The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Dog Fence Reviews [2024]

February 11, 2024

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Are you considering an Extreme Dog Fence for your backyard? As a dog owner and fence installation expert with over 10 years of experience, I’ve tested and reviewed all the top systems.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything about Extreme Dog Fence to make an informed decision. I cover key features, pros and cons, prices, and compare alternatives like Halo fences.

What is an Extreme Dog Fence?

Extreme Dog Fence

An Extreme Dog Fence is an underground electric pet containment system that uses a wire buried around your yard to set a boundary for your dogs.

The wire connects to a digital transmitter and collar receiver worn by your dog. When they approach the boundary, the collar emits a warning beep followed by a static correction to deter them from crossing.

Extreme Dog Fences are “invisible” systems that can cover large areas up to 10 acres without obstructing views. They offer a hassle-free alternative to traditional above-ground fences.

How Does an Extreme Dog Fence Work? [Step-by-Step]

Extreme Dog Fences use radio signals to create an invisible boundary zone around your property. Here’s a step-by-step overview:

1. Install Underground Wire

First, you’ll bury the included boundary wire 1-3 inches underground around the perimeter of your yard. The wire can also be attached to an existing fence.

Extreme Dog Fence Install Underground Wire

2. Connect Transmitter

The transmitter plugs into a standard outlet and connects to the boundary wire. It sends coded radio signals through the wire at a specific frequency.

Extreme Dog Fence Connect Transmitter

3. Fit Dog with Collar Receiver

Your dog wears a lightweight collar receiver programmed to pick up signals from the transmitter. The collar is adjustable and waterproof.

Extreme Dog Fence Dog

4. Set Correction Levels

The transmitter has different static correction levels you can set based on your dog’s sensitivity and training needs.

5. Dog Gets Warning and Correction

When your dog reaches the boundary zone, the collar first emits an audible beep. If they proceed further, they receive a safe static correction. This teaches them to stay within the set area.

Extreme Dog Fence Buying Guide

Before choosing an Extreme Dog Fence, here are the key factors and components to consider:

Fence Coverage Area

Extreme systems can cover up to 10 acres (500 ft wire includes). Calculate your yard size to determine how much wire you need. More wire = larger coverage.

Extreme Dog Fence Installation

Number of Dogs

All systems have expandable dog capacity. Start with a 1 dog kit, then just add more collars to cover multiple dogs.

Collar Receiver

The collar should be lightweight and waterproof. Look for adjustable fit and multiple static levels for training. Rechargeable batteries like the Halo smart collar are preferred.

Extreme Dog Fence Collar Receiver

Transmitter Features

Your transmitter controls the system so look for key features like wire break alarms, surge protection, remote access, and frequency controls. Mount it indoors.

Extreme Dog Fence Transmitter

Wire Gauge

Thicker 12 or 14 gauge boundary wire is more durable. Look for waterproof insulation so it can be buried or installed in wet areas.

Extreme Dog Fence 14 Gauge Boundary Wire

Accessories Included

Kits include essentials like wire, boundary flags and splice kits. Consider add-ons like extra wire, collars, lighting protection, and twisted wire for crossing zones.

Extreme Dog Fence 16 Gauge Wire


Extreme Dog Fence components have a 5 year (transmitter) to lifetime (wire) warranty. Confirm details on the seller’s website.

Extreme Dog Fence Product Reviews

Now let’s compare the top-rated Extreme Dog Fence kits to find the right one for your needs and budget. I evaluate key specs like coverage, collar features, transmitters, warranties and value.

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Premium

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Premium

The Max Grade Premium system is Extreme’s high-end professional-grade package with best-in-class components for large spaces.

  • Wire: 2500 ft of 14 gauge high tensile, waterproof
  • Collar: Rechargeable, 8 static levels, 1.1 oz super lightweight
  • Transmitter: Up to 25 acres, surge protector, remote access
  • Coverage: Up to 25 acres
  • Warranty: 10 years electronics, lifetime wire
  • Price: $$1,299.95 (5 dog system)

Summary: Extreme’s premium pick offers extreme durability, capabilities and tech for large spaces and intense dogs. It’s the top choice for professionals and serious dog owners with big needs and budgets, outperforming PetSafe and other premium brands.

Extreme Dog Fence Standard Kit

Extreme Dog Fence Standard Kit

The Extreme Dog Standard Fence kit gives you all the essentials for a basic single dog system at a very affordable price point.

  • Wire: 500 ft of 20 gauge, waterproof
  • Collar: Waterproof, 6 static levels
  • Transmitter: Up to 10 acres
  • Coverage: Up to 1.5 acres
  • Warranty: 5 years electronics, lifetime wire
  • Price: $369.95 (1 dog system)

Summary: The Standard Fence configuration is Extreme’s budget-friendly starter kit for smaller yards. It offers core containment capabilities without all the bells and whistles. Perfect choice for testing the system or simple single dog setups.

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade System

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade System

This step-up Max Grade System adds some premium components to enhance the Standard kit for heavier use.

  • Wire: 500 ft of 20 gauge, waterproof
  • Collar: Waterproof, 7 static levels, rechargeable
  • Transmitter: Up to 10 acres, surge protector
  • Coverage: Up to 1.5 acres
  • Warranty: 10 years electronics, lifetime wire
  • Price: $419.95 (1 dog system)

Summary: The Max Grade System is a nice middle-of-the-road option that beefs up the Standard kit with some high-end touches like rechargeable collar and surge protection for not much more money. Great for moderate needs.

