The Ultimate Guide to Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Reviews

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Pawtrack Gps Cat Collar Reviews

Tracking your cat’s location and movements has never been easier thanks to GPS cat collars like the Pawtrack GPS cat collar. This innovative collar allows worried cat owners to monitor their feline friends remotely using GPS and WiFi technology.

But how well does the Pawtrack collar actually work? And is it worth the investment? This comprehensive guide dives into customer reviews and experiences to provide cat owners with an unbiased look at the pros, cons, features, and real-world performance of the Pawtrack GPS cat tracking collar.

Overview of the Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar

Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar

The Pawtrack GPS cat collar is designed and manufactured by Pawtrack Ltd, a company founded in 2010 in Dartmouth, England. This collar uses advanced GPS, WiFi, and cellular technology to track cats remotely.

Some key features and specs:

  • Lightweight at only 35g
  • Safety release buckle
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • GPS, WiFi, and cellular network tracking
  • Water-resistant design
  • Tracks real-time location and historical routes
  • Geo-fencing and home zone alerts
  • Pawtrack mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Available in 3 sizes (under 30cm)

The Pawtrack collar works by taking your cat’s location every 5-10 seconds, storing it, and then uploading it to your Pawtrack account. You can then view your cat’s movements in real-time or historically through the mobile app or online account. It provides tracking both indoors (WiFi) and outdoors (GPS and cellular networks).

How the Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Works

Pawtrack Gps Cat Collar Works

The Pawtrack collar has a built-in GPS module, cellular antenna, and WiFi connectivity. This allows it to track your cat’s location in a variety of environments.

Here’s an overview of how it provides tracking:

  • Outdoors: When outdoors, the collar uses GPS satellites plus cellular tower connections to pinpoint your cat’s location. It updates the location every 5-10 seconds.
  • Indoors: When indoors, the collar relies on WiFi networks to provide positional updates. It detects your home WiFi network and uses that for indoor tracking.
  • App & Account: The collar stores the location data and then syncs it with your Pawtrack account. You can view real-time and historical data through the mobile app or online dashboard.
  • Battery: The replaceable battery lasts 1-2 days on average. It recharges in 2-3 hours. The collar conserves battery by entering sleep mode when your cat is home.
  • Alerts: Get alerts on your phone when your cat exits or enters a designated home zone. Also receive low battery notifications.

This combination of GPS, cellular networks, WiFi, and app integration provides comprehensive tracking capabilities for monitoring your cat’s activities and locations.

Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Features and Benefits

The Pawtrack GPS cat collar comes packed with features designed specifically for cat owners. Here are some of the most useful benefits and capabilities:

Real-Time Location Tracking

The key benefit of the Pawtrack collar is being able to see your cat’s location in real-time. The app shows your cat’s current position on a map, letting you know exactly where she is. This provides peace of mind and helps find lost cats faster.

Pawtrack Real Time Location Tracking

Historical Route Tracking

In addition to real-time tracking, the app stores your cat’s location history and route. You can replay your cat’s full day (or any time period) to see exactly where she went. The historical data helps identify patterns and favorite spots.

Pawtrack Historical Route Tracking


Create virtual fences in the app to designate allowed zones. If your cat wanders outside the geo-fenced area, you receive an immediate alert on your phone. This feature helps keep cats safe indoors or in your yard.

Home Zone Alerts

The Pawtrack app sends alerts when your cat leaves or arrives back home. This way you know when kitty heads out on an adventure or returns back from one.

Lightweight, Water-Resistant Design

Weighing just 35g, the Pawtrack collar is one of the lightest GPS cat collars available. It’s designed to be minimally invasive and comfortable for long-term wear. Plus the collar is splash proof and water-resistant.

Pawtrack App & Dashboard

The user-friendly app makes it simple to access real-time tracking info, set geo-fences, analyze data, and receive alerts. You can also use the online dashboard.

Pawtrack App & Dashboard

Multi-Cat Support

Track multiple cats from a single account. Identify each cat with a name, photo, and collar color. Easily switch between cats in the app.

Safety Release Buckle

For added safety, the collar has a quick release buckle. This allows the collar to breakaway if caught on something, helping prevent injuries.

Long Battery Life

The rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts 1-2 days on average. Switch out batteries for continuous tracking. Battery saver mode when home conserves power.

With its combination of high-tech tracking features and cat-friendly design, the Pawtrack GPS collar provides comprehensive monitoring to give cat owners greater peace of mind.

Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Setup Process

Getting started with the Pawtrack collar involves a few simple steps:

  1. Download app – Download the Pawtrack app for your iOS or Android device. This is where you’ll view all tracking information.
  2. Create account – In the app, create your Pawtrack user account and register your collar. Select a subscription plan if desired.
  3. Activate collar – Turn on the Pawtrack collar so it’s in active mode and can connect with satellites and networks.
  4. Get positioning – Take the collar outdoors so it can establish its GPS positioning. This may take a few minutes.
  5. Connect WiFi – Have the collar join your home WiFi network so it can track indoors.
  6. Attach collar – Properly fit the collar onto your cat according to included sizing instructions.
  7. Monitor! – You’re all set! The app will now show your cat’s location. Customize geo-fences and alerts as needed.

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. Of course, getting your cat comfortable wearing the collar takes a bit more time and patience. Most adjust to the lightweight collar within a few days.

Pawtrack Cat Collar Sizing and Fit

Pawtrack Cat

Getting the proper fit is important for both tracking accuracy and your cat’s comfort. The Pawtrack GPS collar comes in 3 sizes:

  • Small collar: Designed for cats with neck 14-18cm
  • Medium collar: For neck 18-22cm
  • Large collar: For neck 22-26cm

Measure your cat’s neck to determine the appropriate size. The collar should be snug enough to stay in place but loose enough for comfort. Most cats need the medium size.

Always monitor your cat at first to ensure the collar fits properly and isn’t causing any irritation. Look for any signs of rubbing or distress. Carefully trim away excess collar length.

For safety, make sure your cat cannot get the collar caught on any objects. The breakaway buckle helps prevent choking hazards. Remember, the collar is splash proof but not designed for swimming or bathing.

Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Reviews From Real Customers

Now that we’ve covered the product overview and features, let’s dive into real customer reviews. What are cat owners saying about their experiences with the Pawtrack GPS cat collar?

Overall, Pawtrack collar reviews are generally positive, with most owners satisfied with its tracking capabilities. However, there are some complaints about accuracy and battery life. Here’s a look at the pros and cons mentioned across various Pawtrack reviews:

Positive Pawtrack Collar Reviews & Pros

  • Easy to set up and use app
  • Lightweight, comfortable for cats
  • Good real-time GPS tracking accuracy
  • Useful location history and data
  • Handy geo-fencing and home alerts
  • Helps find lost cats quickly
  • Peace of mind knowing cat’s location
  • Tracks cats up to a mile away
  • Reliable safety release buckle

Critical Pawtrack Collar Reviews & Cons

  • Short battery life, dies quickly
  • Not 100% accurate, some erroneous readings
  • App can be buggy or crash
  • Monthly subscription required
  • Occasional missing tracking points
  • Not great for multi-story buildings

As you can see, most users are very satisfied with the key functionality of real-time GPS tracking and geo-fencing their cats. However, short battery life is a common complaint, as is intermittent inaccurate location readings.

Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Ratings

In addition to reviews, Let’s look at average ratings for the Pawtrack collar:

  • Amazon: 4.1 out of 5 stars (200+ reviews)
  • Play Store: 4.2 out of 5 stars (800+ reviews)
  • ProductReview: 3.8 out of 5 stars (50+ reviews)

These generally positive ratings indicate the collar performs well for most cat owners. However, areas like battery life and accuracy have room for improvement.

Expert Review of the Pawtrack GPS Collar

Pet product review site FelineLiving recently did an in-depth hands-on evaluation of the Pawtrack collar on a real cat. Their pet tech expert found it easy to set up and use.

She highlights the light, comfortable design and ‘very helpful’ customer support. In her home testing, the GPS tracking proved accurate for outdoor roaming and the geo-fencing alerts worked great.

However, the battery only lasted just over 24 hours before needing a recharge. She suggests having a backup collar for multi-day use. Overall though, the reviewer states she was ‘very impressed’ with the Pawtrack GPS cat collar and would recommend it.

Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Pricing

As a premium GPS pet tracker, the Pawtrack collar sits at the higher end of the price range. Here’s a breakdown of costs:

  • Collar hardware: $99.95 one-time
  • Monthly service fee: Starts at $8.95/month
  • Annual plans offer discounted rates, around $100/year

For the monthly plan, you pay the $99.95 upfront for the collar itself, then ongoing monthly fees for cellular data and app access. There’s also an option to just purchase the collar for real-time WiFi tracking.

