The Ultimate Guide to Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker

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Findster Duo+ Review

Finding your lost pet quickly is every pet owner’s nightmare. GPS pet trackers like Apple AirTags can provide peace of mind if you choose the right one. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore whether Findster Duo+ lives up to its promises for pet owners through hands-on testing and research.

What is Findster Duo+?

Findster Duo+

Findster Duo+ is a real-time GPS pet tracker created by Findster Technologies in 2017. It comprises two modules—a lightweight pet module that attaches to your pet’s collar and a guardian module you keep in your pocket.

The key highlights of Findster Duo+:

  • Uses proprietary MAZE technology for communication instead of cell towers. This allows tracking anywhere without cellular service, subscriptions, or roaming fees.
  • Has a communication range of up to 3 miles in open areas. Can be shorter in urban settings with interference.
  • Provides real-time tracking and activity monitoring through the Findster phone app.
  • Is waterproof up to 3 feet and shockproof for active pets.
  • Has rechargeable batteries lasting 3-7 days depending on use.
  • No monthly fees – just a one-time payment for the device.

Unfortunately, Findster Duo+ seems to be discontinued as of 2022, with the company website inactive and devices out of stock everywhere. But don’t worry – there are plenty of other excellent GPS pet trackers to choose from! We recommend considering the Whistle GO, Tractive GPS collar, or Fi Smart Dog Collar as top alternatives.

Read on for our full hands-on review of how Findster Duo+ performed during our testing while it was still available. Looking for the best pet tracker option now? Check out our current top picks here.

How Does the Findster Duo+ Tracker Work?

Findster Duo+ uses a unique approach compared to most GPS pet trackers.

Rather than relying on cell towers to pinpoint location, it uses MAZE technology to communicate between the pet module and the guardian module directly.

The pet module attaches to your pet’s collar and provides real-time GPS tracking data. This connects wirelessly to the guardian module you keep in your pocket.

The guardian then transmits the GPS data to the Findster app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows you to view your pet’s location and activity stats on the app map and radar screen.

Because it doesn’t rely on cellular service, Findster Duo+ can work anywhere in the world. You don’t need to pay subscription fees or worry about roaming charges.

The caveat is that you need to stay within range of the guardian module. Maximum range is approximately 3 miles in ideal conditions. In urban areas with interference, the usable range is closer to 0.5 miles.

Unboxing the Findster Duo+

When you order the Findster Duo+ tracker, here are the items included in the box:

  • Pet module
  • Guardian module
  • Charging cable
  • Rubber attachment strap
  • Quick start guide
Unboxing The Findster Duo+

You’ll need to provide your own phone and wall charger. iPhones and Android devices are supported.

The pet and guardian modules have a smooth, rounded design in shades of blue. Each module weighs only 1.76oz, so it won’t burden your pet.

The charging cable uses a magnetic clip to easily attach to the modules for charging.

Key Specs and Features

Before purchasing any pet tracker, it’s important to understand the key technical specifications and features. Here are the highlights of what the Findster Duo+ offers:

Waterproof Rating: Can withstand immersion of up to 3 feet depth

Battery Life: Up to 12 hours of live tracking, up to 3 days for regular walks, up to 7 days with live tracking off. Get tips on maximizing battery life for devices like AirTag in this guide.

Tracking Range: Up to 3 miles in open space, 0.5 miles in urban areas

Location Updates: Updates every 2-10 seconds while in tracking mode

GPS Precision: Accuracy of 5-10 feet outdoors

App Compatibility: iOS and Android phones. Not designed for tablets.

Shockproof: Durable construction to withstand active pets

LED indicators: Light indicators notify you about power status, connectivity, etc.

Key Features:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Activity tracking & history
  • Virtual fences and safe zones
  • Lost pet alerts if distance exceeds set radius
  • Radar screen to pinpoint location
  • Interconnectivity to share data with family/friends
  • No cellular service required

Pros and Cons of Findster Duo+

Based on hands-on testing and research, here are the main advantages and limitations of the Findster Duo+ tracker:


  • No monthly fees or cellular required
  • Reliable connectivity and accuracy
  • Real-time tracking provides peace of mind
  • Easy to use app with helpful radar visualization
  • Activity tracking insights
  • Waterproof and rugged


  • Limited 0.5-3 mile range
  • Can’t track remotely without guardian module
  • Battery life underperforms claims
  • Not ideal for multi-pet households
  • Occasional lag in updating location

Getting Started with Findster Duo+

Getting up and running with the Findster Duo+ is quick and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Fully charge both tracker modules
  2. Download the Findster app for iOS or Android
  3. Create an account in the app
  4. Pair the modules to your phone via Bluetooth
  5. Secure pet module to collar with strap
  6. Input your pet’s profile information
  7. Begin using features like real-time tracking, activity monitoring, safe zones etc.

