The Ultimate Guide to Pawious GPS Dog Collars

March 14, 2024

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Keep your furry friend safe and give them more freedom to roam with the Pawious GPS dog collar, our top pick for convenience. This cutting-edge collar utilizes standard civilian GPS positioning technology to pinpoint your pet’s location in real-time, giving you peace of mind.

A Comprehensive Overview of Pawious GPS Dog Collars

Pawious Gps Dog Collars

As a dog owner, keeping your furry friend safe and secure is a top priority. Pawious GPS dog collars allow you to set a secure perimeter around your home or yard using advanced GPS tracking technology. If your pup wanders beyond the designated area, you’ll receive alert notifications straight to your smartphone.

These smart collars provide convenience and flexibility thanks to their built-in memory function. Once powered on, the collar remembers your customized safety radius so no complex setup is required each time.

After reading, you’ll have confidence selecting, setting up and using a Pawious collar to keep your best friend safe. Time to dig in!

Key Benefits of Pawious GPS Dog Collars

Pawious GPS collars provide pet owners with ultimate convenience plus reassurance. Keep reading to discover the top advantages these clever collars offer.

Real-time location tracking

Using advanced GPS and cellular data transmission, Pawious collars transmit your dog’s coordinates in real-time. Check your pet’s location via smartphone by accessing the easy-to-use mobile app.

Pawious Gps Dog Collar Real Time Location Tracking

Customizable safe zones

Set up customized boundaries designating “safe zones” where your dog can roam freely. If they wander too far, you’ll get automatic notifications.

Pawious Gps Dog Collar Customizable Safe Zones

Long battery life

Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries last 15+ hours between charges. Low battery alerts inform you when it’s time to repower the collar.

Waterproof design

Pawious GPS collars boast an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning they can withstand splashing, rain and more. Now your pup can play in puddles without damaging their collar.

Pawious Gps Dog Collar Waterproof Design

Lightweight and durable

Weighing just 4 ounces, these collars won’t weigh your pooch down. The durable TPU outer shell protects the high-tech interior from bumps during everyday adventures.

Now that you know the key benefits, let’s take a closer look at how Pawious GPS dog collars work.

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How Pawious GPS Dog Collars Function

Advanced GPS satellite positioning technology allows Pawious dog collars to provide real-time location tracking with superb accuracy and reliability. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how these clever collars operate.

Step 1: Pinpoint Location Via GPS Satellites

Your dog’s Pawious collar contains an embedded receiver chip continuously connecting with circling GPS satellites. This allows the satellites to pinpoint your pup’s latitude and longitude coordinates at any given moment.

Step 2: Transmit Location Data Through Cellular Networks

After determining your dog’s precise location, the collar transmits this data in real-time using 2G cellular networks. Even if your pup is miles away exploring nature, their location data gets sent back to you via cell towers. If you’re interested in a smaller, more lightweight option for tracking your pet, consider the Mini GPS Pet Tracker.

Step 3: Access Location Using Smartphone App

The user-friendly Pawious smartphone app receives incoming location data and displays it on a map. Monitor your furry explorer’s whereabouts straight from your iOS or Android device. Location refreshes every 2-5 seconds when connection allows.

Step 4: Receive Alerts If Pup Leaves “Safe Zone”

Here’s where things get even more useful! Via the app, establish customized circular geofencing designating a “safe roaming zone” for your dog around your home, yard or any specific location.

If your pet ventures outside this pre-set boundary, the app triggers alerts to inform you immediately. Know when your dog has wandered too far at a glance.

Pawious Gps Dog Collar Alerts

Now let’s walk through getting started with suggestions for sizing, setup and usage of your Pawious GPS dog collar.

Getting Started: Tips for Sizing, Setup & Usage

Follow this advice to select, setup and use your Pawious GPS dog collar successfully right out of the box.

Choose the Correct Size

The Pawious GPS dog collar comes in 5 adjustable sizes to provide a secure, custom fit.

