The Ultimate Guide to Patpet Dog Training Collars

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Patpet Dog Training Collar Review

Are Patpet dog training collars effective and safe for your furry friend? Our comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of these popular electronic training collars.

Introduction to Patpet Dog Training Collars

Patpet Dog Training Collars

Patpet offers a variety of dog training collars that use vibration, sound tones, and static stimulation to reinforce commands and correct unwanted behaviors. Their collars allow owners to customize settings and deliver prompts from up to 800 feet away.

Patpet’s training collars feature waterproof designs, rechargeable batteries, and adjustable straps to fit dogs of any size. They range in price from around $20 for basic models up to $100 for those with the most features.

Key benefits of Patpet dog training collars:

  • Provide range of stimulation types – vibration, sound, shock
  • Fully adjustable settings to suit each dog’s needs
  • Up to 800 foot remote control range
  • Rechargeable and waterproof for convenience
  • Affordable compared to similar products

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Follow along for an in-depth exploration to determine if a Patpet dog training collar is right for your pup!

How Patpet Dog Training Collars Work

Patpet Dog Training Collars 2

Patpet training collars deliver prompts and corrections via contact points on the collar that touch the dog’s neck. The collars have adjustable settings that allow owners to control the level of vibration, sound volume, and static stimulation.

The accompanying remote control allows owners to activate these prompts from a distance. When the dog exhibits unwanted behavior like barking or jumping, the owner presses a button to deliver the vibration, noise, or shock. Over time, the dog associates those sensations with the unwanted behavior and learns to refrain from it.

Collars can be set to deliver a warning tone or vibration first before escalating to static stimulation if the dog does not respond. The intensity of the shock can also be finely adjusted. The remote has a range of up to 800 feet to control dogs from afar.

Proper use involves:

  • Finding the minimum effective level for the dog
  • Giving a warning cue first like beep or vibrate
  • Only using when directly observing the dog’s behavior
  • Rewarding positive behavior too with praise
  • Checking fit and moving collar daily to avoid irritation
  • Removing during crate time or when unsupervised

When used correctly, the collars can reinforce good manners, instill obedience, and curb problem behaviors like excessive barking. But they require an investment of time and proper technique to work effectively.

Pros and Cons of Patpet Dog Training Collars


  • Provide range of stimulation types – sound, vibration, shock
  • Fully adjustable settings suit each dog’s needs
  • Up to 800 foot remote range to control from afar
  • Rechargeable batteries are convenient
  • IPX7 waterproof rating for outdoor use
  • Collars fit neck sizes 5 inches up to 25 inches
  • Security code prevents unwanted activation
  • Affordable compared to similar electronic collars

Potential drawbacks

  • Can cause irritation if fitted improperly or left on too long
  • Dogs may habituate to shock over time if settings are too high
  • Collar must be removed before crating to avoid injury
  • Batteries may lose charge quicker than expected
  • May not be effective for some extremely stubborn dogs
  • Requires time investment to learn proper techniques
  • Not suitable for aggressive dogs or human-directed behavior issues

Overall, in the hands of a responsible owner using proper training protocols, a Patpet dog training collar can be an effective tool for reinforcing obedience. But the collars do require an investment of time to implement correctly. They are not a magic fix on their own without adherence to positive reinforcement techniques too.

Owners looking for collar alternatives may want to consider Stopwoofer dog bark collars which use sound rather than shock.

Features and Settings Overview

Patpet dog training collars offer a variety of settings to suit different dogs’ temperaments and response thresholds. Here are some of the key features and functions:

  • Vibration mode – Delivers a vibrating sensation as a warning cue before escalating to static stimulation. Has adjustable intensity.
  • Beep/tone mode – Emits a loud beeping noise to capture attention or mark behaviors. Volume can be adjusted.
  • Static stimulation – Delivers a static shock sensation through the contact points. There are multiple intensity levels to choose from.
  • Adjustable intensity levels – Shock levels typically range from 1-100. Allows finding the minimum effective level.
  • Waterproof – Can withstand exposure to water and rain during outdoor use. Rated IPX7 waterproof.
  • Rechargeable batteries – Lithium polymer batteries take 1-2 hours to fully charge. Batteries last 1-2 weeks depending on use.
  • Security code – Prevents unwanted activation by locking the remote. Code is entered to unlock before use.
  • Two dog capacity – Some models can control two collars from one remote by toggling between them.
  • 800 foot range – Allows controlling dogs remotely up to 800 feet away depending on terrain.

Choosing the right settings involves testing different levels and finding the minimum intensity where your dog responds consistently without overdoing it. Start low and increase gradually as needed. Combining vibration, beeps, and shock allows signaling corrections in phases.

Effectiveness for Obedience Training

When used properly in tandem with positive reinforcement, Patpet dog training collars can help instill basic obedience. Owners report success with curbing behaviors like:

  • Barking
  • Jumping on people
  • Pulling on leash
  • Chasing cars or animals
  • Digging up yards
  • Running off or poor recall

The vibration, noise, and shock act as communication tools to capture the dog’s attention and interrupt unwanted behaviors from a distance. But the collars alone do NOT train a dog. Their effectiveness depends on:

  • Proper fit and use of settings
  • Clear and consistent correction timing by owner
  • Pairing with rewards-based techniques too
  • Training sessions to reinforce desired behaviors

Keys to success with training collars:

  • Educate yourself thoroughly on appropriate use first
  • Work with a professional trainer to implement correctly
  • Do not use for aggression or human-directed behaviors
  • Set realistic training goals suited to your dog’s temperament
  • Provide an adjustment period for your dog to get accustomed to the sensation
  • Always reward and praise positive behavior, not just corrections
  • Remove collar during crate time and when unsupervised
  • Check fit regularly and move collar position to avoid irritation

With patience, consistency and proper protocols, Patpet collars can help reinforce obedience. But they are not a foolproof solution without an investment of time and effort.