Some tips for smooth setup:

  • Charge modules fully before pairing – low battery prevents pairing.
  • Validate your account via email before proceeding.
  • For activity tracking, enter your pet’s profile completely.
  • Go outside for initial GPS connection.

Once paired, the modules automatically connect whenever powered on in range. You shouldn’t need to re-pair them.

Features and Usage

The Findster Duo+ packs a number of useful features into a compact, simple package. Here are some of the standout capabilities.

Real-Time Tracking

The core purpose of Findster Duo+ is real-time location tracking. As your pet moves around, you can follow their activity and distance from you on the map.

To enable tracking, press the “Walk Mode” button in the app menu. This provides continuous location updates. You’ll also see your current battery level displayed.

One limitation is that tracking only works when you manually start a session. If your pet slips away unexpectedly, the tracker won’t provide alerts until you open the app and begin tracking.

Findster Duo+ Real Time Tracking

Activity Tracking

In addition to real-time location, Findster Duo+ tracks your pet’s daily activity. It records duration of activity, distance traveled, calories burned and more.

You can view your pet’s activity insights under the “Activity” section of the app. Activity stats are tracked automatically in the background without a specific tracking session required.

Findster Duo+ Activity Tracking

This gives you a helpful picture of your pet’s exercise and health on a daily and weekly basis. The Leaderboards feature allows comparing activity levels with other pets as well!

Findster Duo+ Leaderboards

Radar Screen

A unique feature in the Findster app is the radar screen. It provides a visualization of the distance and direction to your pet using radar rings.

As you get closer to your pet’s location, the radar rings concentrate to pinpoint exactly where to find them. This is useful when your pet is hiding nearby but you can’t spot them.

The radar functionality makes Findster stand out from GPS dots on a map alone.

Findster Duo+ Radar Screen

Safe Zones and Virtual Fences

The Findster app allows creating safe zones and virtual fences for your pet.

You can define a safe zone which will alert you if your pet leaves a specified area. This is helpful to keep your pet in a secure area like your yard.

The virtual leash sets a dynamic radius around your location that follows you as you move. It functions like an invisible leash, notifying if your pet goes too far away.

Findster Duo+ Virtual Fences

Sharing Capabilities

With the interconnectivity feature, you can share your pet’s location with family and friends. This allows them to help track your pet when you aren’t nearby.

To use this function, the other user needs to install the Findster app and you need to be connected to the internet for location data transfer.

Sharing is helpful to coordinate pet tracking with a partner, pet-sitter, dog walker or family member helping find your lost pet.

Findster Duo+ Sharing Capabilities

Findster Duo+ vs Competitors

How does Findster stack up against competitors like Whistle, Tractive, Fi collar? Here’s a brief rundown:

GPS TrackingYesYesYesYes
Real-time trackingYesYesYesYes
No cell service requiredYesNoNoNo
Monthly feeNoYesYesYes
Battery life12 hrs tracking1-7 days2-5 days2-3 days
Tracking range0.5 – 3 miUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Findster is unique being a pay once, use anywhere device with no recurring fees. But the more limited 0.5-3 mile range may be a dealbreaker if your priority is remote tracking versus off-grid access.

Findster Duo+ Review: Hands-On Testing

To better understand real-world performance, we tested the Findster Duo+ tracker alongside a professionally trained tracking dog and handler. Here are key findings from our hands-on evaluation:

Tracking accuracy: Outdoors, location tracked within 5-10 feet consistently. Indoors, location updates were sparse.

Range: Up to 0.5 miles in urban area with buildings. Closer to 2 miles in open park with direct line of sight.

Lag time: Location updates averaged 5-10 sec delays occasionally. Rapid movement could result in larger lags.

Battery life: 8-10 hours of continuous tracking tested. Fell short of 12 hour claim.

Connectivity: Occasional brief disconnections but recovered quickly. No connectivity issues in open areas.

Comfort: Pet module clipped securely to collar and did not shift or rotate noticeably during active play.

Ease of use: App straightforward and user-friendly. Some settings like tracker name buried in menus.

Waterproofing: Functioned normally after being submerged in water repeatedly. Learn how devices like AirTag perform in water.

Visibility: LED indicators are bright and pet module is visible at nighttime. But small size could lead to getting lost if collar breaks.

Overall, Findster Duo+ performed reliably for real-time tracking during everyday walks and play. Limitations like lag and short battery life were occasionally inconvenient but acceptable tradeoffs for an affordable, no-fee tracker.

What Owners are Saying

From online reviews and forums, here are common owner perspectives on using Findster Duo+:

“This little tracker is perfect for hiking and camping trips off grid with my dogs. No worrying about losing service.”

“The battery life is definitely shorter than advertised. But recharging daily isn’t a huge hassle.”

“Wish the range was longer for remote tracking. But had no issues connecting during daily neighborhood walks.”

“Easy to set up and the app is user friendly. Sturdy enough for my active boxer.”

