Pawtrack vs Tractive: Which is the Best GPS Cat Tracker in 2024?

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Pawtrack Vs Tractive

Tracking your cat’s location and movements has never been easier thanks to modern cat GPS trackers. These devices allow you to monitor your beloved feline friend whenever they leave your home, giving you peace of mind and keeping your cat safe.

But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which cat GPS tracker is right for your needs and budget.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare two of the most popular cat GPS trackers – Pawtrack and Tractive – to help you decide which is the better choice in 2024.

Pawtrack vs Tractive Cat Tracker Comparison

Tracking technologyGPS, cellular, WiFiGPS, cellular
Tracking rangeUnlimitedUnlimited
Location updates1 min to 12 hrs2-3 secs (live), 2-60 min
Activity monitoringNoYes
Multi-cat trackingYesYes
Battery lifeUp to 12 hrs tracking, 10 days standby2-5 days
Subscription required?YesYes
Price$99.95 device + $8.33-$9.95/mo subscription$79.99 device + $4.33-$7.90/mo subscription

Both Pawtrack and Tractive offer unlimited tracking range and real-time location monitoring of your cat via GPS and cellular networks. However, there are some key differences between these two popular cat trackers.

Tracking Technology

The Pawtrack cat tracking collar uses a combination of GPS, cellular networks, and WiFi to pinpoint your cat’s location. This allows for more accurate indoor tracking by connecting to WiFi networks when your cat is inside your home.

Tractive relies solely on GPS and cellular networks for positioning. It cannot track your cat’s movements indoors.

Location Updates

Tractive has the advantage when it comes to location update frequency. Its “live tracking” mode updates your cat’s location every 2-3 seconds for real-time monitoring. Pawtrack updates location every 1 minute at best.

Tractive Tracking Features

However, Pawtrack allows you to customize the update frequency from 1 minute to 12 hours to preserve battery life. Tractive’s default is every 2-60 minutes.

Pawtrack Real Time Location Tracking

Activity Monitoring

Tractive uses built-in motion sensors to track your cat’s activity levels and provide daily activity summaries. This allows you to ensure your cat is getting adequate exercise.

Tractive Activity

Pawtrack does not provide any activity monitoring features. It focuses solely on location tracking.

Geofencing Capability

Both Pawtrack and Tractive allow you to set up virtual boundaries that will alert you when your cat leaves a designated safe zone, like your home or yard. This is a very useful feature to keep your cat from wandering too far.

Pawtrack Geofencing
Tractive Geofencing

Battery Life

The Pawtrack cat tracking collar generally has better battery life, lasting up to 10 days on standby and 12 hours with 1 minute location updates.

Tractive’s battery lasts just 2-5 days before needing a recharge. However, it does warn you when the battery is low.

Tractive Charge Your Device

Waterproof Rating

Pawtrack and Tractive both boast waterproof designs that allow the trackers to withstand the elements and your cat’s aquatic adventures.

Subscription Required

A monthly or yearly subscription plan is required for both Pawtrack and Tractive to operate. This covers cellular data costs. Pawtrack’s plans start at $8.33/month while Tractive’s start at $4.33/month.

If you are looking to avoid an ongoing subscription, check out our picks for cat trackers with no monthly fees. Just keep in mind range and capability may be more limited.


Upfront cost for the Pawtrack device is $99.95 compared to $79.99 for the Tractive. But Tractive has cheaper subscription plans, so overall cost is comparable.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cat GPS Tracker

Beyond the differences highlighted in the comparison chart, here are some other important considerations when choosing between Pawtrack vs Tractive or any other cat GPS trackers:

Tracking Accuracy and Reliability

You want a cat tracker that provides consistent, accurate location data whenever you need it. Both Pawtrack and Tractive use advanced GPS technology to deliver solid tracking reliability.

But real-world conditions like weather, terrain, and buildings can affect connectivity. Tractive may have slightly better accuracy with its more frequent GPS position updates.

Map and App Functionality

The mobile app and interactive map allows you to make the most of your cat tracker. Look for an easy-to-use app with useful features like location history, battery status, geofencing, and sharing options.

Tractive offers the most robust feature set, but Pawtrack’s app gets the job done for basic tracking needs.

Fit and Comfort for Your Cat

Your cat must be able to wear the tracker comfortably at all times. Look for a lightweight, non-obtrusive design. Make sure to properly fit and secure the collar as well.

Both Pawtrack and Tractive are compact and lightweight enough for most cats.

Battery Life and Charging

Frequent charging is inconvenient. Look for the longest battery life possible, ideally 5+ days. Features like notifications for low battery are also useful.

Pawtrack lasts significantly longer (up to 10 days) compared to Tractive’s 2-5 days. But Tractive warns you when the battery is low.

Durability and Water Resistance

Your cat tracker will be exposed to the elements and possible mishaps. It should be durable enough to withstand everyday wear and able to function properly when wet.

Pawtrack and Tractive both offer waterproof protection and are designed for durability.

Service Range and Areas

Most cat trackers rely on cellular networks to transmit location data back to you. Make sure the tracker you choose will have coverage wherever you need to be able to track your cat.

