The 5 Best Bark Collars for French Bulldogs – 2024 Reviews

February 11, 2024

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A common issue that French bulldog owners face is excessive barking. While some barking is normal, excessive barking can disturb neighbors and be a sign your Frenchie is stressed or bored.

Using a humane bark control collar can help curb excessive barking while avoiding potential breathing issues caused by conventional collars.

In this guide, we’ll review the top-rated bark collars specifically designed for French bulldogs to help you find the best option for your pup.

How We Chose the Best Bark Collars for French Bulldogs

As avid French bulldog owners and experts, we evaluated dozens of anti-bark devices to identify the most effective and humane collars for Frenchies.

Here are the key factors we considered:


  • Comfortable, lightweight, non-irritating
  • Appropriate size and tightness to avoid constricting the airway
  • Safety features like automatic shutoff to prevent over-correction


  • Utilizes proven techniques like static, vibration to deter barking
  • Appropriate sensitivity to avoid false corrections from other noises
  • Multiple adjustable levels to match your Frenchie’s temperament

Health Considerations

  • Does not pull or constrict the neck when worn
  • Avoids pressure on trachea and airflow restriction
  • Stimulation is harmless and appropriate for brachycephalic breeds

Durability and Convenience

  • Fully waterproof
  • Rechargeable battery with decent battery life
  • Easy to clean and maintain

After extensive testing and research, we narrowed it down to the 5 best bark collars for keeping Frenchies happy and neighbors sane.

1. Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar – Best Overall

Dogtra Ys300

Key Features

  • 6 correction levels and 1 vibration mode
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Auto-protect mode prevents overcorrection
  • Good for small and medium dogs from 10-55 lbs

The Dogtra YS300 is our top choice for Frenchies because of its comfortable yet effective design. It provides 6 levels of static stimulus that safely and humanely discourage unnecessary barking.

We like that it has a dual sensor that detects both vibration and sound to prevent false corrections. The YS300 also has an auto-protect mode that automatically stops correcting after 15 seconds to prevent overstimulation.

The collar receiver is small, lightweight and waterproof. It’s adjustable from 10 to 55 pounds so it can grow with your Frenchie puppy. The battery lasts around 14 days per charge.

Dogtra is a reputable training collar brand. Their products are known for good reliability and thoughtful features that make training easier.

If you want an easy-to-use yet highly customizable bark collar for your French bulldog, the Dogtra YS300 is a great option. The progressive static levels allow you to find just the right setting to deter barking without overdoing it.

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2. SportDOG NoBark SBC-R Collar – Most Customizable

Sportdog Nobark Sbc R Rechargeable Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • 10 levels of static correction plus vibration
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Minimal false corrections
  • Good for dogs from 5 lbs and up

For French bulldog owners who want maximum flexibility, the SportDOG SBC-R collar allows you to fine-tune the stimulation to suit your Frenchie.

Choose from 10 static levels plus a vibration-only mode for more humane training. The dual sensor uses both vibration and sound activation to prevent false corrections when your dog barks.

This collar is 100% waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet. It’s also very lightweight and won’t put pressure on your Frenchie’s windpipe.

The SBC-R has a low battery indicator and is very easy to recharge. Runtime is about 14 days on average.

With so many adjustable levels, this SportDOG collar makes it easy to find the right setting for your French bulldog’s unique temperament. It’s one of the most customizable bark collars available.

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3. PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar – Best for Small Dogs

Petsafe Elite Little Dog Citronella Anti Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Customizable static correction for small dogs
  • Water resistant up to 5 feet
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Specifically designed for little breeds

For tiny French bulldogs under 11 pounds, the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Collar is an excellent choice.

It provides 15 levels of static correction that you can adjust to discourage barking without overdoing it. The progressive settings allow you to find the right deterrent level for your small Frenchie.

This collar is also water resistant for up to 5 feet, making it suitable for dogs that love splashing around.

It has PetSafe’s proprietary Temper Detection to prevent false corrections. And the automatic safety shutoff stops static stimulation after 80 seconds to avoid over-correction.

The unit is very lightweight and designed to sit properly on smaller dogs like chihuahuas and Yorkies. The adjustable nylon collar has a quick release buckle for convenience and safety.

For diminutive Frenchies, this PetSafe collar provides customized static correction without irritating their delicate necks or airways. It’s a great bark training option.

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4. PETLESO Dog Bark Collar – Best Budget Pick

Petleso Dog Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Lowest cost bark collar option
  • Progressive 7 levels of vibration/static
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Good for dogs from 15-100 lbs

If you’re looking for an affordable French bulldog bark collar, the PETLESO is a great budget-friendly option.

