Cat Tailer Review: Cost-Effective Indoor Cat Bluetooth Tracker

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Cat Tailer Review

If you have an indoor cat that occasionally makes a run for it, a Bluetooth tracker can provide an affordable way to monitor their location.

In this in-depth Cat Tailer Bluetooth tracker review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this budget-friendly pick for close-range cat tracking.

Overview of the Cat Tailer Bluetooth Tracker

Cat Tailer

The Cat Tailer Bluetooth tracker is designed specifically with curious indoor cats in mind. At just 0.28 ounces, this mini capsule-shaped tracker clips onto your cat’s collar to track their location via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity with 300 foot range
  • Virtual fence alerts if cat wanders too far
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 6 months
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Tracks both indoors and outdoors
  • Free app with family sharing

With its incredibly lightweight, non-obtrusive design and long 6 month battery life, the Cat Tailer makes an excellent choice for monitoring indoor cats that may occasionally sneak outside.

While the 300 foot Bluetooth tether keeps your cat safely connected, the virtual fence feature in the app provides alerts when your cat crosses the boundary. This gives you ample time to bring them back to safety.

In my experience, the Cat Tailer’s smart functionality, ease of use, waterproof design, and budget-friendly price make it an ideal solution for indoor cat owners looking for peace of mind.

How the Cat Tailer Bluetooth Tracker Performs

During my hands-on testing spansing several weeks, I evaluated how well the Cat Tailer performed across a variety of factors:

Connectivity and Range

The Cat Tailer leverage’s your phone’s Bluetooth connection, allowing you to track your cat’s location from your smartphone.

I found connectivity was relatively reliable as long as I stayed within 150-300 feet of the tracker. This allowed me to monitor my cat’s location in the house, backyard, and surrounding area.

The tracker’s 300 foot Bluetooth range is fairly standard for this technology. It’s sufficient for indoor cats, but lacks the extended range required for outdoor roaming.

Cat Tailer Connectivity And Range

Location Accuracy

Within the 300 foot Bluetooth range, location accuracy was hit or miss. The app showed my cat’s approximate distance, but fluctuated when updating their location.

At times when my cat was sitting right next to me, the app would show them 30 feet away in the other room. The directional accuracy was also inconsistent.

Cat Tailer Location Accuracy

For the price point, it gets the job done for indoor use. But the location tracking lacks the precision of GPS alternatives like the Tractive GPS cat tracker or the Fetch Pet Tracker.

Battery Life

The Cat Tailer has an impressive 6 month battery span between charges. I appreciated only having to occasionally recharge rather than daily or weekly like some trackers require, such as the Invirox Dog Training Collar.

In 3 months of testing, the battery level stayed high at around 80%. The long battery life means you can stay on top of charging without much effort.

App Functionality

The Cat Tailer app provides essential features like location monitoring, custom alerts, and family sharing capabilities.

I loved being able to set a 30 yard boundary around my house to get notifications anytime my cat crossed the “virtual fence.” This provided ample warning to bring him back safely. The Pawious GPS Dog Fence offers a similar virtual fence feature but for dogs.

The app itself has a straightforward interface that displays your connection status, battery level, and tools to find your cat. While basic, it offers the core functionality indoor cat owners need.

Cat Tailer App Functionality

Tracker Design

Weighing just 0.28 ounces, the Cat Tailer has an ultra slim capsule-shaped design perfect for small cats. My 7 pound cat had no issues wearing it comfortably on his collar.

The tracker is about the size of an almond M&M candy. It attaches securely with convenient silicone straps rather than clunky clips.

My favorite aspect is the IP67 waterproof rating, meaning it can withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Perfect for pets who enjoy splashing in water dishes!

Cat Tailer Waterproof Design

What I Like About the Cat Tailer

  • Ultra lightweight and comfortable for even small cats
  • 6 month battery life is outstanding
  • Waterproof design holds up well
  • Easy and secure collar attachment
  • Useful virtual fence alerts when cat wanders too far
  • Affordable price without monthly fees required

Potential Downsides to Consider

  • Short 300 foot Bluetooth tether limits range
  • Location accuracy can be inconsistent
  • Doesn’t offer health tracking like some GPS trackers
  • Not ideal for outdoor roaming cats who go far

Key Benefits of the Cat Tailer Bluetooth Tracker

Lightweight and Comfortable

At just 8 grams, the Cat Tailer won’t weigh down even petite cats. The slim, smooth design prevents any neck chafing. Based on my testing, most cats should be able to wear it full-time without irritation.

Affordable Upfront Price

Available for $67, the Cat Tailer hits a reasonable price point for most budgets. With no activation fees and optional monthly plans, it provides tracking without ongoing costs.

Long 6 Month Battery Life

The 6 month battery lifespan is exceptional compared to alternatives that require weekly or monthly charging. You’ll rarely have to think about keeping it powered. In comparison, the Safer Pet Tracker only lasts 2-5 days.

