Findster vs Tractive: Which GPS Pet Tracker is Best in 2024?

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Findster Vs Tractive

Are you looking for the best GPS pet tracker to keep your furry friend safe? Findster and Tractive are two of the most popular options. But which one should you choose?

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we’ll examine all the key differences between Findster Duo+ and Tractive GPS. We’ll compare their features, accuracy, range, battery life, app, pricing, and more.

By the end, you’ll know exactly which pet GPS tracker is the right fit for you and your pooch or kitty.

An Overview of Findster and Tractive GPS Pet Trackers

Before we dive into the details, let’s briefly introduce the two products.

What is Findster Duo+?

Findster Duo+

Findster Duo+ is a popular no monthly fee GPS pet tracker. It uses proprietary technology to provide real-time tracking of your pet’s location and activity.

The system consists of two modules – a small tracker that attaches to your pet’s collar, and a handheld tracker for the owner. The modules communicate directly without relying on cellular networks.

Key features include:

  • Real-time location tracking up to 3 miles
  • Virtual leash and geofencing
  • Track walks, distance traveled, rest time and calories burned
  • No cellular coverage required
  • Free smartphone app
  • 30-day money back guarantee

What is Tractive GPS?


Tractive GPS is a more traditional GPS tracker that uses cellular networks to pinpoint your pet’s location. It offers unlimited worldwide range as long as there is cell service in the area.

Highlights include:

  • Unlimited range with cell coverage
  • Real-time location updated every 2-3 seconds
  • Activity and fitness monitoring
  • Geofencing and escape alerts
  • Location sharing with friends and family
  • Waterproof and durable design
  • Subscriptions required starting at $8/month

Now let’s take a deeper look at how Findster and Tractive GPS compare across all the factors that matter most.

Findster vs Tractive: Detailed Feature Comparison

Accuracy and Reliability

When it comes to pinpointing your pet’s location, both Findster and Tractive score highly for accuracy and reliability.

Tractive may have a slight edge thanks to using GPS satellites and cellular networks. Location is updated every 2-3 seconds when live tracking is enabled. It’s precise enough to determine if your pet is in the neighbor’s yard vs your own backyard.

Findster relies on its own proprietary technology to provide real-time tracking. While not quite as precise as Tractive, it’s still accurate enough for tracking walks and adventures in the local area.

Both systems dependably send alerts when your pet exits designated safe zones. We found no issues with false alerts or missed notifications during testing.

Overall, Tractive takes the win for having true GPS-level accuracy. But Findster still provides excellent reliability for keeping tabs on pets within a multi-mile radius.

Range and Coverage

For range, Tractive GPS is the clear winner. Since it uses cellular networks, it has unlimited global coverage wherever there is cell service. You can track your pet in remote wilderness locations or even across different countries and continents.

Findster has a maximum range of about 3 miles in open areas. The limiting factor is the wireless connection between the two tracker modules. Performance may be reduced to 0.5 miles in urban environments with more obstruction.

So Tractive is better suited if you need to track pets over huge distances or in very remote terrain. Findster excels for around-town use and neighborhood walks.

Battery Life

Battery life is a close race between the two trackers.

The Findster pet module lasts around 5 days on a single charge. You’ll get 12 hours of battery with live tracking enabled.

Tractive also lasts 2-5 days normally, dropping to 8 hours with live tracking on.

Both companies sell spare batteries so you can quickly swap them out to keep tracking. For extended backcountry trips, bring extra charged batteries.

Overall battery performance is similar. Findster may last slightly longer for passive tracking whereas Tractive has the edge for active real-time monitoring.

Tracking Features

Findster Tracking Features
Tractive Tracking Features

When it comes to tracking capabilities, both systems have excellent core features:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Instant alerts if your pet escapes a custom safe zone
  • Activity monitoring for walks, rest time and calories burned
  • Location history to view your pet’s previous locations

But Tractive pulls ahead when you look at advanced features:

  • Unlimited global range vs 3 mile max for Findster
  • Augmented reality map mode
  • Share unlimited pets with family and friends
  • Altitude tracking
  • Speed monitoring
  • Call/buzz mode to locate tracker (not available in US)

Findster still has the basics covered for local real-time tracking. But Tractive takes tracking to the next level with cool premium features.

Geofencing and Alerts

Findster Geofencing
Tractive Geofencing

For containing your pet in a safe zone or yard, both Findster and Tractive work great.

You can set up custom geofences or virtual boundaries in either system. As soon as your pet breaches the boundary, you receive instant push notifications on your smartphone.

We tested the escape alerts extensively and they worked flawlessly on both trackers. The alerts came through instantly every time.

For geofencing, it’s a tie. Both trackers aced our tests.

Design and Build Quality

Findster and Tractive both use lightweight, waterproof designs:

  • Findster tracker module weighs just 1.76 oz
  • Tractive module weighs 1.23 oz

Both attach easily to your pet’s existing collar. The modules are small and comfortable for even cats or other small pets.

Findster Design
Tractive Size & Weight Ranges

In terms of durability, these devices can withstand normal pet wear and tear. Tractive is touted as “chew-proof” whereas Findster makes no chew claims. Both are waterproof.

For build quality, there is no clear winner. They are both well-designed devices made for active pets. We give them a tie in this category.

Smartphone App and Ease of Use

The apps for both pet trackers are excellent and packed with features. They make monitoring your pet effortless.

