The Ultimate Guide to the Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker (2024)

December 19, 2023

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Welcome to the most comprehensive guide on the internet for the Pod 3 GPS pet tracker. This in-depth resource covers everything you need to know about Pod 3, from features and functionality to setup, cost breakdown, and tips for getting the most out of this powerful tracking device.

Whether you’re considering purchasing Pod 3 or are looking to better utilize an existing device, you’ll find all the details here. Read on to learn how Pod 3 can provide peace of mind by keeping track of your furry friends!

What is the Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker?

Pod 3 Gps Pet Tracker

The Pod 3 GPS pet tracker is a small, lightweight tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar to monitor their location in real time.

Pod 3 uses a combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular data to pinpoint your pet’s location whether they are indoors or outdoors. It was created by Pod Trackers, an Australia-based company founded in 2014 that focuses on producing compact, versatile pet trackers.

The Pod 3 builds on previous versions to create their most advanced model yet. Key features include:

  • Real-time GPS tracking worldwide
  • Activity and fitness monitoring
  • Customizable safe zones
  • Waterproof, impact-resistant design
  • Interchangeable batteries

With Pod 3, you can view your pet’s movements, set boundaries, be alerted if they escape, and get peace of mind knowing their location 24/7. It aims to be an all-in-one solution for keeping track of cats, dogs, and other pets.

How Does the Pod 3 Pet Tracker Work?

The Pod 3 pet tracker utilizes a combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular data to provide indoor and outdoor tracking capabilities.

GPS Tracking

When outdoors, Pod 3 will connect via GPS satellites to pinpoint your pet’s location. GPS provides the most accurate tracking and works anywhere your pet has a clear view of the sky.

Pod 3 Gps Tracking

WiFi & Bluetooth Tracking

If your pet is indoors or in an area where GPS is unavailable, Pod 3 can connect via WiFi or Bluetooth signals. It will use your home WiFi network or nearby WiFi hotspots to determine their position.

Bluetooth tracking with your smartphone is available when your pet is within range. This allows for tracking within about a 30 foot radius.

Cellular Data

Pod 3 has a built-in cellular chip and uses mobile data to transmit location information to the app on your phone. It works on both 2G and 3G networks across over 175 countries.

Cellular connectivity means Pod 3 can track from virtually unlimited distances, as long as your pet is within coverage of a mobile network.

Pod 3 App

Pod 3 App

The Pod 3 app is available for iOS and Android devices. It displays your pet’s location on a map and provides access to all the tracker’s features.

The app shows your pet’s current location as well as 24 hour location history. You can set safe zones, monitor activity, track adventures, and more.

With the app, you can view data and control settings from anywhere in the world your pet might roam!

Pod 3 Features and Capabilities

Now that you understand the basics of how Pod 3 functions, let’s dive into the key features and capabilities that make this GPS pet tracker so useful:

Real-Time Location Tracking

Pod 3 Real Time Location Tracking

Pod 3 provides real-time tracking of your pet’s location updated every 10 seconds when in “Adventure Mode”. This near instantaneous tracking allows you to closely monitor your pet’s whereabouts.

The location refresh rate is customizable based on your preferences and needs. Faster updates will drain battery quicker while less frequent updates conserve battery.

3 Tracking Modes

There are 3 tracking modes available on Pod 3:

  • Standby – For minimal battery usage, Standby mode updates location every 3 hours. Battery lasts up to 5 days.
  • Safe Zone – Get location updates every 2 minutes to 2 hours with alerts if your pet wanders outside designated safe zones. Battery lasts 1.5-3 days.
  • Adventure – Real-time updates as quick as every 10 seconds. Great for closely monitoring pets on walks. Battery lasts 6-8 hours.

You can switch between modes as needed based on your pet’s activity.

Activity & Movement Monitoring

Pod 3 Activity & Movement Monitoring

In addition to location, Pod 3 tracks your pet’s activity and movement patterns. Devices like the Pawfit provide in-depth activity monitoring including distance traveled, calories burned, rest patterns and more.

Unusual changes in movement can also alert you if your pet gets into trouble or experiences distress.

Customizable Safe Zones

Pod 3 Customizable Safe Zones

With Pod 3, you can define customizable “safe zones” where your pet can roam freely like your yard or neighborhood.

If your pet leaves the safe zone, you will receive instant mobile alerts informing you they have wandered off or escaped.

You can set multiple safe zones as needed like your home, your parent’s house, the dog park, etc.

Adventure Recording

Pod 3 Adventure Recording

When your pet is on a big adventure like a hike or walk around town, you can track it in real time with Pod 3.

The device will record details like the path followed, distance traveled, time spent active, and more. You can view the full adventure playback later.

Location History

Pod 3 stores your pet’s location history for the past 24 hours.

You can scroll back through the history to see exactly where your pet has been, view the tracking method used, and the time each location was logged.

Sharing & Multiple Pets

The Pod 3 app allows you to add multiple pets to a single account. You can share access with family and friends so others can help keep tabs on your pet’s location too.

This makes Pod 3 great for families or pet sitters who need to monitor more than one pet.

Waterproof & Rugged

Pod 3 features a waterproof design with IPX7 water resistance. It can be submerged in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

The tracker is also shockproof and impact resistant. It can withstand your pet’s active lifestyle including running, scratching, playing, and more.

You don’t have to worry about Pod 3 getting wet or banged up which is essential for pet tracking devices.

