The Ultimate Guide to Safer Pet Tracker Reviews

February 20, 2024

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If you’re considering buying a GPS pet tracker, you’re likely doing your research and reading safer pet tracker reviews. As a pet owner myself, I know how stressful it can be when your furry friend goes missing. A reliable pet tracker can give you peace of mind and help find your pet if they become lost.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Safer Pet trackers based on customer reviews and expert insights. I’ll provide tips for choosing the right model, using the mobile app, getting the most from your subscription, and more.

A Quick Introduction to Safer Pet Trackers

Safer Pet Tracker

Safer Pet offers GPS and WiFi pet trackers to monitor your cat or dog’s location and activity levels. Their trackers are ultra lightweight at just 23g and fit on your pet’s existing collar.

The key features based on safer pet tracker reviews include:

  • GPS tracking – Track your pet’s location in real time with accuracy up to 10m.
  • Activity monitoring – Get insights into your pet’s daily exercise and activity patterns.
  • Ultracompact size – One of the smallest and lightest trackers available.
  • Splashproof design – Durable enough for most outdoor activities.
  • Long battery life – Up to 3 days of use before recharging.
  • Multi-network SIM – Uses cellular data and WiFi for strong, reliable connectivity across Europe.
  • Smartphone app – Easy to use app to view location, set safe zones, and more.

Choosing the Right Safer Pet Tracker

With excellent customer satisfaction and 4.5/5 star safer pet tracker reviews, any model you choose will likely meet your needs. However, there are a few factors to consider when selecting the best tracker for your pet:

Dog vs. Cat Tracker

  • Safer Pet offers the same tracker for both dogs and cats. It comes with different colored cases to distinguish between pets.
  • The lightweight, compact design works well for smaller pets under 15 kg. Larger dogs may require a heavier duty tracker.
Safer Pet Gps Dog Tracker
Safer Pet Cat Gps Tracker

Subscription Plan Duration

  • Safer Pet tracker subscriptions can be purchased annually for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years. Longer subscriptions offer the best value.
  • I recommend starting with an annual plan in case you want to switch models. Upgrade to a longer plan once you’re happy.


  • Extra silicone cases make it easy to swap the tracker between multiple pets.
  • Collar attachments ensure a secure fit, especially for active pets.
  • Portable chargers help recharge the tracker on the go.


  • The upfront cost is £29.99 for the tracker plus subscription fees.
  • Overall costs range from £77.99 for a 1 year subscription up to £149.99 for a 5 year plan.
  • Additional cases and accessories will add £5-15 to your total.

What Owners Love in Safer Pet Tracker Reviews

Across various customer review sites like Trustpilot, Facebook, and Amazon, Safer Pet earns consistently positive feedback. Here are some of the features and benefits owners highlight most in safer pet tracker reviews:

Accurate Real-Time Tracking

  • The GPS tracking locates pets down to a 10m radius in real-time via the app.
  • Reviewers say the accuracy and mapping integration provides “complete peace of mind.”
Safer Pet Tracker Real Time Tracking

Reliable Connectivity

  • The cellular and WiFi capability means tracking works almost anywhere.
  • One owner said the tracker “has never failed to connect…even in remote areas.”

Lightweight and Durable

  • At just 23g, the tracker doesn’t bother pets as much as bulkier models.
  • The splashproof silicone case holds up well for daily outdoor use.
Safer Pet Tracker Lightweight And Durable

Long Battery Life

  • Up to 3 days of operation per charge limits recharging needs.
  • Having a backup tracker or external charger helps during longer outings.
Safer Pet Tracker Long Battery Life

Easy Set Up and Use

  • Most owners describe the app set up process as quick and intuitive.
  • Useful features like location history and customizable safe zones make the app user-friendly.

Key Features To Understand

While safer pet tracker reviews are overwhelmingly positive, there are a few limitations to note regarding the trackers’ features and functionality:

Multi-Network SIM Card

  • The included SIM card automatically switches between cellular networks to maintain the strongest signal.
  • It does not require any activation or add-on plans. All fees are included with your subscription.
  • Coverage extends across most of Europe. Just be aware of any out of country usage fees.

Activity Monitoring

  • This feature tracks your pet’s step counts, distance traveled, and frequency of activity vs rest.
  • It relies on algorithms and shouldn’t replace professional health assessments. Take major changes as a cue to consult your vet.
Safer Pet Tracker Activity Monitoring

Location Updates & Live Tracking

  • In standalone mode, location updates are sent every 5 minutes.
  • When live tracking, updates occur every 10-60 seconds depending on connectivity. This uses more battery.
  • Keep in mind lag time between updates means live view isn’t completely “real-time.”

Geofences & Safe Zones

  • You can create custom safe zones and get alerts when your pet exits the zone.
  • For best results, make zones large enough so alerts are triggered only when truly wandering.
  • Geofences rely on GPS and mapping data so aren’t foolproof. Don’t use as a containment system.
Safer Pet Tracker Geofences & Safe Zones 1

Sharing Access & Pets

  • You can add family members to help track pets through the app.
  • Switching the tracker between pets requires a manual app update each time. It doesn’t automatically detect different pets.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Safer Pet Tracker

To maximize the benefits of your pet tracker, keep these top tips in mind:

  • Always keep the tracker charged when not in use. Let it fully drain then recharge every few months.
  • Position the tracker high on your pet’s collar to improve GPS signal reception.
  • Set up safe zones based on your normal walking routes and pet’s territory.
  • Use live tracking judiciously to conserve battery. Monitor activity patterns in standalone mode.
  • Share app access with family members so they can help monitor your pet too.
  • Switch your pet’s name in the app if attaching the tracker to a different pet.
  • Consider a backup tracker or battery pack for longer excursions or emergency use.
  • Check the fit of the collar attachment regularly so it doesn’t fall off.
  • Keep your phone OS and the Safer Pet app updated to maintain performance.
  • Use a durable case or cover to protect your phone when live tracking on hikes.
  • Report any technical issues promptly to Safer Pet’s customer support team.

