The Ultimate PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker Review: Features, Pros & Cons

January 13, 2024

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If you’re a pet parent looking for the best GPS pet tracker to keep tabs on your furry friend, the PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker is a top contender.

In this comprehensive PETBIZ GPS pet tracker review, we’ll dive into all the key features, pros and cons, and compare it to other popular pet trackers on the market.

Overview of the PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker

Petbiz Gps Pet Tracker

The PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker is a lightweight, waterproof tracker that attaches to your pet’s collar to track their location and activity via GPS and cellular connectivity.

It uses NB-IoT cellular technology to provide real-time tracking across the United States and long 30+ day battery life. The PETBIZ app lets you view your pet’s location, create virtual fences, and get alerts if they escape a designated safe zone.

Beyond basic location tracking, the PETBIZ also monitors your pet’s daily activity like steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. It provides personalized nutrition recommendations based on your pet’s age, weight, breed, and activity level.

The PETBIZ GPS tracker is designed for dogs over 8 lbs and comes with a free 1-month trial of the app service. After the trial, monthly subscription plans start at $2.99/month.

PETBIZ GPS Tracker Features:

  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • 30+ day battery life
  • Waterproof, compact design
  • Activity and nutrition monitoring
  • Virtual fences and escape alerts
  • NB-IoT cellular connectivity
  • Lost pet tracking mode
  • 1-month free app trial
  • Plans from $2.99/month

Ideal For: Pet parents who want an affordable tracker with long battery life and robust features beyond just location monitoring. Good for adventurous, energetic pets.

PETBIZ GPS Tracker Benefits & Drawbacks

Key Benefits

  • Long battery life: The 30+ day battery life is a standout feature, far outpacing most competitors. No need to constantly recharge.
  • Accurate live tracking: Uses NB-IoT cellular connectivity for real-time GPS tracking across the United States, rather than relying solely on Bluetooth connectivity. Provides updated locations every 20-50 meters when in lost pet mode.
  • Waterproof: Fully waterproof housing lets you use it worry-free for swimming, rain, baths.
  • Nutrition monitoring: Computes your pet’s caloric needs based on activity level and other factors. Helpful for maintaining ideal weight.
  • Affordable: Hardware and monthly fees are budget-friendly compared to premium trackers.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 1.1 oz so easy for pets to wear comfortably.
  • Escape alerts: Get notifications immediately if your pet wanders outside of designated safe zones.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Limited range: Only works in the United States due to reliance on NB-IoT networks.
  • Requires subscription: App features don’t work without an ongoing paid subscription after the 1-month trial.
  • No training capabilities: Won’t provide correction stimuli if your pet crosses boundaries, only alerts you.
  • Not real-time: Locations are updated every 20-50 meters, not every single second. There can be a lag.
  • App issues: Some users report bugs and unreliability with the app. Customer service may be slow.

PETBIZ vs. Competitor GPS Pet Trackers

The PETBIZ competes with trackers from brands like Whistle, Tractive, Fi, and more. Here’s how it stacks up to other popular options:

TrackerBattery LifeWaterproofTrainingConnectivityPrice
PETBIZ30+ daysYesNoNB-IoT$89.99 + $2.99/mo
Whistle20 daysYesNoCellular + Bluetooth$149.95 + $9.95/mo
Tractive2-5 daysYesNoCellular + Bluetooth$49.99 + $4.99/mo
Fi Smart Dog Collar3 daysYesYesBluetooth + WiFi$149 + $99/yr

The PETBIZ stands out for its unbeatably long battery life and affordability. It lacks training capabilities but provides robust tracking and activity monitoring.

The Whistle GO is a top competitor with similar features and great app, but shorter battery life.

Tractive boasts real-time tracking but requires frequent charging. The Fi Smart Dog Collar offers training stimulation but relies on Bluetooth, not cellular data.

For the price, the PETBIZ GPS provides excellent bang for your buck if cellular tracking and long runtimes are your priority.

Getting Started with the PETBIZ GPS Tracker

Getting started with the PETBIZ tracker takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Charge the tracker fully before first use. Takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.
  2. Download the app for iOS or Android.
  3. Create an account in the app and register your PETBIZ tracker.
  4. Attach the tracker to your pet’s collar. Ensure proper fit.
  5. Monitor your pet’s location and activity in real-time through the app!
  6. Set up virtual fences, escape alerts, feeding goals, and other preferences.

Make sure to take advantage of the 1-month free trial to test the tracker’s performance before committing to a paid subscription.

Using the PETBIZ App Features

The PETBIZ app unlocks the full functionality of the tracker. Here are the key features and how to use them:

Real-Time Location Tracking

The app provides real-time tracking of your pet’s location via an interactive map. You can check-in at any time to see where they are. Locations refresh every 20-50 meters as your pet moves.

The map shows your pet’s current location, recent route, and lets you track multiple pets. You can bookmark favorite places too.

Petbiz Gps Pet Tracker Real Time Location Tracking

Activity & Nutrition Monitoring

The PETBIZ tracker uses proprietary motion algorithms to track your pet’s daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned and more.

You can set daily activity goals and the app will recommend personalized calorie requirements based on your pet’s vital stats and activity level.

Petbiz Gps Pet Tracker Activity & Nutrition Monitoring

Escape Alerts & Safe Zones

Create custom safe zones (aka geofences) where you want your pet to stay. If your pet wanders outside the safe zone, you’ll get instant mobile alerts.

You can designate areas around your home, your yard, a dog park, hiking trails, and more. Adjust the safe zone radius as needed.

Petbiz Gps Pet Tracker Escape Alerts & Safe Zones

Lost Pet Tracking Mode

If your pet escapes or wanders off too far, activating Lost Pet Mode will make the PETBIZ tracker update locations more frequently at 20-50 meter intervals.