Both Pawtrack and Tractive can track your cat anywhere with cellular service. Tractive offers coverage in more international locations.

Customer Support

Look for responsive customer service in case you need help troubleshooting connectivity or app issues, replacing defective devices, or general assistance. This should be available via phone, email, and ideally live chat.

Pawtrack and Tractive both provide customer support to resolve problems, but Tractive seems more responsive based on reviews.

Pawtrack Cat Tracker Detailed Review


The Pawtrack real-time GPS cat tracking collar provides unlimited range to monitor your cat’s location and movements anywhere with cellular service.

It uses a combination of GPS, cellular networks, and WiFi to deliver indoor and outdoor tracking. A mobile app displays your cat’s location on a map and provides alerts when your cat leaves a designated safe zone.

Here are the key details on the Pawtrack cat tracking system:

Tracking Technology

  • GPS for outdoor location tracking
  • Cellular networks to transmit GPS data back to you
  • WiFi positioning for indoor tracking by connecting to WiFi hotspots and home network

Tracking Range

  • Unlimited – can track your cat anywhere with cellular network coverage

Location Updates

  • Adjustable from 1 minute to 12 hours
  • Get alerts when cat exits geofenced areas immediately

Geofencing Capability

  • Create virtual fences around “safe zones”
  • Get alerts when cat leaves safe zone

Activity Monitoring

  • No activity tracking features

Multi-Cat Tracking

  • Can track multiple cats on one account

Battery Life

  • Up to 10 days on standby
  • Up to 12 hours with 1 minute location updates
  • Low battery notifications

Waterproof Rating

  • Fully waterproof – can withstand splashes, rain, and aquatic adventures

Subscription Required?

  • Yes – $8.33/month or $99.95/year


  • $99.95 for Pawtrack GPS cat tracking device
  • $8.33/month or $99.95/year for data plan
  • $9.95 shipping fee


  • Collar – 35g
  • Tracker – 18g


  • Collar – adjustable
  • Tracker – 4.5cm x 3cm x 1.3cm

Customer Support

  • Email and online support ticketing system
  • Direct phone number for support

Where to Buy

  • (Official website – use code TUXEDO10 for 10% off)

What Owners Are Saying

Pawtrack earns consistently positive reviews from cat owners who have used this tracker. Here are some of the most common pros mentioned:

  • Excellent tracking range and accuracy
  • Easy to set up and use app
  • Comfortable, lightweight collar and tracker
  • Long battery life compared to competitors
  • Affordable subscription cost

Many reviewers say the Pawtrack cat tracker provides great peace of mind knowing their cat’s location at all times. The alerts when their cat escapes a safe zone give them confidence to let their cat outdoors.

Some drawbacks owners have pointed out include somewhat bulkier tracker size compared to competitors, occasional minor connectivity issues, and short two day battery life if using live view frequently.

Overall though, most agree Pawtrack offers reliable tracking and excellent value given the unlimited range and capabilities. It earns top ratings from many cat owners.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker Detailed Review


Tractive markets themselves as the “most trusted GPS tracker for cats.” This lightweight tracker uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to provide real-time location monitoring without distance limitations.

It also includes activity monitoring features to track your cat’s fitness and daily habits. But it lacks indoor positioning capability.

Here are Tractive’s key specifications:

Tracking Technology

  • GPS for outdoor location tracking
  • Cellular networks to transmit GPS data back to you
  • No indoor tracking capability

Tracking Range

  • Unlimited – works anywhere with cellular network coverage

Location Updates

  • Live tracking updates position every 2-3 seconds
  • Adjustable regular updates from 2-60 minutes

Geofencing Capability

  • Create unlimited virtual fences for safety alerts

Activity Monitoring

  • Uses motion sensor to track activity levels and daily activity

Multi-Cat Tracking

  • Can track multiple cats on one account

Battery Life

  • 2-5 days battery life
  • Low battery notifications

Waterproof Rating

  • Fully waterproof – withstands submersion up to 3 feet

Subscription Required?

  • Yes – $4.33-$7.90/month


  • $79.99 for Tractive GPS cat tracker device
  • $4.33-$7.90/month for subscription plan


  • Tracker – 1.1oz (30g)


  • Tracker – 1.6 x 0.6 x 0.4 in (29 x 16 x 10 mm)

Customer Support

  • Email, online ticketing, phone support

Where to Buy

What Owners Are Saying

Overall, Tractive earns outstanding reviews from cat owners who praise its ease of use, accuracy, range, and responsive customer service. The main benefits mentioned include:

  • Excellent real-time tracking capability with frequent location updates
  • Useful activity and fitness monitoring features
  • Virtual fences provide additional peace of mind
  • Very lightweight and comfortable for most cats
  • Waterproof and rugged design holds up well
  • Easy to use mobile app

Critical feedback focuses on the subscription requirement, shorter battery life compared to competitors, and occasional minor connectivity issues.

But most agree the premium features and reliability provided by Tractive justify the subscription cost. It remains a top choice for cat owners wanting worry-free tracking.