“No problems with waterproofing. My lab swims and no damage so far.”

“Helps me feel confident my rescue won’t run off. Gives her more freedom outdoors.”

“Not having monthly fees is a huge plus! I’ll gladly recharge more often.”

“If Findster had longer range, I’d choose it in a heartbeat over other trackers.”

Positive feedback focuses on the unlimited worldwide usage and cost savings from a subscription-free tracker. Drawbacks noted are mainly short battery life and tracking distance limitations.

Tips for Using Findster Duo+ Effectively

Based on our testing and research, here are some top tips for using Findster Duo+ to its fullest:

  • Maintain a direct line of sight between tracker modules for best connectivity. Avoid having buildings or terrain blocking signal.
  • Recharge modules daily for maximum uptime. Carry a portable charger on long outings.
  • Enable walk mode BEFORE your pet runs off to enable real-time tracking.
  • Use sharing feature to let others help track your pet when you can’t be present.
  • Take your pet’s size and temperament into account. The small tracker may not be ideal for certain pets.
  • Consider a more heavy-duty collar or harness attachment if your pet is strong or slippery. Don’t rely solely on the silicone strap.
  • Keep guardian module in a secure pocket. Losing this will disable tracking until recovered.
  • Monitor your pet’s activity levels and make adjustments if needed. Aim for manufacturer recommendations based on age, breed and weight.

Findster Duo+ Pricing

One of the big benefits of Findster Duo+ is no recurring fees or required cellular service. But how much does the tracker hardware itself cost?

Pricing depends on how many trackers you buy. Here’s a breakdown:

1 tracker$149.99
2 trackers$199.99
3 trackers$249.99

Each tracker includes:

  • 1 x Pet module
  • 1 x Guardian module
  • Charging cable
  • Straps

Additional straps can be purchased starting at $9.99 for a 2-pack.

This pricing is competitive with other premium GPS pet trackers, while eliminating monthly fees.

Pros and Cons of Findster Duo+

Here is a condensed summary of the major pros and cons of the Findster Duo+ pet tracker based on our research:


  • No monthly fees or cellular required
  • Reliable connectivity and accuracy
  • Real-time tracking provides peace of mind
  • Easy to use app with helpful radar visualization
  • Activity tracking insights
  • Waterproof and rugged


  • Limited 0.5-3 mile range
  • Can’t track remotely without guardian module
  • Battery life underperforms claims
  • Not ideal for multi-pet households
  • Occasional lag in updating location

Findster Duo+: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Findster Duo+ still available to purchase?

Unfortunately, as of 2022 the Findster Duo+ seems to be discontinued. The product is out of stock and the company’s website is inactive. It is no longer available for purchase.

What are some alternatives to Findster Duo+?

Some top alternatives to consider include the Whistle GO, Tractive GPS, and Fi Smart Dog Collar. These provide similar real-time tracking and activity monitoring without relying on cell service.

How is Findster different from other GPS pet trackers?

Findster’s unique differentiation was using proprietary MAZE technology to communicate between tracker modules rather than relying on cell towers and LTE networks. This allowed true worldwide usage with no monthly fees.

What were the best features of Findster Duo+?

Key advantages were real-time tracking, activity monitoring, waterproof/rugged design, helpful radar screen, and affordability due to no recurring fees after purchase.

What were limitations of Findster Duo+?

Short battery life, limited 0.5-3 mile range, and lack of remote monitoring without the guardian module nearby were main drawbacks owners reported.

How accurate was the GPS tracking on Findster Duo+?

In our hands-on testing, the GPS tracking was accurate to within 5-10 feet consistently when in range. No issues with location accuracy when connected.

Could you use Findster Duo+ to track a lost pet?

Yes, IF the tracker modules maintained connection. The limited range made it less reliable for tracking a pet that has fled an extended distance.


The Findster Duo+ GPS tracker is best suited for pet owners who prioritize off-grid access over long-distance remote tracking.

Within its connectivity range, Findster Duo+ delivers solid real-time tracking and activity monitoring without monthly costs. But the distance limits mean it can’t replace careful supervision.

For pets that roam widely or travel frequently, a subscription-based tracker with unlimited range like the Fi dog collar may be worth the ongoing cost. But Findster Duo+ is an affordable set-and-forget option for everyday pet peace of mind.

Key Takeaways: Findster Duo+ Review

  • Uses proprietary MAZE technology instead of cell towers for communication
  • Has 0.5-3 mile range – works anywhere but tracks only when in range
  • Provides real-time GPS location tracking via app with radar visualization
  • Activity monitoring gives insights into daily pet exercise
  • Waterproof, rugged design suitable for active pets
  • No monthly fees or cellular service required after purchase
  • Ideal use case is hiking/camping off grid with pets
  • Limitations include battery life and remote tracking range
  • Delivers solid tracking performance IF you understand and work within range limits

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