Halo Collar vs Invisible Fence: Which Wireless Dog Fence is Best?

February 11, 2024

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If you’re a dog owner looking for the best wireless dog fence system, you’re likely considering the two top options – Halo Collar and Invisible Fence. Both offer high-tech solutions to keep your furry friend safely contained in your yard or any outdoor area.

But how exactly do these two popular wireless dog containment systems work? And which one is the better choice for your needs and budget?

This comprehensive guide examines the key differences between Halo Collar and Invisible Fence dog containment systems. We’ll compare the technology, effectiveness, cost, and other factors to help you determine the ideal wireless dog fence for your pup.

What is a Wireless Dog Fence?

A wireless dog fence is an electronic pet containment system that keeps dogs within a set boundary without any physical barrier. It typically consists of:

  • A computerized collar receiver worn by the dog
  • A central transmitter that broadcasts a radio signal
  • Flags or markers to identify the perimeter visually

The system works by transmitting a radio signal that activates a warning tone or static correction on the dog’s collar when they approach the boundary. This trains them to remain within the designated safe zone.

Wireless dog fences are a convenient alternative to fenced yards and offer more flexibility than tethering or leashes. They allow dogs to roam freely within an established area while preventing them from bolting out of bounds.

Key Benefits of Wireless Dog Fences

  • Provide dogs more freedom of movement
  • Avoid extensive installation of physical fences
  • Enable creating unique boundary shapes
  • Portable for use anywhere
  • Adjustable to suit different size properties
  • Customizable correction strength
  • Safer than letting dogs roam uncontained

Now let’s look at how two of the top systems stack up.

Halo Collar Overview

Halo Dog Collar

Halo Collar is a relatively new player in the wireless dog fence market that uses advanced GPS technology to create customizable inclusion zones for dogs. In our in-depth review of the Halo smart dog collar, we found the GPS tracking and virtual boundary features to work very effectively.

How Halo Collar Works

The Halo Collar system relies on GPS tracking instead of underground wires like traditional systems. It consists of:

  • Halo smart collar with GPS and GLONASS tracking
  • Halo smartphone app to set virtual fences
  • Optional boundary beacons for visual markers

To install Halo Collar:

  1. Download the Halo app and create an account
  2. Sync the smart collar to the app via Bluetooth
  3. Use the app to set digital fence boundaries on a map
  4. Customize levels and types of collar feedback
  5. Begin training your dog on the Halo system
Halo Collar App 1

Whenever your dog approaches the boundary, the collar activates to remind them to turn around. The app also provides real-time tracking of your dog’s location and activity.

Key Features of Halo Collar

  • Wireless GPS-based fence system
  • No wires or digging required
  • Customizable collar feedback
  • Real-time dog tracking
  • Multiple fence capability
  • Custom training content by Cesar Millan
  • Social community access
  • Rugged, waterproof smart collar
  • Rechargeable collar battery

Pros of Halo Collar

  • Convenient DIY installation
  • Fully portable and customizable
  • Adjustable correction level
  • Works for multi-dog households
  • Collar suitable for dogs over 15 lbs
  • Virtual fences never need repairs
  • GPS tracking provides security

Cons of Halo Collar

  • Relies on cellular service and GPS accuracy
  • Higher initial cost than wired systems
  • Monthly app subscription required
  • Not for aggressive chewers
  • Battery requires frequent charging
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Invisible Fence Overview

Invisible Fence Brand

The Invisible Fence Brand is the pioneer and most established provider of underground wireless dog fences. Their systems use a wire buried around a property to transmit contained signals.

How Invisible Fence Works

While installation is required, the Invisible Fence operates on a simple premise:

  1. A wire is buried to outline the perimeter
  2. A transmitter connected to the wire emits a radio signal
  3. The pet wears a receiver collar tuned to the signal
  4. Flags mark the boundary for visual guidance
Invisible Fence Brand 1

When the pet nears the boundary, the collar activates a warning followed by a safe static correction if they continue forward. This trains them to remain in the designated area.

Key Features of Invisible Fence

  • Underground boundary wire
  • Adjustable static correction
  • Customizable for any shape
  • Expandable coverage
  • Transmitter signal up to 200 acres
  • Rechargeable waterproof collar
  • Professional installation
  • Ongoing support

Pros of Invisible Fence

  • Affordable compared to GPS systems
  • Consistent, reliable wireless signal
  • Low maintenance once installed
  • Works without cellular or WiFi
  • Collar suitable for dogs over 8 lbs
  • Professional guidance available
  • Customizable packages

Cons of Invisible Fence

  • Requires burial of wire
  • Semi-permanent installation
  • Higher long-term cost
  • Collar uses static correction
  • Limited portability compared to GPS
  • Requires professional installation
  • Power outages disrupt signal
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Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s do a side-by-side comparison of these two wireless dog fence systems.

