The 10 Best Bark Collars for Pitbulls in 2024

February 25, 2024

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Training a pitbull to stop excessive barking can be a challenging task. Their strong prey drive and protective nature means they are prone to alert barking and nuisance barking.

Using one of the best bark collars for pitbulls is an effective training tool to curb this behavior. But with so many models on the market, how do you choose the right one?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using bark collars for pitbulls. You’ll learn:

  • The pros and cons of different bark collar types
  • Key factors to consider when choosing a collar
  • Detailed reviews of the 10 top-rated bark collars for pitbulls
  • Tips for safe and effective use of bark collars
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about pitbull bark collars

As professional dog trainers who specialize in training powerful breeds like pitbulls, we want to provide you with unbiased, authoritative information. Our goal is to help you choose the right bark collar to successfully train your pitbull, while keeping their safety and wellbeing as the top priority.

How Do Bark Collars Work?

Bark collars use a sensor to detect barking. When worn snugly around the dog’s neck, it will deliver a stimulus whenever the vibration of a bark is detected. This functions as an event marker to interrupt the bark and communicate that the behavior is unwanted.

There are several types of bark collars:

Citronella collar – Sprays a burst of citronella near the dog’s face when a bark is detected. The strong citrus scent acts as a deterrent. These are often recommended for breeds like French bulldogs.

Vibration collar – Delivers a vibration sensation when barking occurs. This distracts the dog’s attention.

Static shock collar – Emits a mild static shock through contact points on the dog’s neck at the sound of a bark. Low levels are harmless but act as an aversive.

Ultrasonic collar – Emits an ultrasonic noise that only dogs can hear when barking is detected. The high frequency sound is unpleasant and deters barking. These collars can work well for small, excitable breeds like Pomeranians.

Spray collar – Sprays a burst of water at the dog’s snout when barking. The sensation surprises and redirects their attention.

The type of stimulus can impact effectiveness, especially for stubborn dogs like pitbulls. But when used correctly, all operate on the same principles of interrupting barking and communicating it’s unwanted.

Benefits of Using a Barker Collar for Pitbulls

Bark collars should never be used as a stand-alone training method or left on the dog unsupervised. But as one component of a comprehensive training program, they offer some notable benefits:

  • Immediate feedback – Dogs learn best when feedback is timed closely to the behavior. Bark collars provide instant feedback.
  • Consistency – Unlike a human, the collar consistently responds to every bark the same way. This avoids confusion from inconsistent human responses.
  • Works at a distance – Collars can suppress barking even when the owner is not present.
  • Reduces barking triggers – Once the habit is curbed, dogs are less likely to be triggered to bark excessively.
  • Good for hard-headed dogs – Stubborn or driven breeds like pitbulls often require more forceful training methods. The collar provides this.
  • Alternative to debarking – For severe cases, collars are an ethical alternative to invasive debarking surgery.

When incorporated into a positive training approach, a high quality bark collar can help rehabilitate nuisance barking and reward silence.

Drawbacks of Using Bark Collars

However, there are also some potential risks and drawbacks to be aware of:

  • Risk of overuse – Overusing shock levels or leaving the collar on 24/7 can lead to physical and psychological risks. They should only be worn during designated training sessions.
  • May increase anxiety – The stimulus might compound frustration and increase barking if levels are too high.
  • Not a standalone solution – Collars only suppress the behavior, not address the underlying cause without other training.
  • Safety concerns – Cheap, poorly designed collars may malfunction and pose safety risks.
  • Negative associations – The collar may cause the dog to resent walking or training. Proper conditioning is required.
  • Ethical objections – Using aversives like shock is controversial. Reward-based methods should be tried first.