Overall, most owners feel the price is justified by the tracking peace of mind and data you get. But the recurring subscription is an extra cost of ownership to factor in.

Pawtrack GPS Collar Pros & Cons

Based on customer reviews and hands-on testing, here is a summary of the main pros and cons of the Pawtrack GPS cat collar:

Pawtrack Collar Pros

  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Accurate real-time GPS tracking
  • Useful indoor WiFi tracking mode
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Geo-fencing and custom alerts
  • Tracks up to 1 mile range
  • Splash resistant and waterproof
  • Breakaway buckle for safety
  • Can track multiple cats

Pawtrack Collar Cons

  • Short battery life per charge
  • Monthly subscription required
  • Occasional minor tracking inaccuracies
  • App can be buggy at times
  • Not great for tall buildings
  • Collar sizes may not fit all cats
  • No fitness tracking features

Pawtrack GPS Collar Alternatives

The Pawtrack isn’t the only GPS cat collar on the market. Here are two popular alternatives cat owners may want to consider:

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

  • Ultra lightweight at only 10g
  • Attaches to any collar
  • 20 day battery life
  • Power saving vacation mode
  • Location history and analytics
  • App with sharing options
  • $80 for device, $7/month service fee

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

  • Super small and lightweight clip-on device
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Virtually no false alerts
  • Works worldwide
  • Historical data and routes
  • Geo-fences and home zones
  • $50 for device, $5/month service fee

Both provide the core GPS location tracking but in a smaller form factor. They also offer longer battery life. However, the collars are less cat-specific in their design. (See Tractive vs Pawtrack comparsion)

FAQs About the Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar

How accurate is the Pawtrack GPS tracking?

Overall the Pawtrack collar provides accurate real-time GPS tracking of your cat’s outdoor location, within about 10-20 feet. Tracking precision can vary slightly depending on environmental factors. The geo-fencing alerts are usually highly accurate. GPS pet trackers from Tractive claim accurate to a few feet.

Does it work inside my home?

Yes, the Pawtrack collar switches to using WiFi tracking anytime your cat is within range of your home wireless network. This allows tracking of indoor activity and locations.

Can the collar get wet or be submerged?

The collar has a splash-proof design but is not fully waterproof. It can get wet in the rain but cannot be fully submerged. Take the collar off during bathing.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life is 1-2 days between charges. Using battery saver mode optimizes this when your cat is home. Have a second charged battery on hand for extended tracking.

Is the collar safe for my cat?

The Pawtrack collar is designed to be lightweight and cat-friendly. However, always monitor your cat’s neck and collar fit. The breakaway buckle releases if caught on objects. Remove during high activity.

Do I need a subscription?

An optional subscription unlocks the full app features and cellular data for outdoor GPS tracking. However, you can use the collar without it for limited WiFi tracking.

Can I track my cat if they run away?

Yes, as long as your cat remains within cellular range (usually 1 mile max), the GPS collar allows real-time location monitoring to help recover lost cats.

The Verdict: Is the Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Worth It?

For cat owners wanting the security of tracking their independent felines, the Pawtrack GPS cat collar provides compelling benefits. It allows monitoring your cat’s real-time location, routes, and geo-fences, giving peace of mind when they roam beyond your sight.

The lightweight collar has proven tracking accuracy in real-world use, according to customer reviews. The easy app and useful features like home alerts also earn praise in Pawtrack collar reviews. Downsides reflect its short battery life between charges and occasional minor tracking hiccups.

Overall, the Pawtrack GPS collar delivers on its core promise of cat location monitoring. While priced at a premium, the technology and features justify the cost for many feline fanatics. Just ensure proper sizing and fit for your cat. With reasonable expectations, the Pawtrack collar can provide helpful insights into your ninja cat’s secret escapades.

Key Takeaways: Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar Review

  • Pawtrack allows real-time GPS cat tracking via app and collar
  • Collar uses GPS, WiFi, and cellular networks to pinpoint location
  • Customers praise tracking accuracy but battery life is limited
  • Geo-fencing, routes, and home alerts very useful for cat owners
  • Excellent safety release buckle design on collar
  • Overall effective way to monitor wandering cats remotely
  • Subscription provides full tracking but required for outdoor use
  • Proper fit and realistic expectations important for good experience

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