Halo Collar vs Invisible Fence Comparison

To determine which system best suits your needs, here are seven key factors to consider:

Installation and Portability

Halo Collar uses GPS, so no physical wires or equipment installation is required. Fences are set virtually through the smartphone app. This makes it completely portable and customizable.

Halo Collar Smartphone App

Invisible Fence relies on underground wires defining the boundary, so professional installation is recommended. This makes it less adaptable to new spaces.

Invisible Fence Brand Installation

Winner: Halo Collar for ease of installation and portability.

Initial Cost

Halo Collar system costs start at $799 for the collar kit. There are no installation fees, but a $10-30 monthly subscription is required.

Invisible Fence systems start at $995 for small yards, reaching over $2000 for larger properties requiring more wire. Installation fees add several hundred dollars. No monthly fee.

Winner: Tie. Halo Collar is cheaper upfront but has a subscription. Invisible Fence is pricier initially but has lower long-term cost.

Ongoing Maintenance

Halo Collar requires little maintenance beyond charging the collar regularly. However, monthly subscription fees apply.

Invisible Fence needs occasional wire and transmitter checks. But no recurring fees, just collar battery replacement.

Invisible Fence Brand Collar Battery

Winner: Depends on your preferences. Halo Collar offers lower effort, Invisible Fence lower cost long-term.

Customization and Flexibility

Halo Collar offers complete flexibility to customize multiple boundaries and correction levels through the app. Expanding coverage is easy.

Halo Dog Collar Geofencing Capabilities

Invisible Fence allows for unique boundary shapes but expanding means burying more wire. It has limited programming options compared to Halo.

Winner: Halo Collar provides the most adaptable and customizable system.

Effectiveness and Reliability

Halo Collar depends on cellular service for remote access and GPS satellite connections for accuracy. Reliability can be impacted by environment.

Halo Dog Collar Gps

Invisible Fence relies on the buried wire transmitting a radio signal to the collar. This creates a consistent, uninterrupted barrier not weather dependent.

Winner: Invisible Fence generally provides more reliable containment.

Correction Method

Halo Collar uses progressive tones and vibrations. Mild static correction is optional. Focus is positive reinforcement. In a comparison of the Halo Collar vs the SpotOn Collar, we found the Halo system relies more on positive reinforcement for training dogs.

Invisible Fence uses warning beeps followed by static correction. This is adjustable but works on negative reinforcement.

Winner: Depends on your training preferences. Both are safe.

Dog Size and Age

Halo Collar is intended for dogs over 15 lbs. Not suitable for aggressive chewers. Good for puppies old enough for training.

Halo Collar Dog

Invisible Fence works for dogs over 8 lbs. Collar is very durable. Can be installed for puppies as young as 6 months.

Invisible Fence Dog

Winner: Invisible Fence accommodates smaller dogs and chewers. Halo better for larger breeds.

Key Takeaways on Halo vs Invisible Fence

  • Halo Collar uses GPS tracking providing flexibility; Invisible Fence relies on buried wires
  • Halo Collar is simpler to set up and portable; Invisible Fence requires pro installation
  • Halo Collar has higher upfront cost but customizable plans; Invisible Fence is more affordable initially
  • Invisible Fence provides a more consistent, reliable signal within set boundaries
  • Halo Collar focuses on positive reinforcement; Invisible Fence uses static correction
  • Ideal dog age and size varies between the two systems
  • Consider your budget, dog traits, property size to choose the right system

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Halo Collar without the subscription?

No, the subscription is required to access the app features needed to set boundaries and track your dog.

What if I move homes with Invisible Fence?

You’ll have to pay installation fees again at your new home for Invisible Fence. Halo is more portable.

Is the static correction on Invisible Fence safe?

Yes, it delivers a mild, static pulse meant to startle not harm. Intensity is adjustable for your dog.

How accurate is the GPS on Halo Collar?

It provides accuracy within several feet generally. Reception can be impacted by environment.

Can these systems be used indoors?

Neither system is designed for indoor use. Boundary areas are limited outdoors.

What happens if the power goes out?

Halo Collar will continue working for days without recharge. Invisible Fence signal is disrupted until power is restored.

Choose the Right Wireless Dog Fence for Your Needs

When picking between market leaders Halo Collar and Invisible Fence, there are great options for safely containing your dog without physical fences.

For most flexible installation and maximum portability including vacations, Halo Collar’s GPS system excels.

If you prioritize reliability within a fixed area and have a stricter budget, Invisible Fence is likely the better choice.

Make sure to consider your unique needs and pet care philosophy to determine the ideal wireless dog fence for you and your pup!