Pawtrack vs Tractive: Which is Better for Your Cat?

When choosing between Pawtrack and Tractive, you can’t go wrong. Both offer unlimited, real-time cat tracking using advanced GPS and cellular service.

However, here are a few key points to help you decide which cat GPS tracker is right for your needs:

  • If you want indoor and outdoor tracking, Pawtrack is the better option with its WiFi positioning capability able to track your cat inside your home.
  • For the most frequent and real-time location updates, Tractive is superior with its “live tracking” mode updating your cat’s position every 2-3 seconds.
  • If activity monitoring is important to you, Tractive is the clear winner with its fitness tracking sensors and activity summaries.
  • For the longest battery life, Pawtrack lasts 2-3 days longer than Tractive before needing a recharge.
  • Tractive has a lower monthly subscription cost starting at $4.33/month compared to $8.33 for Pawtrack.
  • Pawtrack offers slightly better customer service based on feedback from cat owners.

Both allow unlimited tracking range, geofencing, waterproof design, multi-cat support, and have excellent apps. There’s no universally “better” option. Choose based on the features most valuable to you.

4 Other Top-Rated Cat GPS Trackers

While Pawtrack and Tractive are two of the most popular and capable cat GPS trackers available, here are 4 other top-rated options to consider:

1. Whistle GO Explore

  • Rugged, waterproof cat tracker and health monitor
  • Built-in LED light for nighttime tracking
  • 20 day battery life
  • Tracks activity, sleep, scratches, calories
  • $129.95 device + $9.95/month subscription

2. Findster Duo+

  • No monthly fee required
  • GPS and radio frequency tracking
  • 0.8 mile range in urban areas
  • App with geofencing alerts
  • $149.99 one-time payment

3. Marco Polo

  • Radio frequency tracking – no GPS
  • Simple and affordable
  • LED lights and sound alerts
  • 150 ft range
  • $99.99 + no fees

4. Tracki 2021 Model

  • Real-time GPS and WiFi tracking
  • Built-in SIM card works globally
  • Audio alerts to locate your cat
  • Activity monitoring capability
  • $49.95 device + no monthly fees

While more limited than GPS options, these radio frequency and hybrid trackers are affordable alternatives. The right choice depends on your budget and specific needs.

Key Takeaways: Choosing the Best GPS Cat Tracker

  • Real-time GPS cat trackers like Pawtrack and Tractive offer unmatched capability to monitor your cat’s location anywhere.
  • Consider battery life, indoor/outdoor tracking, activity monitoring, price, app functionality, and customer service.
  • Make sure to properly fit the cat tracking collar and check it periodically for comfort and security.
  • Set up geo-fences around safe zones to receive alerts when your cat wanders too far.
  • Look for waterproofing and durability to withstand the elements and your cat’s adventures.
  • Well-designed apps with useful features and multi-device support provide a better tracking experience.
  • Test the tracker’s connectivity around your home and neighborhood to ensure reliable performance where needed.
  • For indoor-only cats, Bluetooth “tile” trackers can also help you locate your cat around your home when they are hiding.

Using an advanced cat tracker like Pawtrack or Tractive brings next-level monitoring and insight into your beloved pet’s activities and whereabouts. Peace of mind is just an app away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do cat GPS trackers work?

Cat GPS trackers use satellites and cellular towers to pinpoint your cat’s location. A GPS chipset calculates location from satellites. This data is transmitted over cellular networks back to you. You can view tracking info on a mobile app.

Are they safe for cats?

Most cat GPS trackers are designed to be lightweight, nontoxic, and do not emit harmful radiation. However, always properly fit the collar and monitor your cat’s comfort. Avoid trackers that are too large/heavy for your cat’s size.

What is the best tracking frequency?

The ideal tracking frequency balances battery savings with timely location updates. Tracking every 1-5 minutes is recommended for most users. But adjust to your preferences – more frequent tracking will drain the battery faster.

What about battery life?

Battery life varies greatly by model from 1 day up to 10+ days. The battery lasts longer when not in constant “live view” mode. Look for long standby battery life of 5+ days. Features like low battery alerts also help prevent losing tracking at inopportune times.

Do they work indoors and outdoors?

Most GPS cat trackers rely on cellular service and work best outdoors. Some models like Pawtrack use WiFi to allow indoor tracking. Bluetooth “tile” trackers are also an option for indoor use only.

How much do cat trackers cost?

Expect to pay $80-$150 for the tracker, plus $5-$15/month for cellular service. Multi-year prepaid plans offer discounted rates. Some trackers have a one-time fee and no subscription. Research options to fit your budget.

What about sizing and fit?

Look for a lightweight tracker sized appropriately for your cat – under 35g is recommended. Properly fit and securely fasten the collar without restricting movement or comfort. Monitor condition regularly.

How do I choose the right one?

Consider your budget, cat’s size, battery needs, desired features like real-time tracking and activity monitoring, necessary range, and cellular coverage in your area. Pawtrack and Tractive both offer excellent capability.

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