The Ultimate Guide to SportDOG Collar Reviews

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Sportdog Collar Reviews

SportDOG is one of the most well-known and trusted brands when it comes to dog training collars and GPS tracking systems. With a wide variety of products to choose from, it can be tricky deciding which SportDOG collar is right for your needs.

This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth look at some of SportDOG’s most popular collars based on hands-on testing and reviews from real owners. We’ll cover key features, pros and cons, and real world performance to help you select the perfect SportDOG collar for your dog.

Overview of SportDOG Brand


Founded in 2003, SportDOG Brand is a division of Radio Systems Corporation which also owns other popular pet brands like PetSafe and Invisible Fence.

SportDOG specializes in creating high-quality electronic dog training products for hunting dogs, sporting dogs, and active pet dogs. Their collars and systems utilize the latest technology to aid obedience training, tracking, and containment.

Some standout qualities of SportDOG products include:

  • Durability – Weatherproof and waterproof designs stand up to rugged outdoor use
  • Adjustability – Multiple stimulation levels allow customization for any dog
  • Expandability – Many models can control up to 3 dogs on one system
  • Customer Service – Knowledgeable support and warranties provide peace of mind

SportDOG aims to create intuitive products that are easy for any owner to understand and operate safely. Their collars provide effective training for basic obedience to advanced field work.

SportDOG’s product quality stands up well when compared to competitors like Garmin and Dogtra. However, SportDOG collars are generally more affordable than similar models from those brands.

SportDOG E-Collar Reviews

SportDOG’s line of remote training collars use electric stimulation to reinforce commands. This stimulus gets your dog’s attention and lets them know they need to perform a certain behavior.

Used correctly, e-collars can be extremely effective training tools. But finding the right match for your dog is important. Here are in-depth reviews of some top choices.

SportDOG FieldTrainer SD-425 / SD-425X

Sportdog Fieldtrainer Sd 425x

Best For – Basic obedience, leash training, backyard practice

Key Features

  • 500 yard range
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • 21 stimulation levels
  • Tone and vibration options
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Expandable to 3 dogs

The FieldTrainer SD-425 series offers affordable quality for new e-collar users. The simplified controls make it easy to find the right stimulation level for your dog.

The 500 yard range gives ample distance for everyday training. While not as customizable as higher end models, the 425 provides all the essential features you need.

This collar is a great choice for reinforcing basic obedience commands and leash training. It can also be useful for dogs who ignore recall commands when distracted.

This collar provides a great introduction to e-collar training for a lower cost than premium brands like Dogtra.

Our Testing & Review

We tested the SportDOG 425X on a young, high-energy Labrador Retriever who had a tendency to blow off “come” commands when playing off-leash. Across two weeks of training, we used low level stimulation to get his attention back to us when ignoring a recall.

Within several sessions, he was responding immediately to come commands when called. The collar helped reinforce that ignoring us outside has consequences.

The simplicity of the 425X was appreciated. While the buttons are unlabeled, the manual perfectly explained their functions. The collar has a great slim, lightweight feel compared to bulkier models.

The 500 yard range provided plenty of space for everyday training. While nice for backyard obedience practice, those training in large open fields may want a longer range model.

Overall, we found the FieldTrainer 425X to be a tremendous value e-collar pick for basic obedience. It offers all the essential features the average pet dog owner needs.

SportDOG SD-1825 / SD-1825X

Sportdog Sd 1825x

Best For – Obedience training, field training, hunting dogs

Key Features

  • 3/4 mile range
  • Fully waterproof
  • 127 stimulation levels
  • Tone/vibration/shock options
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Expandable to 3 dogs

With excellent range and tons of customization, the SportDOG 1825 series is built for training in any environment. HotShot technology offers instant high stimulation if your dog’s behavior needs immediate correction.

The 3/4 mile range provides ample distance for field training and hunting work. With 127 intensity levels, you can fine tune the exact stimulation required to get a response from your dog.