This helps pinpoint your pet’s path and location faster when it really counts.

Location History & Sharing

The app stores your pet’s location history so you can review their daily routes and favorite hangouts. You can share access with family and friends too.

Battery Status Monitoring

Get alerts when the tracker battery is low so you remember to recharge. Full charges last for 30+ days.

Petbiz Gps Pet Tracker Battery Life

PETBIZ GPS Tracker Plans & Pricing

The PETBIZ GPS tracker starts with a free 1-month trial of the app service.

After the trial ends, you’ll need to select a paid subscription plan to maintain functionality:

  • Monthly: $2.99/month
  • 3 Months: $8.99 ($2.99/month)
  • 6 Months: $16.62 ($2.77/month)
  • 1 Year: $35.88 ($2.99/month)
  • 2 Years: $71.76 ($2.99/month)

As you can see, longer commitments provide lower effective monthly rates. But you can also go month to month.

Cancel anytime without penalties. There are no activation fees or contracts.

Compared to competitors, PETBIZ offers very affordable plans, especially for the features you get. For example, the Fi Smart Dog Collar costs $99/year just for Bluetooth tracking!

What Owners are Saying in PETBIZ Reviews

The PETBIZ GPS pet tracker averages a 3.2/5 star rating on Amazon based on nearly 300 reviews. Here are some common praise and complaints:

Positive PETBIZ Reviews:

  • Excellent battery life that lasts 30+ days
  • Lightweight and waterproof for dogs
  • Easy to attach to existing collar
  • Much cheaper than competitors
  • Provides helpful activity insights beyond just location

Negative PETBIZ Reviews:

  • connectivity and reliability issues
  • lag in location updates
  • app has bugs and feels cheap
  • customer service is slow
  • no training capabilities
  • doesn’t work outside USA

Many owners are thrilled with the long battery life and affordable price. However, some have experienced technical issues and say the app needs refinement. Customer service responsiveness could be improved.

Our assessment? For the low price, the PETBIZ delivers impressive value if you manage expectations on accuracy. Focus on core features like long runtime, waterproofing, activity tracking and you likely won’t be disappointed. But high-maintenance users may want to pay up for a more polished solution.

Petbiz Gps Pet Tracker Dog

PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker: Final Verdict

The PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker offers an compelling balance of features and affordability:

The Good

  • 30+ day battery life
  • Real-time location tracking via cellular networks
  • Waterproof, lightweight design
  • Activity and nutrition monitoring
  • Virtual fences and escape alerts
  • Lost pet tracking mode
  • Much cheaper than competitors

The Bad

  • Lag and delays in location updates
  • Buggy app needs improvement
  • No correction stimuli for training
  • Only works in the United States
  • Customer service could be better

Who Should Buy:

The PETBIZ is ideal for U.S.-based pet parents seeking an affordable, long-lasting GPS + activity tracker. Best for laidback owners who prioritize battery runtime and don’t require real-time precision.

The Bottom Line:

For less than $100, the PETBIZ GPS pet tracker packs impressive features like 30-day battery and detailed activity metrics. Minor shortcomings aside, it delivers excellent value. Just temper expectations on real-time accuracy. For pets who love the outdoors, it’s a cost-effective way to provide peace of mind. Products like the Fi Smart Dog Collar offer training capabilities, but rely on Bluetooth connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the PETBIZ GPS tracker work for cats?

Yes, the PETBIZ is suitable for both cats and dogs over 8 lbs. The lightweight, compact design works well for felines. Just be sure to attach the collar securely.

What carriers provide the cellular connectivity?

In the United States, the PETBIZ tracker uses the AT&T network for NB-IoT connectivity. You don’t need to activate a separate cell plan.

Can I use the PETBIZ outside the U.S.?

No, unfortunately the PETBIZ only works in the United States at this time as it relies on NB-IoT networks which are limited.

Does the PETBIZ tracker have monthly fees?

Yes, a paid subscription to the mobile app is required after the 1-month free trial. Monthly plans start at $2.99/month.

Is the PETBIZ tracker completely waterproof?

Yes, the PETBIZ has a waterproof rating of IP67. It can withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Safe for baths, swimming, rain and more.

How long does the battery last?

PETBIZ claims a 30+ day battery life on a single charge. Real-world use depends on tracking frequency. Enable power-saving mode to optimize battery runtime.

Can I track my pet’s location in real-time?

The tracker provides near real-time tracking but with a slight delay between location updates every 20-50 meters as your pet moves. It is not true second-by-second tracking.

How accurate is the PETBIZ GPS tracker?

Tests suggest real-world accuracy within 16 feet. Factors like satellite connections can affect accuracy. It may not pinpoint your pet’s exact location but will get you very close.

Does the PETBIZ offer correction for training?

No, the PETBIZ does not have any correction capabilities if your pet crosses virtual boundaries. It only sends you alerts via the app. For training stimuli, look at solutions like the Garmin Alpha and Dogtra Pathfinder systems.

Key Takeaways: PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker Review

  • The PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker is a lightweight, waterproof tracker that attaches to your pet’s collar.
  • It uses NB-IoT cellular networks to provide live tracking and long 30+ day battery life.
  • You’ll get real-time location monitoring, virtual fences, escape alerts, and activity/nutrition tracking.
  • Downsides include laggy updates and an imperfect app. Not suitable for real-time precision tracking.
  • The PETBIZ tracker costs $89.99 with app plans from $2.99/month, far cheaper than most competitors.
  • Overall, it delivers excellent value focused on core features like long battery runtime and affordability.
  • Best for laidback pet parents seeking a budget-friendly tracker in the U.S., not those requiring second-by-second tracking.