It provides 7 levels of progressive static correction, from just vibration up to medium static. An automatic safety feature turns it off after 1 minute of correction.

The unit itself is IP67 waterproof and has a very lightweight collar that won’t put pressure on your Frenchie’s neck.

The battery is rechargeable and lasts 10-15 days per charge.

While the PETLESO doesn’t have as many features as the pricier collars above, it still provides customizable correction modes to deter excessive barking at a fraction of the cost.

If you need a basic, affordable bark collar for your French bulldog, definitely consider this model. It delivers solid performance for less.

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5. DogRook Dog Bark Collar – Best No-Shock Option

Dogrook Dog Bark Collar

Key Features:

  • Uses vibration instead of shock
  • 7 adjustable vibration levels
  • Automatically detects barking
  • Good for small, medium and large dogs

If you want to steer clear of static correction altogether, the DogRook Humane Bark Collar is a great choice.

It delivers 7 progressive levels of vibration to gently discourage barking instead of static stimulation. This makes it a more humane option for owners who want to avoid any risk of shock.

The DogRook collar automatically detects barking using advanced vibration and sound sensors. It also has an intelligent safety chip to prevent accidental corrections.

The unit is 100% waterproof and the battery is USB rechargeable, lasting 7-10 days between charges.

For French bulldog owners who prefer vibration over shock, this collar from DogRook is an excellent way to curb barking without static correction.

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Key Considerations When Using a Bark Collar for French Bulldogs

While bark collars can be effective training tools for Frenchies when used properly, there are some important factors to consider:

  • Get the right size collar: It should be snug enough not to slide around but loose enough to fit 2 fingers between the collar and your Frenchie’s neck. Don’t use a collar that’s too tight or it can restrict breathing.
  • Start on the lowest setting: Always start with the lowest level of static or vibration and work your way up slowly as needed.
  • Never leave the collar on unsupervised: These collars are meant for supervised training only. Never leave a shock collar on your Frenchie unattended.
  • Use the right stimulation type: Vibration is gentler if your Frenchie has a sensitive temperament. But static can be more effective for excessive barkers.
  • Make sure the collar has safety features: Look for automatic shutoff and mechanisms to prevent false corrections. This avoids overstimulating your French bulldog.
  • Combine with positive reinforcement: Bark collars work best alongside rewards-based training. Praise and treat your Frenchie when they stay quiet.

With proper use, the right bark collar can help train your French bulldog to curb nuisance barking without compromising their health or happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bark Collars for French Bulldogs

Are bark collars safe for French bulldogs?

Bark collars are generally safe for Frenchies when used properly. The key is choosing a lightweight, properly-sized collar that doesn’t constrict the neck or put pressure on the airways. Features like automatic shutoff prevent over-stimulation. Vibration or lower level static collars are gentlest.

How tight should a bark collar be on a French bulldog?

Fit the bark collar snugly so that it doesn’t slide around on your Frenchie’s neck. But make sure you can fit 2 fingers between the collar and their neck to avoid constricting breathing. Check the tightness regularly as your puppy grows.

Can I leave a bark collar on my French bulldog unsupervised?

Never leave a bark collar on your Frenchie unattended. These collars are designed for supervised training only. Leaving them on unsupervised risks over-correction or injury.

Is vibration or shock best for a French bulldog?

For sensitive Frenchies, vibration is the gentler option. But some stubborn barkers may not respond to vibration alone. Mild static correction may be more effective in such cases. Always start on the lowest setting and adjust gradually.

How old should a French bulldog be to use a bark collar?

Wait until your Frenchie is at least 6 months old before using a bark collar for training. The stimulation could be harmful to puppies under 6 months. Proper training, exercise and supervised use are key.

Can French bulldogs wear bark collars outside?

Avoid leaving any bark collar on your French bulldog unattended, whether indoors or outdoors. Supervise your Frenchie anytime they are wearing a bark control device. Some are also not waterproof enough for extended outdoor use.

The Bottom Line

A bark collar can be a useful training tool for curbing your French bulldog’s nuisance barking as long as you choose the right product and use it safely.

Look for a comfortable, lightweight collar with adjustable static, vibration or a combination of both. Key features like automatic shutoff help make bark collars safer and prevent over-correction.

Always supervise your Frenchie when using a bark collar. Combine with positive reinforcement training for best results. This allows you to curb excessive barking and keep your dog and neighbors happy.