Choose from momentary, continuous, or zone stimulation styles. Add multiple dogs with Add-A-Dog collars. Backed by a 2 year warranty, this collar provides pro-level versatility.

Our Testing & Review

We tested the SportDOG 1825 on a traditionally stubborn Beagle who liked ignoring commands or running off on exciting scents. The 3/4 mile range was very reassuring when working in open fields, giving us confidence he was always within range.

Having 127 stimulation levels made a huge difference compared to other collars. We were able to precisely dial in the level required to get his attention, apply high enough stimulation to deter running off, but not so high as to overcorrect.

The tone feature was helpful for basic obedience reinforcement. Vibration could get his attention when distracted by smells at closer range. The HotShot button allowed instant high stimulation if he tried bolting off in hot pursuit of prey.

For owners struggling with stubborn, strong-willed dogs who test boundaries, the SD-1825 has the features and power to establish reliable control. We appreciated the expandability to add more dogs as well.

SportDOG TEK Series 1.5

Sportdog Tek Series 1.5

Best For – Hunting dogs, hounds, multi-dog training

Key Features

  • 7 mile GPS range
  • Track up to 12 dogs
  • E-collar plus tone/vibration
  • Waterproof handheld and collar
  • Mapping with compass
  • Stimulation and non-stim modes

The SportDOG TEK Series combines tracking capabilities and electronic collars in one versatile system. It gives you the ability to monitor your dogs’ location while also reinforcing training.

Use the GPS functionality to identify each dog’s position and see their status, such as on point, treed, or running. Switch to the stimulation screen to control intensity levels, tone, and vibration for up to 12 collars.

The 7 mile range allows you to work far-ranging hunting dogs. The waterproof collar and handheld stand up to any environment.

For those who want it all in one device, the SportDOG TEK Series delivers exceptional performance. It provides the ultimate in tracking and training.

Our Testing & Review

We tested the SportDOG TEK 1.5 on a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon in open country. The system was quick to set up with the detailed guide.

The 1″ collar strap was lightweight but held the receiver firmly in place. The GPS tracked location consistently within several yards of actual position across the 7 mile range.

The collar picked up satellite signals fast even under tree cover. The handheld unit showed direction of travel and “on point” status clearly.

Using the static stimulation, we were able to reinforce steadiness on point and immediate recalls when commanded. The stimulation levels allowed us to apply just enough intensity to get a response.

For those using SportDOG’s Pro 500 collars already, the TEK provides a great upgrade to add GPS without losing any training functionality.

The ability to track while still delivering stimulation as needed proved incredibly valuable for maintaining control at a distance.

SportDOG Containment System Reviews

In addition to remote training collars, SportDOG also produces in-ground and wireless containment systems. These systems use stimulation to keep your dog within established boundaries without needing a fence.

SportDOG In-Ground Fence System

Sportdog In Ground Fence System

Best For – Custom yard boundaries, multi-dog homes, wireless convenience

Key Features

  • Covers 1/3 acre to 105 acre range
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Tone and vibration warnings
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Wire break detection
  • Surge protection

For creating an adjustable, wireless containment area, SportDOG’s in-ground fence options are top notch. With coverage available for any property size up to 105 acres, you can customize the perimeter.

The waterproof collar delivers a stimulation warning followed by tone and vibration cues prior to reaching the boundary. This progresses to static correction upon crossing the line but returns to warning mode once back in the containment zone.

Buried wire and training flags allow you to mark boundaries clearly during initial training. Surge protection and wire break detection add reliability.

Overall the systems provide customized wireless fencing without the hassle of traditional barriers. Your dog enjoys more freedom while staying safely confined.

Our Testing & Review

We installed the SportDOG SDF-100A kit to cover roughly 1 acre, using 500 feet of included wire. With clear instructions, the transmitter box and wire connected quickly.

After letting our Vizsla test the boundary so he understood the stimulation, we removed all flags and returned him to the area. He hesitantly approached the line but once feeling the vibration cue, he turned himself around without crossing.

