PetSafe vs Extreme Dog Fence: Which is Better? (2024 Comparison)

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Extreme Dog Fence Vs Petsafe

Choosing the right invisible dog fence for your home can be a challenge. The two most popular brands are PetSafe and Extreme Dog Fence. But which one should you get – PetSafe or Extreme Dog Fence?

I’ve installed and tested both PetSafe and Extreme Dog Fence systems, so I can provide an in-depth comparison to help you decide which is better for your needs.

Overview of PetSafe and Extreme Dog Fence


Petsafe Logo
  • Founded in 1991
  • Largest manufacturer of electronic pet fences
  • Focus on wireless and portable systems
  • Circular boundary up to 3/4 acre
  • Easier “plug and play” installation
  • 5 levels of static correction
  • Rechargeable collar battery

PetSafe offers various wireless fences including the Stay & Play and Wireless Pet Containment System models. Those interested in PetSafe may also want to compare it to Halo vs Petsafe when evaluating wireless dog fence options.

Extreme Dog Fence

Extreme Dog Fence
  • 20+ years experience
  • Underground wired systems
  • Customizable boundary shape and size
  • Can cover up to 25 acres
  • Buried wire installation
  • 5-8 levels of static correction
  • Heavy duty components

Key Differences

Installation and Portability

A key difference is that PetSafe systems are wireless and portable, while Extreme Dog Fence requires installing underground wire.

PetSafe’s wireless design means quick and easy setup – just plug in the transmitter and adjust the boundary size. It’s also portable so you can take it camping or traveling.

Petsafe Wireless Fence Power

Extreme Dog Fence allows fully customizable boundaries, but installation takes more time and labor to bury the wire. The upside is it works better over varied terrain.

Extreme Dog Fence Installation
Extreme Dog Fence

Correction Levels

Both systems offer multiple static correction levels so you can tailor the stimulation to your dog’s sensitivity and training needs.

PetSafe has 5 standard correction levels, while Extreme Dog Fence offers 5-8 levels depending on the model. Both have a tone-only warning mode as well.

Petsafe Correction Levels

Coverage Area and Range

For small yards under 1 acre, PetSafe’s wireless models are a good affordable option.

Petsafe Wireless Fence Boundary Control

However, Extreme Dog Fence wired systems can cover significantly larger areas from 1-25+ acres. Their heavy duty wire allows much longer fence lengths.

So if you need to contain a large area, Extreme Dog Fence can provide superior coverage and range.

Expandability and Accessories

A benefit of PetSafe is many systems can be expanded to include unlimited collars for multiple pets. Extreme Dog Fence can also support several collars depending on the model.

Both offer addons like remote training remotes and indoor boundary pods. However, PetSafe likely has a greater variety of accessories to further customize your system, like GPS trackers.

Durability and Construction

Extreme Dog Fence uses heavy duty 16 or 20 gauge wire, durable waterproof collars, and metal components that seem very sturdy.

Extreme Dog Fence 16 Gauge Wire
Extreme Dog Fence

PetSafe components don’t feel quite as rugged. However, their systems are designed to meet PETS lifestyle standards for safety.

So Extreme Dog Fence may have a longevity advantage for rough conditions, but PetSafe offers solid construction too.

How to Choose Between PetSafe and Extreme Dog Fence

Consider your coverage needs:

  • Small property under 1 acre? PetSafe is a good wireless option
  • Large yard over 5 acres? Extreme Dog Fence can provide broader containment

Think about portability:

  • Need to move it frequently? PetSafe’s wireless models are easily transportable
  • Only using it at your home? A wired Extreme Dog Fence allows full customization

Factor in your terrain:

  • Lots of hills or obstructions? Wired fence works more consistently
  • Flat yard with direct line of sight? Wireless PetSafe models work well

Look at expandability:

  • Have multiple dogs? Both support expandability, but PetSafe may have more accessory options
  • Only need a 1-dog system? You may not need to pay extra for add-ons

Consider your installation abilities:

  • Want the easiest quick setup? Go with a wireless PetSafe system
  • Don’t mind installing underground wires? Extreme Dog Fence provides security of a wired install

Think about your training style:

  • Prefer multiple correction settings to train your dog? Both brands offer this flexibility
  • Need the highest correction levels? Extreme Dog Fence may suit more stubborn dogs

For smaller yards, PetSafe wireless systems like the Stay & Play are quick and easy to set up. If comparing PetSafe to alternatives, also look at Premier Pet Wireless Fence vs PetSafe for other wireless invisible fence options.

Bottom Line

For small yards or portable solutions, PetSafe offers fast wireless setup and flexibility.

But for larger coverage areas and customizable boundaries, Extreme Dog Fence is a top choice with its robust wired systems.

Whichever you choose, proper training is vital for any invisible fence to work effectively for your dog. With patience and consistency, you can have peace of mind knowing your pup is secure in your yard.

How much does an invisible dog fence cost?

Expect to pay $200-800 for the complete system and installation. Coverage area, wiring, features, and labor affect the overall cost.

What is the range of an invisible dog fence?

Wireless systems cover a circular area up to 1 acre. Wired systems can cover 1 acre to 25+ acres depending on length of wire.

How do invisible fences work?

A wire transmits a radio signal creating a boundary. Collars emit a tone or static shock when crossing the boundary. This contains dogs without physical fences.

How long does dog fence installation take?

  • Wireless: 1-3 hours
  • Wired: Depends on property size but often 6-8 hours over several days.

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