Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker Review 2024: Features, Cost, Pros & Cons

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Pod 3 Gps Tracker

Welcome to the most in-depth guide on the internet for the Pod 3 GPS pet tracker. As a pet tech expert who has tested dozens of best smart dog collars, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Pod 3, from features and functionality to setup, cost breakdown, and tips for getting the most out of this powerful tracking device.

Whether you’re considering purchasing Pod 3 or want to better utilize an existing device, you’ll find all the details here. Read on to learn how Pod 3 can provide peace of mind by keeping precise track of your furry friends!

What is the Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker?

The Pod 3 GPS pet tracker is a compact, lightweight tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar to monitor their real-time location. Created by Australia-based Pod Trackers, it builds on previous versions as their most advanced model yet.

Pod 3 Gps Pet Tracker

Key features include:

  • Real-time GPS tracking worldwide
  • Activity and fitness monitoring
  • Customizable safe zones
  • Waterproof, impact-resistant design
  • Interchangeable batteries

Pod 3 uses GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular data to pinpoint your pet indoors or out. View movements, set boundaries, get escape alerts, and have 24/7 location info for cats, dogs and more.

How Does the Pod 3 Pet Tracker Work?

Pod 3 utilizes multiple technologies to enable indoor and outdoor tracking, packing impressive capabilities into a mini GPS pet tracker:

GPS Tracking

When outdoors with a clear sky view, Pod 3 connects to GPS satellites for precise location. This provides the most accurate tracking anywhere on the globe.

Pod 3 Gps Tracking

WiFi & Bluetooth Tracking

Indoors or without GPS, Pod 3 uses WiFi signals from your home network or public hotspots to determine position.

It also has Bluetooth tracking within a 30 ft range using your smartphone.

Cellular Data

A built-in cellular chip and service plan allow Pod 3 to transmit location data to the app over 2G/3G networks in 175+ countries.

This enables virtually unlimited range as long as there’s mobile coverage.

Pod 3 App

Pod 3 App

The user-friendly iOS and Android app displays your pet’s real-time location on a map. It also provides access to set safe zones, monitor activity, view location history, and customize all settings remotely.

Key Pod 3 Features and Capabilities

Now let’s dive into the essential features that make Pod 3 stand out as a top pet tracker:

Real-Time Location Tracking

In “Adventure Mode”, Pod 3 updates location as often as every 10 seconds. This near instantaneous tracking allows ultra precise monitoring of your pet’s whereabouts.

Pod 3 Real Time Location Tracking

The refresh rate can be customized to extend battery life as needed.

3 Tracking Modes

Pod 3 offers 3 GPS modes:

  1. Standby – Location updates every 3 hours for maximum 5 day battery
  2. Safe Zone – Alerts if pet leaves designated areas, 2 min – 2 hr updates, 1.5-3 day battery
  3. Adventure – Real-time 10 second updates for walks/hikes, 8 hr battery

Easily switch modes based on your pet’s activity.

Activity & Fitness Monitoring

Track more than just location. Similar to the Pawfit dog GPS tracker, Pod 3 monitors how much your pet moves throughout the day, including:

Pod 3 Activity & Movement Monitoring
  • Distance traveled
  • Minutes active
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep patterns

Spot changes in activity that may indicate health issues or problems.

Customizable Safe Zones

Pod 3 Customizable Safe Zones

Create virtual “fences” where your pet can safely roam, like your yard or the dog park. Instant smartphone notifications alert you if they wander outside the set boundaries.

Establish multiple zones for home, family, friends, etc.

Adventure Recording

Pod 3 Adventure Recording

In real-time Adventure Mode, Pod 3 will map and record your pet’s entire journey. View a detailed summary afterward showing route, distance, time active, and more.

Great for hikes, walks, or just seeing where they go all day!

24 Hour Location History

The app stores a full day of your pet’s location history. Scroll back in time to see visited spots, movement patterns, and time spent in each place.

Multi-Pet Sharing

Easily monitor multiple pets from a single account. Invite family and pet sitters to your Pack to ensure your animals always have eyes on them.

Rugged, Waterproof Design

Pod 3 boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating for submersion up to 3 ft deep for 30 min. It’s also shockproof to withstand playful romps. An essential feature for active pets.

Pod 3 Setup Process

Setting up Pod 3 is quick and easy:

Pod 3 Cat
  1. Fully charge device & sync batteries
  2. Download app & create account
  3. Attach Pod 3 securely to collar
  4. Pair device with app
  5. Customize safe zones & tracking

Then let your pet roam! Be sure to regularly check the battery level and collar attachment for a secure fit.