Patpet Dog Training Collars 1

Safety Considerations and Proper Use

While training collars can be useful tools, they can also cause harm if misused. Here are some important safety guidelines:

  • Consult a professional to determine if appropriate for your situation
  • Never apply heavy corrections right away, start low
  • Test on your arm first to gauge shock level pleasantness
  • Use the minimum effective intensity level
  • Check fit regularly and remove to give neck breaks
  • Never leave on unsupervised or during crating
  • Allow your dog time to adjust to the sensation before corrections
  • Only use on healthy adult dogs, not puppies or seniors
  • Do not use on aggressive dogs as may increase reactivity
  • Stop use and consult vet if irritation occurs
  • Pair with positive reinforcement, not punishment alone

Additionally, proper training collar use means:

  • Giving a warning cue first like beep or vibration before shock
  • Only activating when directly observing behavior to correct
  • Consistent timing – mark undesired behavior immediately
  • Rewarding positive behaviors profusely
  • Keeping training sessions brief to avoid overstimulation
  • Matching correction level to the perceived “crime” – milder behaviors warrant weaker signals

With knowledge of proper protocols and safe use procedures, owners can implement training collars humanely to reinforce good manners. But education is paramount.

Vibration collars like the Aweec wireless dog fence provide a shock-free method for containment training.

Owner Experiences and Reviews

Overall, customer reviews of Patpet dog training collars are quite positive. The collars have an average rating of 4+ stars on Amazon across thousands of reviews.

Many owners report success with curbing stubborn behaviors their dogs failed to respond to with other methods. The adjustable settings allow customizing the intensity so it’s effective but humane.

The majority of customers use the vibration and beep functions more frequently than shock. Many note their dogs respond well to the warning beep or buzz alone. The waterproofing and long battery life are also praised.

Some drawbacks mentioned include:

  • Inconsistent shock functionality
  • Issues charging or batteries dying prematurely
  • Collar strap quality not durable for rambunctious dogs
  • Shorter range than advertised in real-world conditions
  • Difficulty finding the proper intensity level

Critical reviews represent a minority, with approximately 80% or more giving the collars 4-5 stars. Those who follow the training protocols see good results for teaching basic obedience. But improper use or unreasonable expectations can of course produce poor outcomes.

With a wide selection of training collars to choose from, here are three top rated picks:

1. PATPET Dog Training Collar 330 Yards Range

Patpet Dog Training Collar 330 Yards Range
  • 100 intensity levels
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • 330 yard range
  • Beep, vibration, static modes
  • Fits neck sizes 7-22 inches

This adjustable collar provides a full assortment of features at a very affordable price point. Suitable for small, medium and large breed dogs.

2. Patpet 320 Remote Dog Training Collar

Patpet 320 Remote Dog Training Collar
  • 0-100 variable shock levels
  • 800 foot range
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Beep, vibrate, shock
  • security lock code

Top seller with excellent range to control dogs remotely. Convenient USB charging and long-lasting battery provide convenience.

3. Patpet PRO Dog Training Collar

  • 0-127 intensity levels
  • 800 foot range
  • IPX8 waterproof
  • Vibrate, shock, beep
  • Stimulation auto increases

Highest intensity levels and upgraded waterproofing make this a top choice for stubborn dogs who need extra reinforcement.

Consider factors like your dog’s size, temperament, and response threshold when selecting a Patpet collar model. Also factor in the range needed based on where you walk and train the dog. Those with smaller yards can get by with a 330 yard range, while those accessing large fields and trails benefit from 800+ foot range collars.

For tracking your dog’s location, GPS pet trackers like the PetBiz are another option.

FAQs about Patpet Dog Training Collars

How tight should a Patpet collar fit?

The collar should fit snugly enough that the contact points maintain contact with the dog’s skin. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Check the tightness regularly.

Are the collars truly waterproof?

Patpet collars with IPX7 or IPX8 ratings are waterproof and can withstand exposure to water. But the remotes are not waterproof so avoid submerging them.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on settings used, Patpet batteries typically last 1-3 weeks on a full charge. Higher shock levels deplete the battery faster. Most recharge fully within 2 hours.

Can the collars be used on large and small dogs?

Yes, Patpet collars are adjustable to accommodate neck sizes ranging from around 5 inches up to 25 inches. Choose a model suited for your dog’s neck size.

How old should a puppy be before using a training collar?

Veterinary behaviorists recommend waiting until a puppy is at least 6 months old before introducing a training collar. Puppies’ developing temperaments may be negatively impacted by early overuse. Focus on positive reinforcement in early puppyhood.

More on using collars humanely in this Wiez GPS wireless dog fence review.


In conclusion, the Patpet Dog Training Collar is a great tool for dog owners looking to train their pup. It offers an effective way to teach your pet basic commands and behaviors while still being humane. With proper use and maintenance, this collar can be used for years to come.

We hope that our patpet dog training collar review has been helpful in deciding if this product is right for you and your pup. Do your research to determine if fitting for your situation. And as always, focus on compassionate, rewards-based training that considers your dog’s welfare above all.

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