Dogtra vs Educator: Which Training Collar is Better for Your Dog?

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Dogtra Vs Educator

Choosing the right training collar for your dog can be overwhelming. Two of the most popular brands on the market are Dogtra and Educator. But which one should you choose?

This in-depth guide compares Dogtra and Educator across key factors like design, features, effectiveness, and value. We’ll help you decide which training collar is the better option for your specific needs and budget.

Overview of Dogtra and Educator Dog Training Collars

Dogtra Collar Receiver
Educator Dog Training Collars

Dogtra and Educator both make high-quality, customizable remote training collars. These collars use electric stimulation paired with audible tones and/or vibration to reinforce commands during off-leash training.

While both brands offer excellent features, there are some key differences:

  • Price – Dogtra collars are more expensive, ranging from $200-$300. Educator collars cost $150-$250.
  • Range – Dogtra has a longer max range at 1/2 mile, compared to 1/3 mile for Educator.
  • Correction Levels – Educator provides more levels at 1-100, while Dogtra offers 1-127.
  • Waterproofing – Both collars are waterproof, but Dogtra is submersible up to 5 feet.
  • Fit – Educator accommodates smaller dogs starting at 5 lbs. Dogtra fits medium to large breeds over 10 lbs.

Below, we’ll compare these two top brands in-depth across 10 factors. By the end, you’ll know which training collar is right for your pup!

Dogtra vs Educator Compared

1. Remote Range

The remote range determines how far away you can be from your dog while still sending corrections.

  • Dogtra: Up to 1/2 mile range
  • Educator: Up to 1/3 mile range

Winner: Dogtra offers nearly double the max range of Educator. The longer range makes it easier to reinforce commands over larger areas like when hunting with dogs.

2. Correction Levels

More correction levels allow you to find the right stimulation intensity for your dog.

  • Dogtra: 127 correction levels
  • Educator: 1-100 correction levels

Winner: Educator gives you more precision with 100 levels to choose from. Dogtra’s 127 levels still offer ample flexibility like containment system collars.

3. Correction Modes

The types of correction the collar can deliver (shock, vibration, tone).

  • Dogtra: Shock, vibration, tone
  • Educator: Shock, vibration, tone

Tie. Both Dogtra and Educator provide static shock, vibration, and audible tone modes. This allows you to use each collar without shock if desired.

Dogtra Training Gear

4. Waterproofing

Waterproof collars can be used in wet conditions or for water training.

  • Dogtra: Fully submersible up to 5 feet
  • Educator: Waterproof but not submersible

Winner: Dogtra thanks to its fully submersible design like a waterproof GPS tracker. Educator is waterproof but can’t be fully immersed.

5. Fit and Weight Limit

Ensuring a proper fit allows the collar to work effectively.

  • Dogtra: For medium to large dogs (over 10 lbs). Neck sizes up to 24″.
  • Educator: For dogs as small as 5 lbs. Neck sizes down to 12″.

Winner: Educator offers a better fit for small breed dogs starting at just 5 lbs. Dogtra doesn’t fit most dogs under 10 lbs.

Educator Dog Training Collars 2

6. Battery Life

Longer battery life means less frequent charging.

  • Dogtra: 40-60 hours per charge
  • Educator: 40-50 hours per charge

Tie. Both Dogtra and Educator deliver excellent battery performance, lasting 1-2 weeks between charges like AirTag’s lost mode.

7. Training Features

Unique modes or settings that enhance training ability.

  • Dogtra: Enhanced stimulation button boosts correction intensity.
  • Educator: Pavlovian stimulation and floating stimulation lock modes.

Winner: Educator provides more advanced training-specific features like Pavlovian conditioning. But Dogtra does offer a quick way to boost correction levels.

Educator Dog Training Collars 1

8. Expandability

The maximum number of collars the remote can control.

  • Dogtra: Up to 3 collars
  • Educator: Up to 2 collars

Winner: Dogtra lets you control up to 3 collars from one remote like multi-dog systems. Educator maxes out at 2 collars.

9. Warranty

The length of the product warranty.

  • Dogtra: 1 year
  • Educator: 2 years

Winner: Educator provides an extra year of warranty coverage like high-end pet trackers. Both warranties include the batteries.

10. Price

The typical retail cost of the training collar and remote.

  • Dogtra: $200-$300
  • Educator: $150-$250

Winner: Educator is the more budget-friendly option, with costs averaging $50 less than Dogtra like GPS pet trackers without monthly fees.

Key Takeaways: Dogtra vs Educator

  • For range, Dogtra is the clear winner with double the max distance of Educator.
  • Educator offers more correction levels and better fit for small dogs.
  • Both are equally waterproof and have excellent battery life.
  • Educator provides more advanced training features.
  • Dogtra allows control of up to 3 collars while Educator maxes at 2.
  • Educator comes with a longer warranty and costs $50 less on average.

FAQs About Dogtra and Educator

Are dog training collars cruel?

Modern remote collars are very low voltage and safe when used properly. The stimulation level should be set to the minimum needed to get your dog’s attention. Higher levels that make them yelp or freeze should never be used.

Can I use them without the shock?

Yes, both Dogtra and Educator let you use the vibration and tone settings without ever using static stimulation. However, this limits their effectiveness for off-leash training like virtual boundary systems.

How tight should the collar fit?

You should be able to fit two fingers snugly between the collar and your dog’s skin. It must make contact with the skin for the stimulation to work…

The Verdict: Should You Choose Dogtra or Educator?

While both Dogtra and Educator make excellent training collars, Educator stands out as the best option for most dog owners.

The smaller size accommodates little dogs as light as 5 pounds. You get more correction levels for fine-tuning, unique training features like Pavlovian stimulation, and great value given the cheaper price and longer warranty.

Dogtra is ideal for pros training multiple dogs over large areas thanks to the expanded range and 3 collar capacity. But for typical pet owners, Educator offers better versatility at a more affordable cost.

Whichever you choose, be sure to properly introduce your dog to the collar with positive reinforcement training for a stress-free experience. With patient use, these collars allow you to reinforce commands and behaviors even when your pup is out of leash range.

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