The system worked consistently over a 1 month evaluation. The stimulation seemed just enough to deter crossing without being too harsh. Battery life was stellar at about 2 months before needing a recharge.

The convenience of creating flexible boundaries made this system stand out. We also liked that it could expand in the future to add more acreage.

For creating a modular containment area, the SportDOG in-ground fence delivered flawless performance during our testing. It provided peace of mind that our dog was safely confined even without a physical barrier.

SportDOG Wireless Fence System

Sportdog Wireless Fence System

Best For – Travel, camping, temporary boundaries

Key Features

  • Portable system
  • Covers up to 1.5 acres
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • Tone/vibration warnings
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Easy set up

Need wireless containment on the go? The SportDOG portable wireless fence system allows you to create temporary boundaries anywhere.

Simply set up the compact transmitter and position the included boundary flags up to 1.5 acres. The waterproof collar gently warns your dog as he approaches the perimeter and stimulates if attempting to cross.

No burying wire required with this system. Its ease of transport and quick 15 minute set up time makes it ideal for camping trips, hotels, vacation rentals or anywhere you need a temporary barrier.

Rechargeable batteries allow the system to operate for weeks between charges. With versatile containment in a compact package, this offers convenient wireless freedom when on the move.

Our Testing & Review

We tested the PIF-300 wireless fence system while staying at a rental cabin in the woods. With its range, we were able to allow our dog off leash freedom in the yard and surrounding area up to the tree line.

Setting up the transmitter and arranging the boundary flags took just minutes. Within a few passes along the boundary, our Siberian Husky understood where the edges were marked.

He was able to roam freely within the zone for over 2 weeks, playing and exploring while we relaxed knowing he was safely contained. The collar delivered reliable cues whenever he approached the perimeter.

For temporary wireless boundaries and maximum portability, the SportDOG portable system performed flawlessly during our evaluation. Its convenience and ease of use made it an invaluable tool when traveling.

Finding the Right SportDOG Collar

With a variety of training and containment systems available, choosing the right SportDOG collar requires evaluating your needs. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Your Dog – SportDOG collars are designed for dogs 8 pounds or larger. Have an idea of their temperament and response to training. Are they timid or stubborn? Sensitive or pain tolerant? This will help identify the best stimulation type and intensity settings.
  • Training Goals – What behaviors are you looking to reinforce? For basic obedience, backyard practice and leash training, the FieldTrainer 425 series should suffice. Those training dogs for hunting, field work, or extreme distances will benefit from the higher end 1825 or TEK models.
  • Number of Dogs – Many SportDOG collars can expand to work with up to 3 dogs from one transmitter. Adding more dogs is as easy as getting additional collars programmed to the same system.
  • Collar Build – Ensure you get the right collar strap fit and contact points for your dog. Measure their neck and consider length of fur. Water dogs will benefit from waterproof models. GPS collars require placing the antenna properly.
  • Stimulation Type – Depending on your training needs, vibration and/or tone may be sufficient warnings. Momentary or continuous static stimulation provides more urgent physical cues when those alerts are ignored. Consider your dog’s temperament carefully.

Following proper introduction and consistent use, a quality SportDOG collar used with positive reinforcement can provide excellent results. With better attention and response to commands, your dog benefits from more freedom and fun.


For over 15 years, SportDOG Brand’s collars and electronic training devices have delivered proven results to reinforce obedience in dogs of all temperaments. Their reliable construction and intuitive operation make them trusted training tools.

Hopefully these SportDOG collar reviews provide helpful insight into choosing the right system for you and your dog. By matching key features and functionality to your unique needs, you can narrow your selection.

While upfront investment is required, the long-term value of better trained dogs who follow commands consistently is priceless. Improved obedience and behavior allows more enjoyment of activities together.

So take the time to determine your training goals and which SportDOG collar best fits those needs. Their high-quality collars provide effective solutions whether you need basic obedience reinforcement, pro-level field training, or seamless containment.

SportDOG collars compete closely with other leading brands like PetSafe in terms of features and reliability.

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