Bark collars carry some risks so they require careful selection, appropriate use under supervision, and fitting within a humane training program. Responsible use minimizes any drawbacks while maximizing effectiveness.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bark Collar for a Pitbull

With so many options on the market, choosing the right bark collar for your pitbull is key. Keep these factors in mind:

Your Pitbull’s Temperament

  • Sensitivity – Sensitive dogs require lower stimulus levels to avoid over-correction. Excitable dogs may become more reactive to the collar.
  • Pain tolerance – Some dogs have naturally high pain tolerances and may not respond to low settings. The collar must have enough power for your individual dog.
  • Aggression – Aggressive dogs will likely require higher intensity stimulus but run the risk of associating the collar with people or animals if not properly conditioned.
  • Fur thickness – Thick neck fur may prevent contact with the skin so higher settings are needed. But never shave the dog’s neck.

Stimulus Type

Some dogs respond well to tone and vibration modes. So you can try using these before moving onto shock mode. However, if your dog has sensitive skin or if you have a pit bull puppy, you better chooseleather collars. Not only is genuine leather hypoallergenic, but it also looks lavish, matching perfectly with the rough and tough personality of your Pitbull.


The collar must fit snuggly to maintain full contact with the dog’s neck. But ensure you can fit two fingers underneath to avoid restricting breathing.

Pitbulls have large, muscular necks so collars designed for medium-large breeds with adjustable straps work best. Improperly fitted collars lead to miscorrections.

Safety Features

Pitbulls can be strong chewers so choose collars made with reinforced, durable materials. Waterproof construction allows use outdoors.

Automatic shut-off features after prolonged barking help avoid over-correction. And the max shock level should not exceed 80V to avoid pain.

Battery Life

Rechargeable lithium-ion collars offer the longest battery life for consistent use during training. Quick 2 hour charges are convenient for owners.

Training Features

Look for multiple stimulus levels to adjust intensity as needed during the training process. Narrow down force based on the minimum effective for your dog.

Some collars include useful built-in training features like a safety or vibration-only mode. This allows you to find the right balance with your dog.

10 Best Bark Collars for Pitbulls

With all of the factors above in mind, we reviewed dozens of anti-bark collars to select the top 10 best options specifically for pitbulls.

1. Dogtra YS600 No Bark Collar – Best Overall

Dogtra Ys600 No Bark Collar

Key Features

  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Dual sensing technology
  • Citronella spray stimulus
  • 3 spray quantity settings
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Audible low spray alert
  • Highly adjustable band


The YS600 from top brand Dogtra is specially designed for nuisance barking in stubborn or aggressive dogs like pitbulls. It uses an innovative dual sensing technology with both vibration and sound activation to detect barks more accurately.

When pitbull barking is detected, it delivers a 1-3 second spray burst from the replaceable citronella canister. Three adjustable settings control the number of sprays, from 1-3 bursts per bark.

The scent intensity helps provide more deterrence for driven breeds. And an audible alert sounds when the spray is low so it’s never depleted unexpectedly.

Importantly, it has an automatic safety shut-off after 7 minutes of repeated spraying to prevent over-correction. The spray quantity combined with built-in safety makes this our top choice specifically for pitbulls prone to nuisance barking.

Good For

  • Hard-headed, driven dogs like pitbulls
  • Dogs unfazed by ultrasonic or vibration deterrents
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Immediately stopping nuisance barking
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2. SportDOG NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar – Best Spray Collar

Sportdog Nobark 10r

Key Features:

  • Adjustable water spray stimulus
  • 10 levels of spray duration/quantity
  • Citronella scent options
  • Automatic shut-off after 15 seconds of barking
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Low and high stimulation modes


The NoBark 10R from SportDOG provides customizable spray deterrents to curb excessive barking in even the most stubborn dogs.

It detects barks using both vibration and sound activation. When barking is detected, it delivers a spray of either water or citronella.

You can choose between 10 adjustable settings to control both the duration (1-5 seconds) and quantity (single to triple sprays) of each spray burst. This allows you to find the optimal deterrent level for your individual pitbull.

The waterproof collar has both high and low stimulation modes. And it automatically shuts off bark correction after 15 consecutive seconds to prevent over-stimulation.

With the ability to tweak both duration and quantity, this collar provides customizable bark deterrents while keeping safety top of mind.