Pod 3 Setup Process

Setting up the Pod 3 GPS pet tracker only takes a few minutes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Charge the Pod 3 device and sync battery
  2. Download the Pod 3 app to your smartphone
  3. Create an account in the app and log in
  4. Attach Pod 3 to your pet’s collar
  5. Pair with the device in the Pod 3 app
  6. Customize settings like safe zones and tracking mode
Pod 3 Cat

And that’s it! Pod 3 will automatically start updating your pet’s location. Customize notification alerts, activity goals, and sharing options as needed.

Be sure to always keep a charged battery in the device and sync it regularly. Also check the attachment on your pet’s collar to make sure it stays securely fastened.

Using Pod 3 Effectively

Here are some tips and best practices for getting the most out of your Pod 3 GPS pet tracker:

  • Take advantage of all 3 tracking modes to maximize battery life
  • Set up multiple safe zones like your home, yard, etc.
  • Use real-time Adventure Mode for walks and hikes
  • Check activity stats to make sure your pet gets enough exercise
  • Share access with family to better monitor with multiple users like the Whistle and Tractive which also allow sharing
  • Attach to a properly fitted collar that won’t slip off
  • Keep charged batteries on hand for quick swaps when low
  • Customize notifications so you receive alerts that matter most
  • Review location history to identify habits and territory
  • Monitor unexpected changes in movement for signs of injury or distress
  • Update your pet’s weight periodically to keep activity goals accurate as with the Fi Collar which allows inputting exact weight

Following these tips will help you fully utilize Pod 3’s capabilities for more effective pet tracking.

Pod 3 GPS Tracker Cost Breakdown

So how much does it cost to purchase and operate the Pod 3 GPS pet tracker? Here is a full overview of the pricing:

  • Pod 3 device – $99
  • Monthly service plan – $8.95/month
  • Annual service plan – $47.40/year ($3.95/month)

Total first year cost:

  • Device – $99
  • 1 Year service plan – $47.40
  • Total: $146.40

The device comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, a charging dock, and attachment straps.

You must purchase a service plan to access cellular data which allows using GPS and WiFi tracking capabilities. Monthly and annual (cheaper) plans are available.

There are occasional sales and promotions that lower the device cost and waive service fees for limited periods.

Overall, Pod 3 provides robust tracking capabilities for a reasonable price compared to competitors. The service plan cost is justified based on wide coverage and features.

Pod 3 GPS Tracker Pros & Cons

As with any pet tracking device, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider with Pod 3:

Pod 3 Pros

  • Excellent connectivity with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Real-time location tracking worldwide
  • Tracks both activity and location
  • Fully waterproof and rugged
  • Alerts for leaving safe zones
  • Long history of location data
  • Sharing and multi-pet capabilities

Pod 3 Cons

  • Monthly or yearly service plan required
  • Battery life limited in Adventure Mode
  • Large size may not suit smaller pets
  • Location updates can be slow at times

Overall, Pod 3 delivers exceptional tracking capabilities for the price. Its minor drawbacks are common among most effective pet trackers on the market.

Pod 3 GPS Tracker Competitors

While Pod 3 is a top choice, there are other GPS pet trackers that provide similar functionality:

Whistle GO

  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth tracking
  • Activity monitoring
  • Waterproof casing
  • Battery lasts 15 days

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Unlimited range
  • Works worldwide
  • Waterproof and rugged

Fi Smart Dog Collar

  • GPS and activity tracking
  • Low monthly fees
  • Training capabilities
  • 3-5 days battery life

Pod 3 compares favorably with its ability to combine robust location tracking, activity monitoring, waterproof design, and interchangeable batteries at a competitive price point.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pod 3

Q: Is there a monthly fee required for Pod 3?

Yes, an ongoing service plan is needed to access cellular data for GPS tracking capabilities. Monthly ($8.95) and yearly ($47.40) options are available.

Q: What is the battery life for Pod 3?

Battery life ranges from 5 days in Standby Mode up to 6-8 hours in Adventure Mode. Having interchangeable batteries helps maximize uptime.

Q: Where can I buy the Pod 3 GPS pet tracker?

Pod 3 is available from the official Pod Trackers website along with Amazon and other major online retailers. It is not sold in brick and mortar stores.

Q: Does Pod 3 work for both cats and dogs?

Yes, Pod 3 can effectively track both cats and dogs. The device is lightweight and attaches securely to collars for all pet types.

Q: Can Pod 3 track my pet’s location worldwide?

As long as you pay for an active service plan, Pod 3 can track your pet’s GPS location anywhere it has cellular network coverage, which includes 175+ countries globally.

Q: How accurate is the Pod 3 GPS tracking?

Depending on conditions, Pod 3 tracking accuracy can range from 10 feet indoors to 30 feet outdoors. Location updates occur as quickly as every 10 seconds.

Final Thoughts on Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker

The Pod 3 offers advanced GPS tracking and activity monitoring in a compact, durable package.

Key benefits include: robust activity metrics like those of the Pawfit, custom safe zones to monitor your pet’s whereabouts, real-time tracking during walks and hikes, and sharing capability with multiple users.

Minor drawbacks like battery life are a reasonable tradeoff for robust functionality. Pod 3 provides comprehensive tracking to give pet owners peace of mind.

Overall, Pod 3 is highly recommended for keeping close tabs on your furry friends wherever they roam. It earns our endorsement as a top choice GPS tracker for cats, dogs, and other pets.