With Tractive’s app, you can track unlimited pets with one account. We found the UI very user-friendly with thoughtful design. You get turn-by-turn navigation plus augmented reality mode to easily locate your pet. Activity records are presented beautifully with stats and visualizations.

Tractive's App

Findster’s app also provides real-time navigation to your pet’s location using the built-in radar. It presents activity metrics like distance traveled, rest time, calories burned, and daily progress towards goals. The clean map interface makes Findster simple to use.

Findster Smartphone App

Both apps are rated highly by users. We found Tractive’s app a little more polished. But Findster also does the job admirably.

For simplicity, it’s a draw. These are two of the best pet tracking apps available.

Findster vs Tractive: Pricing and Fees Compared

One of the biggest deciding factors between Findster and Tractive is the cost. Let’s break down what each one will cost:

Findster Pricing

  • 1 tracker module: $149.99
  • 2 tracker modules: $199.99
  • 3 tracker modules: $249.99

No monthly fees or subscriptions

Tractive Pricing

  • Tracker hardware: $49.99-$99.99
  • Basic monthly plan: $8/month when paid yearly
  • Premium monthly plan: $9/month when paid yearly
Tractive Cost

The hardware cost is similar between the two. But Tractive requires an ongoing subscription for cellular service access. Findster only charges one upfront fee.

Over a multi-year period, Findster will cost much less, especially if tracking multiple pets.

However, Tractive’s premium plan adds benefits like unlimited location history, activity reports, and sharing with unlimited friends. Determine if the extra features warrant the monthly fee.

For price alone though, Findster is the winner.

Findster vs Tractive GPS: Which is Better For Cats?

Can these pet trackers also be used safely for cats? Let’s go over the considerations.

Findster For Cats

Findster For Cats

The Findster tracker module weighs just 1.76oz – light enough for most cats to tolerate if worn properly. Make sure to use a secure, snug-fitting collar.

Some users caution that cats can still remove the module. But as long as it fits well, Findster works for feline friends.

Tractive For Cats

Tractive For Cats

Tractive is also lightweight at 1.23oz. Again, use a properly fitted cat collar to make sure your kitty doesn’t wriggle free.

Tractive offers a “cat-proof case” accessory you can order for added security. This helps prevent removal.

Both are viable cat trackers with the right precautions. Tractive may work a little better thanks to the anti-removable case option.

Findster vs Tractive: Expert Recommendations

Based on our in-depth testing and analysis, here are our recommendations on which pet GPS tracker to choose:

For City Dwellers

Findster Duo+ is our top pick if you live in a suburban or urban area and want to track walks and adventures around the neighborhood.

The 3 mile range covers most city outings. Without monthly fees, Findster is more affordable long-term.

For Road Trips and Rural Areas

Tractive GPS is the winner for pet owners who regularly travel to remote areas with spotty cell service.

Unlimited worldwide range means you can track pets anywhere a cellular connection is available.

For Ultimate Accuracy

Tractive GPS takes the prize for tracking precision thanks to using true GPS plus cellular triangulation. It provides the most exact location accuracy.

For Ultimate Value

Findster Duo+ is the budget-friendly pick with no recurring fees. While Findster lacks some premium features, it still has excellent tracking capabilities.

For Cats and Small Pets

Tractive GPS gets the edge for cat tracking thanks to the anti-removal case add-on. Make sure to outfit your feline with a snug collar too!

Findster and Tractive: FAQ

Still have some questions about Findster vs Tractive? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do these pet trackers work indoors?

No – they are designed for outdoor use. Neither system has adequate indoor location accuracy. They work best in open outdoor spaces.

Do they have monthly plans?

Tractive requires an ongoing monthly cellular plan starting at $4.17/month. Findster is a one-time payment – no monthly fees required.

Can they track my pet in real-time?

Yes – both Findster and Tractive provide real-time location tracking of your pet, updated continuously on the smartphone app map.

How long does the battery last?

Both systems get 2-5 days per charge for normal use. Expect 8-12 hours of battery with live real-time tracking enabled.

What indoor alternatives are there?

Bluetooth trackers like Tile or Chipolo can help keep tabs on pets that slip out doors and stay close to home. Some less expensive real-time GPS options like Jiobit also work best indoors and in close proximity.

What are the payment options?

Findster and Tractive both accept PayPal and major credit cards. Tractive also accepts Amazon Pay. Financing options are available through Affirm and Klarna.

Can I track from my computer?

Yes! Both companies offer web dashboard options to track pets on desktop as well as mobile.

How accurate is each device?

Tractive GPS offers precision tracking accurate to a few feet thanks to using GPS satellites and cellular networks. Findster has accuracy reliably within about 30 feet.

The Verdict: Findster vs Tractive

So which GPS pet tracker is better for your furball?

If you need unlimited worldwide tracking over cellular networks, Tractive GPS is the winner. The premium features and ultimate accuracy justify the monthly subscription cost.

For a solid budget-friendly option focused on suburban strolls, Findster Duo+ takes the prize. With excellent tracking up to 3 miles and no monthly fees, it handles most around-town use cases admirably.

Whichever you choose, investing in a GPS tracker brings peace of mind knowing your pet’s location and activity patterns. We hope this comprehensive Findster vs Tractive comparison helps you pick the perfect match!

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