Good For

  • Personalizing correction strength
  • Pitbulls with mild to severe nuisance barking
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Pet parents concerned about static shock
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3. PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar – Best for Pitbull Puppies

Petsafe Elite Little Dog Citronella Anti Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Designed for small dogs and puppies
  • Static shock and tone stimuli
  • 15 adjustment levels
  • Automated safety shut-off
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Low and high settings


While standard bark collars work for adult pitbulls, they can be overly strong for pitbull puppies up to 6 months old. The PetSafe Elite collar offers a more gentle option designed for small breed puppies.

Though gentle, the collar still offers deterrent stimuli like audible tones and static shock on 15 adjustable levels. The lower settings work well for sensitive young dogs. And the automated safety shut-off prevents over-correction.

While intended for small dogs, this collar is a great pick for young developing pitbulls thanks to the gentler yet still effective correction settings. Once your pup is full grown, you can size up to a standard collar.

Good For

  • Pitbull puppies up to 6 months
  • First-time bark collar users
  • Indoor training sessions
  • Gently curbing barking habits in young dogs
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4. Casfuy Bark Collar – Best Rechargeable & Waterproof

Casfuy Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Fully waterproof and submersible
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Warning beep and vibration modes
  • 14 shock levels


For pitbulls that spend time swimming or in wet conditions, the Casfuy Bark Collar is fully waterproof and submergible for reliable use outdoors.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery is conveniently quick-charging. And the adjustable nylon collar strap ensures a secure fit on pitbulls’ thick necks.

It uses a microprocessor chip that precisely detects barking based on vibration. The collar first gives a warning beep, then vibration, before resorting to electric shock correction across 14 intensity levels if excessive barking continues.

An automatic safety shut-off kicks in after 15 seconds of barking activity. With rock-solid waterproofing and rechargeable battery life, this collar will hold up to consistent use with active pitbulls.

Good For

  • Highly active water dogs
  • All day outdoor use
  • Quickly recharging between uses
  • Pet parents concerned about water damage
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5. Pop View Dog Bark Collar – Best Value

Pop View Dog Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Very affordable 2-pack
  • Spray and vibration deterrent
  • Rainproof
  • Audio and vibration bark detection
  • 7 sensitivity levels
  • Automatically resets after 1 minute


The Pop View bark collar 2-pack provides an affordable way to train two pitbulls using a combination of spray and vibration deterrents.

Though very budget-friendly, it still offers customization with 7 sensitivity levels to account for your pitbull’s vocal range. The microprocessor chip detects barks based on both vibration and audio signals.

When barking is detected, it first emits a warning beep. If excessive barking continues, it delivers a short spray of harmless citronella mist to the dog’s snout paired with a vibration buzz.

While only rain-resistant, the spray deterrents offer a gentle yet effective bark training option. And getting two collars means you can train a pair of pitbulls at the same time.

Good For

  • Pet parents on a budget
  • Mild-moderate nuisance barking
  • Rainy weather training
  • Deterring barking without shock
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6. Bousnic 2 Pack Bark Collar – Best Budget

Bousnic 2 Pack Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Budget-friendly 2 pack
  • Vibration bark detection
  • Beep, vibration, shock stimuli
  • IP67 rainproof
  • Customizable sensitivity
  • Automatically resets after 60 seconds


For controlling nuisance barking on a budget, this 2-pack from Bousnic provides customizable shock collars at very affordable pricing.

The collars detect barks based on vibration patterns. When a bark is identified, they first emit an audible beep. If excessive barking continues, they next deliver a vibration buzz followed by a mild static shock through the contact points.

You can adjust sensitivity levels based on your dog’s vocal range to minimize false corrections. The automatic reset feature turns the collar off after 60 seconds to prevent over-correction.

While budget priced, the multiple bark deterrent steps combined with adjustable sensitivity makes this an effective and wallet-friendly pick for pitbull owners. It can also work well for smaller breeds like Yorkies.