Using Pod 3 Effectively: Tips & Best Practices

To get the most out of your Pod 3 GPS pet tracker:

  • Utilize all 3 tracking modes to optimize battery. Whistle GPS pet trackers also offer long life.
  • Set multiple safe zones for your pet’s territory
  • Use Adventure Mode for walks & hikes
  • Review activity stats to ensure enough exercise
  • Share access with family for better monitoring
  • Keep the collar properly fitted to avoid slipping. Proper sizing is key, as noted in Fi smart dog collar review.
  • Charge batteries often for quick swaps
  • Customize important alerts to avoid notification overload
  • Analyze location history for movement patterns or concerns
  • Watch for activity changes indicating possible injury

Pod 3 Cost Breakdown

Here’s the pricing breakdown for Pod 3:

  • Device: $99 (3 year warranty)
  • Monthly Service: $8.95/mo
  • Annual Service: $47.40/year or $3.95/mo (Cheapest per month)

First Year Total Cost:

  • Device: $99 Annual Plan: $47.40
  • Total: $146.40

Pod 3 includes 2 rechargeable batteries, charging dock, collar attachment, and global cellular coverage on service plans.

Occasional promotions may discount the device price or offer limited free service. For lower cost options, consider NutTag pet tracker or Safer pet trackers.

Pod 3 Pros and Cons

Advantages of choosing a Pod 3:

  • ✓ Worldwide GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity
  • ✓ Real-time tracking every 10 seconds
  • ✓ Records both activity & location 24/7
  • ✓ IPX7 waterproof rating
  • ✓ Instant escape alerts
  • ✓ Extensive location history
  • ✓ Share with unlimited users

Potential drawbacks to consider:

  • ✗ Requires monthly service plan
  • ✗ Limited real-time battery life
  • ✗ Sizable device for small pets
  • ✗ May not update location instantly 100% of the time

Pod 3 vs Competitors

Here’s how Pod 3 compares to other top GPS pet trackers:

TrackerBattery LifeWaterproofPriceSubscription
Pod 35 daysIPX7$99$3.95-8.95/mo
Whistle GO15 daysIPX8$129$12.99/mo
Tractive GPS5 daysIPX7$49.99$4.99-9.99/mo
Fi Collar3-5 daysIP68$149$99/yr

Pod 3 offers comparable tracking and durability to other leading options at a competitive price point. Interchangeable batteries are a standout feature.

Pod 3 FAQs

Is there a monthly fee for Pod 3?

Yes, a service plan is required for cellular data and GPS functionality. Choose $8.95/month or $47.40/year.

What’s the battery life?

5 days on Standby Mode, 8 hours real-time Adventure Mode. Swap in a spare to maximize uptime.

Where can I buy Pod 3?

At Pod Trackers website, Amazon, and other pet retailers. Not sold in physical stores.

Does it work for cats and dogs?

Yes! The lightweight, secure design suits all pet types.

Will it track my pet internationally?

With an active service plan, Pod 3 works anywhere with 2G/3G cell networks. Tractive GPS pet trackers also cover 175+ countries.

How accurate is Pod 3 tracking?

GPS accuracy ranges from 10 ft indoors to 30 ft outdoors depending on conditions. Updates as fast as every 10 seconds.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Pod 3 GPS pet tracker delivers high-end tracking features in a reliable, durable package. Real-time location, custom safe zones, fitness monitoring, adventure recording and multi-pet support provide unmatched peace of mind.

Battery life limitations are standard for such robust tracking. The service plan is reasonably priced for what you get. Few other trackers match Pod 3’s capabilities.

After thoroughly testing Pod 3 with pets of my own, I highly recommend it for keeping tabs on adventurous cats and dogs. The Tagg pet tracker is another great option for active pups. You won’t find a more comprehensive, user-friendly way to ensure your furry friends are always safe.

Key Takeaways

  • Pod 3 provides pinpoint GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth location tracking worldwide
  • Three modes balance battery life and real-time updates
  • Monitors activity metrics like distance, calories and sleep
  • Set custom safe zones with instant escape alerts
  • Built rugged and waterproof for active pets
  • Share location with unlimited friends and family
  • Competitively priced with plans starting under $4/month
  • An invaluable tool for any pet parent wanting total peace of mind

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