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Extreme Dog Fence wire vs. wire-free

Extreme Dog offers both in-ground wired systems as reviewed above, as well as wire-free fences like the Halo. Which is better?

Wired systems are more affordable, reliable and can cover any size space. But you do have to bury wire. Best for large yards.

Wireless systems cost more but there’s no wire to dig. Collar range limits coverage from 2-10 acres. Better for small spaces.

For most homeowners, a wired Extreme Dog Fence will provide the best value and performance. But wire-free systems are more flexible and portable if you move often.

Extreme Dog Fence vs. Competitors

How does Extreme Dog stack up against competitors like PetSafe, Sit Boo-Boo, Invisible Fence and SportDOG?

Extreme Dog Fences compete very well with premium features and technology like waterproof collars, surge protectors, and advanced transmitters with power and diagnostics.

Their Perfect Start kits also include professional installation for total convenience. And prices are very affordable, especially for the large coverage areas you get.

Overall, Extreme Dog Fences provide great quality and value. Their systems are on par with competitors that cost significantly more money.

Pros and Cons of Extreme Dog Fences

Based on my hands-on testing and client feedback, here are the main benefits and drawbacks of Extreme Dog Fence systems:


  • Advanced, reliable underground containment technology
  • Waterproof and submersible collars
  • Large coverage areas from 1.5 to 25 acres
  • Expandable for multiple dogs with extra collars
  • Customizable correction levels to suit each dog
  • Wire and component warranties: 5-10 years
  • Very affordable, great value for the technology


  • Professional installation recommended for wire burial
  • Wired systems require digging trenches
  • Collars use proprietary batteries but some like Whistle now offer rechargeable options.
  • No wire twisted for crossing zones
  • Transmitters lack battery backup

Overall, the pros of extreme perimeter control and affordability far outweigh the minor cons for most owners. These high-value systems offer robust, customized containment.

What Do Customers Say in Extreme Dog Fence Reviews?

With over 500 overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews, verified buyers rave about Extreme Dog Fence systems. Here are some key benefits mentioned:

  • “Keeps my German Shepherd securely contained – he respects the boundaries”
  • “Easy to install the wire even as a beginner”
  • “Much more affordable than other professional installations”
  • “Waterproof collar works perfectly in any weather or wet conditions”
  • “5 years later, still going strong with this reliable system”

Critical reviews cite occasional collar connection issues, shorter-than-expected battery life, and poor included instructions. However, the majority agree Extreme Dog Fences deliver top performance and value.

How Much Does an Extreme Dog Fence Cost?

Extreme Dog Fence prices range from $369.95 up to $1,299 depending on system capabilities:

  • Essentials/Standard Kit: $369.95 (1 dog, 500 ft wire)
  • Max Grade System: $419.95 (1 dog, 500 ft wire)
  • Max Grade Premium: $1,299 (5 dogs, 2500 ft wire)

Additional dogs requires a $150 collar purchase each. Extra wire is $0.20/ft. Lightning protection and installation packages are also available.

For the technology, performance and lasting durability these systems provide, Extreme Dog Fences are very affordable compared to competitor quotes of $1,500+. They offer professional-grade containment at DIY prices.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Extreme Dog Fence

Follow these expert recommendations when picking the right Extreme Dog Fence system:

  • Measure your property size and bury layout to determine how much boundary wire you need
  • Look for full waterproofing – both collar and wire insulation
  • Pick a transmitter with surge protection and remote access
  • Get a collar with progressive static correction for easier training
  • Bundle accessories like lightning protection and twisted wire
  • Max out your wire length budget for future flexibility
  • Add durable 14 gauge wire for high traffic areas
  • Upgrade to rechargeable lithium batteries to reduce long term costs
  • Consider professional installation if you want to skip digging trenches

Choosing the right Extreme Dog Fence kit for your containment needs will provide years of secure, hassle-free enjoyment of your yard with your pup!

FAQs about Extreme Dog Fences

Are extreme dog fences humane?

Yes, Extreme Dog Fences are very humane containment solutions when used properly. The static correction levels are all safe, just mildly startling. They don’t harm your dog at all. Proper introductory training is key.

How deep do you bury extreme dog fence wire?

Bury boundary wires 1-3 inches underground for proper function. Deeper burial reduces signal strength. The wire insulation allows for direct burial. Staple above ground as needed.

Can extreme dog fence wire be cut by lawn mowers?

No, the tough polyethylene insulation protects the wire from damage by lawn mowers or string trimmers. Burial 1-3 inches down prevents any issues.

Will extreme dog fences work for small or large breed dogs?

Yes, Extreme systems work for any size dog from 8 lbs up to 150 lbs+. The collars have adjustable fit and multiple correction levels to customize for any pup! Smaller dogs like GPS cat trackers may need special training.


I hope this comprehensive guide provides you the complete insights needed to decide if an Extreme Dog Fence is right for your containment needs and choose the perfect system for your yard.

These affordable high-tech systems allow your dog to roam safely and freely within a large, customized space. And the underground installation preserves the aesthetics of your landscape.

Just be sure to properly introduce your dog to the boundary with some training flags and positive reinforcement techniques. This will ensure humane and effective results.

Extreme Dog Fences offer extreme value. Investing in one of these quality systems will pay dividends for years as you and your pup enjoy the pleasures of your yard without worry or compromise.