The Ultimate Guide to PetFON Pet GPS Trackers

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Petfon Gps Pet Tracker Review

A PetFON GPS tracker can give pet owners peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their pet’s location and activity. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look at PetFON pet trackers to help you decide if one is right for your furry friend.

How PetFON Pet Trackers Work

Petfon Pet Trackers

PetFON trackers use a combination of GPS, WiFi, and cellular signals to pinpoint your pet’s location in real-time and track their daily activity.

  • The tracker attaches to your pet’s collar to monitor their movements.
  • The PetFON app on your smartphone receives tracking data and alerts.
  • Geo-fencing features let you designate safe zones for your pet. If they leave the area, you get notified.
  • No cellular plan or subscription is needed to use basic tracking features.

Key Benefits of PetFON Dog GPS Trackers

PetFON offers pet owners a smart tracking solution with the following advantages:

  • Real-time location tracking – View your pet’s location in real-time on a map via the app.
  • Activity monitoring – Track steps taken, distance traveled, and energy burned.
  • Geo-fencing – Get alerts when your pet leaves or enters designated safe zones.
  • No monthly fees – Use real-time GPS tracking without a cellular subscription.
  • Radar tracking – Use radar to locate your pet when GPS signal is weak.
  • Water resistant – Tracker keeps working even in wet weather.
  • Alerts and lighting – Use sound alerts or light up the tracker to locate your pet.
  • Portability – Bring your pet’s tracker anywhere with the travel charging case.

Factors to Consider When Buying a PetFON Tracker

Intended Use

Think about when and where you plan to use a PetFON tracker. It’s best for outdoor activities like walks, hikes, camping trips, not 24/7 indoor monitoring.

Your Pet’s Size

Make sure to select a tracker sized appropriately for your pet’s collar. Measure collar width before purchasing.

Battery Life

Battery lasts around 8-16 hours depending on settings like GPS frequency. Have a plan for recharging if using for long periods.

Tracking Range

Range is up to 0.6 miles in urban areas, over 3 miles in open spaces. Performance depends on environmental factors.

Subscription Plans

Basic features work without a plan, but a subscription extends functionality like data storage and expanded location range.


PetFON trackers use a combination of GPS, WiFi, cellular signals for improved accuracy. But factors like tree coverage can impact connectivity.

How to Set Up Your PetFON Tracker

Setting up a PetFON tracker is quick and straightforward:

  1. Charge the tracker and download the PetFON app.
  2. Create an account in the app and sync the tracker.
  3. Attach the tracker to your pet’s collar using the included rubber band.
  4. Customize settings like geo-fences and tracking frequency in the app.
  5. Monitor your pet’s activity and location in real-time! Get alerts if they leave a safe zone.
  6. When finished, tap into the travel charger case to recharge.
Set Up Your Petfon Tracker

PetFON vs. Competitor Pet GPS Trackers

How does PetFON compare to other popular pet GPS trackers like Whistle, Tractive, and Fi?


  • No subscription required
  • Good for outdoor use
  • Shorter battery life


  • Subscription required
  • Specialized health features
  • Long battery life


  • Subscription optional
  • Fully waterproof
  • Unlimited range


  • Subscription required
  • Works for cats and dogs
  • Emphasis on safety features


  • No subscription required
  • Good range for remote areas
  • Battery saver mode

Customer Reviews of PetFON Dog GPS Trackers

Petfon Pet Trackers 1

Overall, PetFON receives positive reviews for its easy setup, accurate location tracking, radar feature, and lack of subscription fees.

However, some drawbacks mentioned are short battery life, large size of tracker, and potential connectivity issues in remote areas without WiFi or cellular signals.

“This PetFON tracker gives me peace of mind when my dog is off leash at the park. The geo-fencing alerts work great if he wanders too far.”

“I tried PetFON for camping trips because there’s no monthly fee. Worked pretty well in the woods but did lose signal at times.”

“The PetFON tracker is bulky on my cat’s collar. I switched to a smaller tracker after a week.”

Final Verdict: Who is PetFON Best For?

For pet owners seeking an affordable real-time GPS tracker, PetFON hits the key marks. It excels for adventures like hiking, camping, road trips, and dog park visits where robust WiFi/cellular connectivity isn’t critical.

The lack of monthly fees keeps costs down. But the shorter battery life means it’s not ideal for all day use or monitoring anxious pets that wander.

Overall, PetFON is a budget-friendly pet tracking option with helpful activity monitoring features and radar tracking capability that make it stand out from competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions About PetFON Dog Trackers

Does PetFON require a monthly subscription?

No, PetFON offers real-time GPS location tracking without any monthly subscription required. However, an optional subscription plan extends features.

Is the PetFON tracker waterproof?

PetFON trackers have an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning they can withstand being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

How long does the PetFON battery last?

Battery life ranges from 8-16 hours depending on settings like GPS frequency. Toggling battery saver mode can extend it up to 72 hours.

What is the range of the PetFON tracker?

Maximum range is about 0.6 miles in urban areas and over 3 miles in open spaces. Range depends on environmental factors.

Can I track multiple pets with one PetFON app?

Yes, the PetFON app supports tracking up to 3 pets using multiple trackers synced to one account.

Does PetFON work internationally?

Yes, PetFON utilizes GPS satellites so it can provide location tracking in any country worldwide.

Key Takeaways on PetFON Pet GPS Trackers

  • PetFON uses GPS and cellular/WiFi signals to track pet location without monthly fees.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities; not optimal for 24/7 indoor monitoring.
  • Provides real-time tracking, geo-fencing, activity monitoring, radar tracking to find pets.
  • Battery lasts 8-16 hours depending on usage. Travel charging case available.
  • Good budget choice but potential connectivity issues in remote areas a trade-off.
  • Best suited for pet owners who want basic real-time tracking for trips and adventures.

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