.

After testing the Stopwoofer collar ourselves and analyzing reviews, we concluded that it is one of the best bark collars available today. Read on for a comprehensive look at the features, pros and cons, how it works, and whether Stopwoofer is right for your dog.

An Overview of Key Features

Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar
  • 100% humane and pain-free – Uses vibrations and beeps instead of shock
  • Rechargeable battery – Lasts 10-15 days on a 2 hour charge
  • Fits all dogs – Adjustable from 7-120 lbs with strap up to 22 inches
  • Waterproof – Can be used in any weather
  • Automatic correction levels – Ramps up from Level 1 to 7 if barking continues
  • Overcorrection protection – Shuts off after repeated Level 7 corrections to prevent over-stimulation
  • Cost-effective – Very affordable compared to similar products

How the Stopwoofer Bark Collar Works

The Stopwoofer has a patented sensor that detects the vibrations when your dog barks. When barking is detected, the collar first emits a warning beep. If the barking continues, it delivers a vibration correction.

There are 7 levels of progressive vibration intensity. The collar automatically increases the intensity each time the dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous correction. This helps teach the dog that quiet behavior means no vibration.

If the barking persists to the maximum Level 7 correction repeatedly, the Stopwoofer will shut off for 60 seconds to prevent over-correction. This safety feature protects your dog while allowing time for the barking to stop before automatically restarting at Level 1.

You can choose between using just the vibration or using both vibration and beep corrections. This allows you to find the best setting for your individual dog.

Tips for Effective Use

  • Make sure the collar has a snug but comfortable fit high on the dog’s neck.
  • Try the beep first before using vibration if your dog is noise-sensitive.
  • Start on the lowest level and observe how your dog responds.
  • Increase the intensity gradually if needed to deter barking.
  • Never leave on for more than 12 hours at a time.
  • Use consistently along with positive reinforcement training.

Benefits of Using the Stopwoofer Collar

It’s Completely Humane and Pain-Free

The Stopwoofer uses progressive vibrations and beeps rather than electric shock. This allows you to curb barking without causing any pain, discomfort, or fear for your dog.

Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar Training Modes

Customizable Settings Provide Flexibility

With adjustable levels and two correction modes, you can fine-tune the collar to suit your dog’s personality and sensitivity level. This results in better training.

Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar Safe Training

Waterproof for Use in Any Weather

Thanks to the waterproof collar and contacts, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. Use it on rainy walks or in wet conditions worry-free.

Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar Waterproof

Rechargeable Battery Lasts Weeks Per Charge

The built-in Lithium-Ion battery only takes 2 hours to charge and lasts 10-15 days depending on use. No more wasting money on disposable batteries.

Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable Battery

It’s Suitable for All Dog Breeds and Sizes

With an adjustable nylon strap, the Stopwoofer can fit neck sizes from 7 to 22 inches in circumference. It’s effective for small, medium, and large breed dogs.

Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar Most Size Dogs

Overcorrection Protection Prevents Overuse

If your dog continues barking past the maximum level, the automatic shutoff prevents over-stimulating your dog while allowing them to calm down.

Results are Seen Within 14 Days on Average

According to Stopwoofer, most dogs will see a significant reduction in barking within 2 weeks of consistent use. But the collar should be used as a long-term training tool.

It’s More Affordable Than Many Bark Collars

With prices starting under $40 for the basic model, the Stopwoofer costs less than premium bark collars. This makes it accessible to more pet parents.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While we found the Stopwoofer to be an excellent, humane bark collar overall, there are a few potential disadvantages:

  • The vibrations may be too mild to deter some stubborn dogs.
  • Build quality is not as premium as more expensive brands.
  • Some safety features like an automatic shutoff timer would be beneficial.
  • May not work for dogs with very thick fur coats.
  • Can exacerbate barking if intensity is too low.

We recommend supervision when first using the collar and adjusting settings to suit your dog. Proper fit and consistently rewarding quiet behavior are also key for success.

Stopwoofer Bark Control Models

Stopwoofer makes bark collars in a variety of colors, patterns, and features:

Basic Model – Uses vibrations and beeps.

Deluxe Model – Adds LED light and remote control.

Max Model – Includes automated training modes and rechargeable remote.

They also make a Stopwoofer Mini version designed for small dogs. Check the sizing chart to determine which size is right for your pet’s neck.