Safer Pet App User Guide

The functionality of the Safer Pet tracker revolves around their mobile app. Here’s an overview of the key features and how to use them:

Downloading and Setup

  • Get the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Create an account and input your subscription code from Safer Pet.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and location services.
  • Follow the in-app pairing process to connect your tracker.

Viewing Your Pet’s Location

  • Your pet shows as an icon on the map view. You can zoom in and out.
  • Switch between map, satellite, and hybrid views for most accuracy.
  • Location accuracy is approximately 10 meters.

Live Tracking Mode

  • Tap the “Find” button to enable live tracking and get updated locations every few seconds.
  • This drains battery quicker but is helpful if your pet is lost.

Activity Monitoring

  • View daily and weekly charts showing your pet’s activity patterns and step counts.
  • You can tag certain walks as “adventures” for additional stats.

Location History and Timeline

  • See your pet’s recent locations and route history over the past days or weeks.
  • The timeline shows each checked-in location with timestamp and geofence alerts.

Geofences and Safe Zones

  • Use these custom zones to get notified if your pet leaves a designated safe area.
  • Draw zones by dropping pins or defining a radius around an address.
  • Get alerts when your pet enters or exits the zone boundaries.

Sharing Access

  • Tap the “Add Member” button to invite family and friends via email.
  • Customize permissions to let others view, track, or edit pet profiles.
  • Great for families, pet sitters, dog walkers, etc.

Getting the Most from Your Safer Pet Subscription

Your Safer Pet subscription enables all the key tracking and monitoring features. Here are some tips for maximizing the value you get:

Choose a Longer Initial Subscription

The longer the subscription, the lower the monthly cost. Start with at least a 2 year plan if you know you want ongoing access. You can always renew for shorter periods later.

Add Extra Devices

You can use the same subscription to pair additional Safer Pet trackers. This is handy for multi-pet families or getting a backup tracker.

Renew Early to Avoid Lapse

Set a reminder to renew your subscription a month before the expiration date. Lapses in subscription can disrupt your access temporarily.

Leverage Premium Support

Extended premium support is included with 2 year or longer subscription plans. Use this for setup help or troubleshooting tech issues.

Use Auto-Renewal

Opt into auto-renewal when possible so you don’t risk any subscription lapse between terms. You can always cancel later.

Share Access with Family

Add family members to your subscription so they can also view and monitor your pets when needed. Great for pet sitters too.

Switch Between Pets

The same subscription allows you to switch the tracker between multiple pets. Just update the pet profile each time.

Safer Pet Tracker Geofences & Safe Zones

If you want basic location tracking without monthly fees, radio frequency trackers like the Loc8tor pet tracker are an affordable option, albeit with more limited range compared to GPS models like Safer Pet.

Comparison to Other Providers

How does Safer Pet stack up against competitors like Tractive, Pawfit, and Findster? Here’s a look at how key features compare:

FeatureSafer PetTractivePawfitFindster
Starting Price£29.99£34.99£64.99£79.99
Subscription Fee£2.50-£4/month£4.99-£9.99/month£6.25-£12.50/month£4.17-£8.33/month
Battery LifeUp to 3 days2-5 days1-3 days3-7 days
Tracking RangeUnlimitedUnlimited6 miles0.5 miles
Water ResistanceSplashproofSubmersibleRainproofLight rain
Activity MonitoringYesYesYesNo

As you can see, Safer Pet offers comparable features to the popular brands at very competitive price points. The lightweight design, long battery life, unlimited range, and robust app capabilities make it a top choice for pet owners.

Final Thoughts

I hope this comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to decide if a Safer Pet GPS tracker is right for your cat or dog. Based on customer safer pet tracker reviews and expert evaluation, these devices offer reliable tracking, insights into your pet’s activity, and peace of mind if your pet becomes lost.

The affordable upfront cost, flexible subscription options, and helpful customer support reinforce why Safer Pet is one of the best pet tracker solutions available today. Take advantage of their 14 day money back guarantee if you want to give it a risk-free trial. With precautions like keeping it charged and properly fitted, a Safer Pet tracker can provide you invaluable comfort as a pet owner for years to come.

For budget-focused shoppers, the PETBIZ GPS pet tracker offers impressive features like 30-day battery life at a fraction of the cost, though lacks the sophistication of the Safer Pet app experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Safer Pet trackers use GPS and WiFi to pinpoint your pet’s location remotely.
  • Key benefits include real-time tracking, activity monitoring, compact size, long battery life, and easy app usage.
  • Choose the right model based on your pet’s size, budget, needed accessories, and optimal subscription plan duration.
  • Tips like updating safe zones, maintaining the charge, and leveraging sharing features allow you to get the most out of your tracker.
  • Safer Pet compares favorably to competitors like Tractive and Pawfit in terms of core features and value. See our in-depth Tagg pet tracker review for a look at another top-rated GPS pet tracking option.
  • With the right expectations around battery life, geofencing limits, and live tracking lag time, most owners give Safer Pet positive reviews.