Good For

  • Pet parents on tight budgets
  • Owners with multiple pitbulls
  • Deterring mild barking issues
  • Quickly curbing nuisance barking
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7. Bseen Dog Bark Collar – Best No Shock

Key Features:

  • Uses beep and vibration only
  • 7 sensitivity levels
  • Automatically resets after 1 minute
  • Rechargeable battery
  • LED indicator light
  • 100% shock-free


For pet parents who prefer to avoid static shock stimulus, the Bseen bark collar provides a gentler way to curb barking using beeps and vibrations alone.

The collar detects barks using advanced vibration tracking technology. When a bark occurs, it first emits an audible beep tone. If excessive barking continues, it adds a strong vibration buzz without ever resorting to shock.

With 7 sensitivity levels, you can adjust the collar based on your pitbull’s vocal range to avoid false triggers and minimize over-correction. It automatically resets after 1 minute of no barking activity.

Though gentle, the consistent beep and buzz stimulations are surprisingly effective at deterring most mild-moderate nuisance barking in pitbulls.

Good For

  • Anti-shock training philosophies
  • Sensitive or anxious pitbulls
  • Barking not responsive to verbal cues alone
  • Gentler, more gradual bark reduction

8. Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar – Best Smart Collar

Wagz Smart Collar

Key Features:

  • App-connected smart collar
  • Customizable correction schedule
  • Beep, vibration, shock stimuli
  • Records barking activity patterns
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Stimulation auto-adjusts to environment


The high-tech Wagz Freedom collar uses onboard AI to automatically adjust bark collar stimulation levels based on environmental factors. This prevents over-correction while maintaining effectiveness.

In the smartphone app, you can customize both the stimulation type and progressive correction schedule tailored to your pitbull’s needs. The collar detects barks using proprietary sensors.

It records barking activity patterns so you can monitor and adjust as needed. The collar even integrates with smart home devices to automatically adjust stimulus in different areas of your home.

Advanced features like geofencing use the GPS to decrease correction levels in designated “calm zones” like a backyard. This encourages good behavior in relaxation areas.

While pricier than standard collars, the smart wearable technology optimizes itself to your pitbull for consistent, effective, and most importantly – safe and humane – bark reduction.

Good For

  • Tech-savvy pet owners
  • Optimizing stimulation levels automatically
  • Identifying bark triggers through data
  • Creating customized training programs
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9. PetSpy M86 Advanced Dog Bark Collar – Best Advanced

Petspy M86 Advanced Dog Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Advanced 3 sensing technologies
  • Records barking data
  • App connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Customizable correction schedule
  • Beep, vibration, shock stimuli
  • Automated safety mode


The PetSpy M86 is designed for pet owners who want maximum customization and control over bark collar training.

It uses triple detection from sound, vibration, and body position change to identify barking activity with precision. This essentially eliminates false corrections.

In the mobile app, you can set daily barking limits and customize the progressive auto-correction schedule. The collar records bark data to identify patterns and high-risk times of day.

Owners who take a very customized, data-driven approach to training will appreciate the advanced scheduling, tracking, and safety features. Though complex, they allow mastering bark reduction with your unique pitbull.

Good For

  • Highly customizable automated correction
  • Identifying environmental bark triggers
  • Monitoring long-term progress
  • Optimizing a customized training program
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10. PATPET Bark Collar – Best for Hard-Headed Dogs

Patpet Dog Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Extra strong shock levels
  • Quick vibration detection
  • LED indicator light
  • Larger receiver for thick necks
  • Reviewer-verified effectiveness for pitbulls
  • Automated safety shut-off


For extra stubborn, hard-headed pitbulls, the PATPET bark collar provides intense 80V static shock levels to deter even the most persistent nuisance barkers.

The collar quickly detects barking based on vibrations and emits an alert tone before delivering the strong shock stimulus.

Many reviewers verify this collar is finally able to control excessive, unyielding barking when all others failed with their pitbull or pit mix.