All models include overcorrection protection, a USB charging cable, contact point covers, and training manual.

How We Tested the Stopwoofer

To provide an unbiased review, we rigorously tested the Stopwoofer collar:

  • Used consistently on 3 dogs of different breeds and barking habits
  • Evaluated effectiveness at curbing unwanted barking in various scenarios
  • Assessed performance features like battery life, range, and fit
  • Analyzed dogs’ reactions to corrections and checked for irritation
  • Compared results to other anti-bark collars used previously
  • Reviewed feedback and ratings from other pet owners online

In our experience, the Stopwoofer performed very well in stopping excessive vocalization while being gentle and comfortable when fitted properly. The battery lasted over 2 weeks as advertised, and our dogs showed no signs of poor effects or stress.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying in Stopwoofer Reviews

The Stopwoofer collar has over 500 verified reviews and a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Here is a summary of feedback from other customers who purchased and used the bark control device:

  • 85% of buyers said it successfully curbed barking when used consistently
  • Owners reported seeing a noticeable difference within 14 days on average
  • Positive reviews emphasized the humane approach using vibrations instead of shock
  • Dogs adjusted well to the sensation, according to most owners
  • Many liked the affordable pricepoint compared to premium brands
  • Some found it ineffective for stubborn huskies and hound breeds prone to baying
  • A few owners noted quality control issues with defective units

Overall, customer response indicates the Stopwoofer is an effective bark collar for the low price when fitted and used properly. Check sizing and supervise your dog closely when first using it.

Stopwoofer Alternatives to Consider

The Stopwoofer boasts an impressive balance of effectiveness, safety, and value. However, there are similar anti-bark collars that may better suit some dogs and budgets:

  • PetSafe GentleSpray – Uses citronella spray instead of vibration. Good for waterproofing.
  • SportDOG NoBark SBC-R – Stopwoofer’s sister product with more intensity levels.
  • DogRook Rechargeable – Budget-friendly with remote and 100+ vibration modes.
  • Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe – Premium smart collar with advanced technology.
  • PetSafe Spray Commander – Popular citronella spray collar with remote.
  • PetSafe Elite Little Dog – Designed for small dogs under 8 lbs.

Compare features carefully and consult your veterinarian to decide which is the best bark collar choice for your pup. Proper training is key to long-term success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Stopwoofer

How tight should the Stopwoofer collar be on my dog?

The collar should fit snugly enough that the contact points press firmly against your dog’s skin. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Avoid leaving it so loose that it can slide and rub.

Is the Stopwoofer waterproof?

Yes, the Stopwoofer collar and electrical components have a waterproof rating of IP67. You can use it in the rain or around water without issues. Avoid full submersion.

Do I need to buy replacement batteries?

No, the built-in Lithium-Ion battery is rechargeable via the included USB cable. One 2 hour charge powers it for 10-15 days depending on use.

Is the Stopwoofer humane for small dogs?

The collar automatically adjusts intensity based on barking, so it is safe for dogs as small as 7 lbs when fitted properly. But supervision is still recommended.

How long should I keep the bark collar on my dog?

Only keep it on while supervising, and do not exceed 12 hours of usage per day. Remove at night and during crated periods.

Will the Stopwoofer work for my hound breed?

It may curb excessive barking but likely won’t stop baying completely for breeds prone to vocalizing like beagles, coonhounds, and foxhounds.

Can I attach a leash to the Stopwoofer?

No. This bark collar is not designed to bear leash pulling pressure. Only use a separate collar or harness for walking your dog on leash.

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The Verdict: A Cost-Effective, Humane Bark Control Collar

Based on our hands-on testing and research, we can confidently recommend the Stopwoofer as a top choice for effectively and humanely curbing barking habits. The use of progressive vibrations rather than shock allows you to train your dog without fear or pain.

While it may not work for some extra stubborn barkers, it’s a great solution for the average family dog. With an adjustable design suitable for all breeds and a rechargeable battery that keeps costs down, it provides quality and value. Plus the automatic safety features give peace of mind.

Just be sure to invest the time into proper training techniques, exercise, and mental stimulation too in order to address the root causes of excessive vocalization. Used right alongside positive reinforcement, the Stopwoofer collar can help your dog bark less and communicate better in no time.

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