AirTag Tips

The AirTag Tips category provides various tips and practical advice for better usage and management of your AirTag.

Airtag For Ebike

Is AirTag the Best Anti-Theft Device for Your E-bike?

E-bike theft is on the rise. As e-bikes gain popularity for commuting and recreation, so do the risks of having ...
Airtag Airpods

Use AirTag to Easily Locate Your Lost AirPods – The Complete Guide

Finding your lost AirPods just got a whole lot easier with AirTag. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to ...
Airtag Heat Resistance

How Well Do AirTags Withstand Heat? A Thorough Durability Test

Apple’s AirTags are designed for tracking everyday items like keys, backpacks and more. With frequent use, they’ll inevitably be subjected ...
Airtag Turo

The Complete Guide to Using AirTags with Turo in 2024

AirTags are becoming an increasingly popular way for hosts to keep track of their Turo rental cars. These small Bluetooth ...
Airtag Best Battery

The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Your Apple AirTag Battery

Replacing the battery in your Apple AirTag trackers is a breeze – as long as you use the right battery ...
Can I Use An Airtag To Track My Dog

Can You Use an AirTag to Track Your Dog? The Dangers You Need to Know

Tracking a lost dog is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. That’s why many turn to Apple’s AirTags as an affordable ...
Can You Track Someone With An Airtag

Can You Really Use Apple AirTags to Track People? An In-Depth Guide

Tracking people without consent raises major ethical and legal concerns. However, recent headlines about AirTag stalking have caused confusion about ...
Fake Airtag

Don’t Fall for These Fake AirTags – A Guide to Spotting Counterfeits

AirTags have been one of the most anticipated Apple products in recent years. Rumors started swirling about these Tile-like tracking ...
Can Airtag Be Stolen

Can AirTags Be Stolen? Security Tips to Protect Your Apple Trackers

Apple AirTags have quickly become a go-to tool for keeping track of easily misplaced valuables, but their popularity has also ...
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