300 Foot Bluetooth Range

While limited compared to GPS, the 300 foot Bluetooth tether keeps your cat connected within your home and yard. It’s perfectly suitable for indoor cats who stick relatively close.

Virtual Fence Alerts

The custom alerts notify you anytime your cat breaches the safe zone boundary you set. This allows you to promptly bring them back to safety.

Waterproof Design

The Cat Tailer has a IP67 waterproof rating to withstand submersion and wet weather. Ideal for pets who enjoy splashing in their water bowl!

When is the Cat Tailer Tracker a Good Fit?

Cat Tailer Tracker

The Cat Tailer excels for specific types of cat owners:

Primarily Indoor Cats

For cats who spend most of their time indoors, the 300 foot Bluetooth range should provide sufficient visibility into their location. No need to pay more for extended range they won’t use.

Cats Who Might Wander Occasionally

Even vigilant pet owners can have indoor cats that unexpectedly make a break for it. The virtual fence alerts provide warning if your cat slips out so you can promptly bring them home.

Budget-Conscious Cat Owners

With no monthly fees required, the Cat Tailer presents an affordable set-it-and-forget-it tracking option compared to pricier alternatives like the Tractive GPS or Kippy Vita S.

Tech-Savvy Cat Parents

The straightforward app and Bluetooth connectivity make this a great fit for cat owners comfortable with basic technology and smartphones.

Those Seeking Occasional Peace of Mind

For cat owners who just want occasional visibility into their cat’s location around the home or yard, the Cat Tailer delivers without breaking the bank.

Is the Cat Tailer a Good GPS Replacement?

The Cat Tailer can provide certain peace of mind for indoor cat owners. However, it should not be considered an equivalent replacement for a full-featured GPS cat tracker like the Tractive GPS.

For cats that roam widely outdoors, only a GPS tracker can provide unlimited range and precise tracking. But for indoor cats, the Cat Tailer hits a reasonable compromise.

Here’s how the Cat Tailer compares to a GPS cat tracker:

GPS Tracker

  • Unlimited global range
  • Precise location on interactive map
  • Expensive ($100-$400 range)
  • Short battery life (2-7 days)
  • Monthly fees ($5-$20/month)

Cat Tailer Tracker

  • 300 foot Bluetooth range
  • Approximate location accuracy
  • Affordable upfront price ($67)
  • Long 6 month battery life
  • No monthly fees required

While the Cat Tailer lacks the unlimited range and pinpoint accuracy of GPS, its lower price and maintenance make it suitable for indoor cats who stay relatively close. It can supplement supervision without the cost of full GPS tracking.

Should You Buy the Cat Tailer?

The Cat Tailer Bluetooth tracker presents an affordable way to monitor your indoor cat’s location around your home, yard, and immediate surroundings. While it lacks the range of a GPS tracker like the Tractive, it provides peace of mind without monthly costs.

If you have a primarily indoor cat that wanders on occasion, the Cat Tailer is an excellent budget-friendly solution. For outdoor roaming cats, the limited Bluetooth range makes a GPS tracker a better choice.

I recommend the Cat Tailer for cat owners who:

  • Want an affordable tracker under $100
  • Have cats who remain indoors most of the time
  • Like the convenience of long 6+ month battery life
  • Appreciate waterproof design for wet pets
  • Seek peace of mind for indoor cats who might sneak out

I don’t recommend the Cat Tailer for:

  • Outdoor cats who roam far from home
  • Those seeking precise GPS mapping capabilities
  • Owners who require health and activity monitoring
  • Cats who dislike wearing collars
  • Privacy-concerned owners (Bluetooth can be hacked)

For the right owner, the Cat Tailer hits a sweet spot combining value, convenience, and functionality. Before purchasing, make sure a Bluetooth tracker aligns with your cat’s habits and your own preferences and needs.

Top Alternative Cat Trackers to Consider

While I believe the Cat Tailer is a top choice Bluetooth cat tracker, here are a few alternative trackers to explore:

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

  • Ultra-affordable at $20-$25
  • Streamlined design
  • 150 foot range
  • 1 year battery

Pawscout Smart Tag

  • Connects with lost pet community
  • Very budget-friendly
  • 300 foot Bluetooth range
  • 1 year battery

Loc8tor Tabcat

  • Affordable RF tracker
  • No monthly fees
  • 400 foot radio frequency range
  • Works indoors & outdoors

Tractive GPS

  • Unlimited range via cellular & GPS
  • Precise interactive mapping
  • Custom safety alerts
  • Advanced features like health tracking

Be sure to fully assess your needs and your cat’s habits before deciding on the right cat tracker. I hope this Cat Tailer review provides helpful insight into whether it’s the right solution for your feline companion!

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