  • Use a soft measuring tape to determine your dog’s neck circumference.
  • Match this measurement to the manufacturer’s sizing chart included on the product page and packaging.
  • When in doubt between two sizes, size up to prevent discomfort.
Pawious Gps Dog Collar Choose The Correct Size

Fully Charge Before First Use

Don’t forget this crucial first step! Fully charge your Pawious collar right out of the box by plugging into a power source using the included USB charging cable.

  • Charging takes only 2-3 hours until complete
  • Fully charged battery lasts 15+ hours
  • Glowing red light indicates charging mode
  • Solid green light means charging finished

Download & Connect Smartphone App

You’ll need to connect your collar to the Pawious smartphone app for setup and usage.

  • Search “Pawious” on the App Store or Google Play store
  • Download free app to your iOS or Android phone
  • Turn on Bluetooth and open app to connect

Activate & Customize Settings

With collar charged and app connected, it’s time to activate your device and input desired settings.

  • Name your collar device
  • Input your phone number to connect accounts
  • Activate real-time location tracking
  • Customize geo-fencing by setting boundary shape, range and alerts

And that’s it – you’re all set to start tracking your dog anywhere they roam! For additional training capabilities, you might also want to check out our reviews of the Invirox Dog Training Collar and the Patpet Dog Training Collar.

Now let’s tackle some frequently asked questions about these clever canine collars.

Pawious GPS Collar FAQs

Here are answers to some top questions from Pawious users regarding sizing, range, accuracy and more:

What sizes do Pawious GPS collars come in?

Pawious offers 5 adjustable collar sizes ranging from 14 to 26 inches (designed for dogs over 15 lbs). Refer to exact sizing dimensions listed on product page.

How far can it track my dog’s location?

These collars provide tracking over a 0.65 mile (1000 meter) radius via GPS satellite connectivity. Range may vary slightly depending on environmental factors.

How accurate is the GPS tracking?

Pawious GPS collars use standard civilian GPS positioning accurate to 16 feet. Tracking refresh rate is 2-5 seconds when cellular signal is strong.

Can my dog swim with the Pawious collar on?

Yes! Pawious collars boast an IPX7 waterproof rating. This means they can withstand splashing, rain and immersion in water up to 1 meter deep.

How long does the battery last before needing a recharge?

The built-in lithium polymer battery lasts 15+ hours on a full 2-3 hour charge. An alert will inform you when battery is low.

What happens if my dog leaves the designated safe zone?

If your dog wanders past the boundary you set for their “safe zone”, you’ll receive instant alert notifications via the smartphone app.

Is a subscription required?

No subscription or monthly fees required! All features work straight out of the box with no recurring charges. If you’re looking for a GPS tracker that doesn’t require a subscription, read our guide on the Best Dog GPS Trackers Without Subscription.

What smartphones can I use with the app?

The Pawious app connects with most newer model iPhones and Android devices. Check manufacturer info for exact model compatibility info.

And that wraps up key details about the Pawious GPS dog collar!

Key Takeaways

Here’s a quick recap of top tips for picking and using a Pawious GPS dog collar:

  • Carefully measure your dog’s neck size and select the right collar fit
  • Fully charge before first use for 15+ hours battery life
  • Download app and connect collar via Bluetooth
  • Customize geo-fence boundary, alerts and other preferences
  • Waterproof design allows dogs to swim and play freely
  • Real-time location updates every 2-5 seconds via app
  • No subscription required for full functionality

Now you can enjoy enhanced convenience plus peace of mind thanks to Pawious GPS tracking technology. Investing in one of these smart collars is a great way to give your best furry friend more freedom while keeping them secure. For more GPS tracker options, check out our Petfon Pet GPS Tracker Review.

Have you tried a Pawious GPS collar yet? Share your experiences in the comments! If barking is a concern, you might also be interested in our NBJU Dog Bark Collar Review.