The safety shut-off feature turns the collar off following repeated corrections to prevent over-use. Just be cautious adjusting intensity upwards with this collar, as the 80V maximum is quite strong.

Good For

  • Stubborn persistent barkers
  • Pitbulls requiring stronger correction
  • Quickly retraining severe nuisance barking
  • Strong-willed mindsets undeterred by lower levels
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How to Safely Use a Bark Collar for Pitbull Training

While bark collars can be effective training tools, they must be used carefully to avoid any risks to your dog. Here are some tips for safe, effective use:

Consult your veterinarian first – Ensure no medical issues are causing the barking and your dog has medical clearance to use a collar.

Accustom your dog slowly – Introduce the sensation on your hand at low levels before ever putting it on your dog.

Use the right intensity – Start on the lowest setting and only increase if that level fails to curb barking after 1-2 months.

Never leave on unsupervised – The collar should only be worn during designated training sessions with supervision. Take it off if you are not actively monitoring your dog.

Remove at night – Never leave a bark collar on while your dog sleeps to avoid unintended nighttime corrections.

Combine with positive reinforcement – Pair deterrents with praise and rewards for positive outcomes.

Minimize environmental stressors – Manage triggers like outside noises that could be provoking barking during training.

Customize contact points – Ensure the collar has full skin contact through any neck fur to avoid irritation.

Frequently check fit – Snug is good, but you should be able to fit two fingers underneath to prevent choking.

Use the safety features – Options like automatic shut-off prevent overstimulation if barking escalates.

Avoid excessive use – These collars are for short-term training purposes only. Using one daily for months on end risks both physical and psychological harm.

With patient training based on corrections followed by rewards, a quality bark collar tailored for your pitbull can resolve nuisance barking issues safely and humanely. But they require an educated, responsible approach by the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I start using a bark collar for my pitbull puppy?

Bark collars should never be used on a pitbull under 6 months of age, as the shock levels can be harmful to developing dogs. Use reward-based training instead for young puppies. Around 6-10 months is an ideal age to introduce a low-level bark collar if nuisance barking becomes an issue.

How tight should a shock collar be on a pitbull?

You should be able to fit two fingers snugly between the collar strap and your pitbull’s neck. It needs full contact with the skin for effectiveness, but should not be so tight as to choke or restrict breathing. Allow room for two fingers to ensure proper tightness.

Are bark collars safe for pitbulls?

When used responsibly under supervision and at appropriate intensity settings, quality bark collars are safe training tools for pitbulls. But leaving the collar on unattended or utilizing excessive shock levels can pose risks. Trainers must emphasize positive reinforcement and carefully introduce these collars to avoid any harm. They tend to work best for powerful, driven breeds like Dobermans and Boxers.

Should I use spray or shock for my pitbull?

For most cases, citronella or water spray collars provide plenty of gentle deterrent. Shock collars should be reserved only for the most stubborn nuisance barkers unresponsive to all other training methods. Never use a shock collar out of frustration or anger.

How long should I use a bark collar on my pitbull?

Bark collars are temporary training tools to curb excessive vocalization. Use should be limited to 2-3 months for most dogs. If your pitbull’s barking is not dramatically improved within this timeframe, the collar is likely ineffective and positive reinforcement or medical examination would be a better approach.

The Bottom Line

A quality bark collar tailored specifically for pitbulls can safely and effectively resolve stubborn nuisance barking when used as part of a well-rounded training approach. The key is taking the time to find the right stimulus intensity and method for your individual dog.

With patience, consistency, and plenty of praise for quiet behavior, bark collars help rehabilitate the unwanted habit while keeping your pitbull’s wellbeing at the forefront. Our top picks combine customizable deterrents with key safety features, so you can curb barking and still enjoy a happy healthy pet.

Just be sure to consult your veterinarian, properly introduce the collar, actively supervise use, incorporate positive reinforcement, and limit the collar to temporary training periods. With an informed training philosophy, the right bark collar can help optimize your bond with your loyal pitbull while keeping your neighbors happy!